Von Miller describes himself and Peyton Manning as screws


We’ve known Broncos linebacker Von Miller might have had a screw loose for some time.

But he said he’s not the only unattached piece of hardware in the Broncos locker room.

I think we’ve got some loose screws in the locker room,” Miller said, via Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post. “It’s just a good balance of magnets and screws. You’ve got the guys that keep everybody together and you’ve got the screws loose.”

When it was suggested that quarterback Peyton Manning might be the magnet that holds his team together, Miller disagreed.

“Manning’s a screw,” he said, without specifying Phillips head or flat.

Of course, it’s hard to tell with Miller, who wears his individuality proudly.

“You guys think I’m nuts,” Miller said. “That’s cool. Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion. On defense, you kind of have to have a screw loose. It’s definitely good at some times.”
Perhaps, but it would help the Broncos even more if Miller were healthy and available, after tearing his ACL and being suspended for six games last season.

19 responses to “Von Miller describes himself and Peyton Manning as screws

  1. I’m going to enjoy watching the Broncos mothership come back down to reality this year. Talk about a team that played over its head last season! As if the Super Bowl wasn’t crushing enough, it’s gonna be fascinating to watch defenses catch on to Manning’s tactics this year.

  2. I’m gonna enjoy defenses trying to wish they had Seattle’s personal to beat Denver.
    Remember teams won’t have 2weeks to get ready for the Broncos.

  3. “it’s gonna be fascinating to watch defenses catch on to Manning’s tactics this year.”

    After 16 years in the league, you believe year 17 is when the NFL finally catches on to his tactics?

  4. Peyton is alot of things, but he hasn’t been exposed as a PED cheater like you, Von. So, you should never mention yourself and him in the same breath.

    You should a the Scarlet letters “PED” embroidered on all of your jerseys from here on out.

  5. Screws are tools, and those two definitely qualify as a couple of tools.

  6. eeek! scary to think of an D with a healthy Von/DeMarcus, Talib, Ward, Trevathan, C. Harris Jr. & Pot Roast. Add the fact that the Broncos still own best offense in league history. yeah, i’m gonna enjoy this season a lot.

  7. Let’s see, the over/under on number of games played by Von this year is 8.
    Donkeys still win the AFC West but Peyton chokes in the first round of the playoffs again.

  8. Ok so Denver has three defensive starters available for the super bowl last season. Gee I wonder how much difference a healthy defense will make along with the new additions? I wonder how the seadogs would have done in the s-bowl with three starters available on defense? Just saying. Anyway, Denver’s offense will set the standard again. Seattle should be good. I’d love to see them meet again-each side at full strength. Seattle played their all time best game ever.

  9. So the Broncos bring in an ex-Cowboys defensive player and Talib and think they have dramatically improved. That’s funny! No easy schedule for Manning this year. Like he had his whole career. His window is closed.

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