AT&T could offer Sunday Ticket to wireless customers

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The NFL Sunday Ticket package is only available to DirecTV subscribers, meaning millions of fans who don’t have the ability to put a satellite dish on their roofs are shut out. But that could change if AT&T succeeds in its attempt to purchase DirecTV.

The Wall Street Journal reports that AT&T is floating the possibility of offering Sunday Ticket to all its wireless phone customers.

That would be great news for football fans who don’t have DirecTV but do have AT&T, and it would make the Sunday Ticket package even more valuable. But by even discussing this possibility, AT&T may be putting the cart before the horse: The NFL hasn’t even agreed to renew the Sunday Ticket package with DirecTV, with or without the possibility of also making it available to AT&T wireless customers. And Verizon, which is both a partner of the NFL’s and AT&T’s biggest competitor, would probably have some objections to AT&T customers getting NFL games that Verizon customers don’t get.

More than anything, the fact that AT&T is discussing this idea is an indication of the power of the NFL. This year’s Fortune 500 listed AT&T as the No. 11 company in America, and DirecTV at No. 98, and the NFL is so important that if it doesn’t re-up with DirecTV for Sunday Ticket, the whole deal could fall apart. Exclusive access to Sunday afternoon NFL games is enormously valuable — so valuable that it could be one of the central pieces of a deal worth nearly $50 billion.

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  1. Watch it on their phones/tablets? Maybe someone should tell AT&T that their coverage SUCKS and that this will further tax their already over burdened network.

  2. I’ve been a DirecTV customer for over 15 years and only once did they offer me a ‘deal’ on the NFL Sunday Ticket–when they got it. It’s been offered to every other yahoo that signs up for their service but the loyal customers get jobbed everytime.
    Plus, I’ve spent this past year cancelling everything AT&T…internet,phone… Now it’s coming round full circle –at this point, keep it.. I’ll go to the bar if there is a game I NEED to see like OAK vs. JAX

  3. A little over two years ago, I got a Galaxy Tab 10.1 along with a Verizon 4G account. And Verizon gave 4G customers live streaming of MNF and TNF games. I should have been thrilled, right?


    Verizon failed to mention in their advertising, even after people started complaining, that they only supported streaming those games to 4G customers who had devices with screens 4 inches or smaller. Buy anything larger, and pay the 4G premium cost, but one of the best perks of their 4G plan is BLOCKED.

    I doubt AT&T will handle streaming games to devices any better than Verizon does.

  4. it would run your bills through the roof. they have a 10 gig data limit and would charge you up the ass in overages. i had at&t for 2 years and got screwed time and again with their overages. will never use at&t again.

  5. No love for Cricket Wireless?…..ahh shucks, granny is gonna throw a fit.

  6. This is all just stuff to throw on a wall and see if it sticks… Directv will be the sole source for NFL Sunday Ticket. It has to be to remain relevant. All this other crap is to manipulate stock prices for the other company (Verizon). It’s all fun and games to corporations.

  7. I love AT&T wireless I’ve had it for years. And uverse for 1 year it’s great and any body who hates on it is a hater

  8. It says it could offer to wireless customers, they didn’t say you couldn’t run it over wifi. By running it over wifi you do not need to worry about you data plan and the stream will run much smoother. Plus I haven’t had issues running video over at&t lte

  9. I will never have AT&T or directv. They both suck & the nfl simply isn’t worth having such a bad product. Unbelievable that the nfl would license their product to such crappy companies when companies with a good product (Google, Verizon, etc) would be willing to pony up a ton of cash for it as well. I would switch to just about any cable company for Sunday ticket but never directv. Certainly ain’t leaving verizon for AT&T either.

  10. Verizon is the WORST company I’ve ever dealt with, both professionally and personally.

  11. Unfortunately Comcast will soon buy AT&T/DirecTV/TWT/Cox/US Government/Verizon and raise subscriber rates to $5,000 a month.

  12. AT&T couldn’t even provide cell service to it’s customers at AT&T Park in San Francisco during the World Series in 2010 and now they say they will offer the Sunday Package to their wireless customers? LMAO

    What a joke of a company.

  13. AT&T sucks!! we had it,my girlfriend had it,and my parents had it… worst customer service posssible,worst prices on data,network sucks and too many sheople on that network!! nfl is kinda trippin me out..thye could make so much more money by offering it to all platforms it amazes me they arent going for hte money grab like htye usually do! if at&t does buy direct tv ,i could see verizon suing the nfl and at&t for the fact at&t is fringing on verizons paid area with the nfl deal being the official wireless carrier!! stupid thing is mlb extra innings,nba league pass are all offered accross all networks and carriers.. even in canada nfl league pass is offered on all networks and carriers…why do u think apple was finally happy to get out of the exclusive deal with at&t? they make alot more money on their products now that every cell company carries them.

  14. ^^^ they can’t even keep the a/c working in their OWN COLISEUM for THE NBA FINALS!……smh

  15. Until they start making cell phones with 42 inch screens, I’m not interested.

  16. … and once again the long term customers of AT&T / Direct TV will see an increase in their costs to support the roll out of the new app for cell phone users.

    Thanks AT&T !!!!!!! I’m getting out in public more often because you’ve made it cheaper to go out for a few beers and some wings every Sunday instead of buying Sunday Ticket every year.

    All I can say is… WELL DUH !!!!!!!!

  17. I’ve never dealt with at&t but from what everyone is saying, it sounds like it sucks. All i have to offer is this advice: whatever provider you are currently using, and are unhappy with, can’t be worse than comcast. If you are considering changing providers, eliminate comcast as one of your options. They are the epitome of an enormous, greedy, lying, power-hungry corporate demon. Although i will admit the NFL Redzone is pretty cool, besides that, Satan

  18. Actually, you can get Sunday Ticket without having DirectTV. The last time the NFL renewed the agreement, there was a stipulation that people who could not get DirectTV for whatever reason, must have an alternate method — this went into effect in 2012.

    They don’t seem to advertise it, and half of the DirectTV employees didn’t know about it at the time (Summer of 2012 when I started calling them). But I was finally able to reach someone who told me to call back on such-and-such a date.

    Sure enough, I paid $250 for the privilege of watching games with poor picture quality and having the connection cut out on a regular basis. The worst part was when I’d try to log back in, the app thought I was already logged in, and I’d have to clear my browser cache. I missed several minutes of every game I tried to watch.

    DirectTV tech support blamed the horrible quality on my Internet connection, but I can stream for various other sources with no problem. For 2013 they raised the price by $50, and I started going back to the bar… which kind of sucks at 10 AM on a Sunday morning for us West Coasters. But not as bad as streaming Sunday Ticket.

  19. The NFL could win this one for themselves and the consumers by not renewing the Sunday Ticket deal. If the league thought it financially viable, they could offer a subscription to viewers to stream all games live for, let’s say, $100 a year. Most people can stream directly on their big screen at home these days, and the NFL wouldn’t be limited to offering only to customers of a single cable provider.

    I’d buy it.

  20. Yeah, right.

    Because customers are really going to blow up their data plan for the whole month by watching a single Sunday Ticket game on a 4 inch screen.

  21. Both Verizon and AT&T are thieves!!! $175 month for an iphone with basic data plan! I eat Only once a day but I can watch football on my phone! There all crooks…. Service is so so customer service is horrible , Direct tv is $200 month , I pay $400 month for tv and phone! Why I drive a 2002 car, my payment is gobbled up by audio video and phone! Something is not right here

  22. Directv sucks overpriced u get less channels and u have to pay a fee for every receiver u have besides one ive had them but switched to dish way better dish’s receivers control two rooms for each receiver when i had directv it was cheap the first year then after that around $140 to $160 a month i pay $85 a month with dish and i have an extra 65 more channels

  23. To the ATT network naysayers: I presume the proposal is to provide NFL games to ATT wireless customers. It’s possible you won’t be forced to watch it on ATT’s network. They might allow wifi as long as you’re steaming from an ATT wireless device (for example, an Ipad or Iphone). Time will tell. I’m guessing they would allow this simply to avoid the strain on their network and unhappy customers.

    To the tablet/phone naysayers: I have had mobile DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket for several years. I just hook up my Ipad to my TV with an HDMI converter cable. Boom. NFL games on my TV (via wifi through my Ipad). Virtually no buffering. Not a perfect digital image but damn good.

  24. I dumped cable for DTV because cable wanted to raise my monthly rate another 40 bucks. I called and begged for a deal and they basically told me to pony up to the bar, no deals. Went to DTV and love it.

    I had the antenna put on the ground next to my garage not on the roof. Once this winter I did go out and sweep off some slush that built up but that was it and we had 70 inches of snow in minny.

    DTV has far better picture and sound. You can actually block out channels and create your own personalized menu for channels. Cable will not let you do that.

    Got NFL Sunday ticket for free and this year will pay for it because its worth it.

  25. AT&T is the only company that could allow you to watch the NFL and talk on the phone at the same time. Couldn’t care less how much Verizon complained. All they’d do is charge you more and deliver half the service.

  26. AT&T won’t even work at my house unless I’m outside. Verizon isn’t much better. Cricket works best, and I’m willing to bet they ride shotgun on local towers. I use Verizon because the overall coverage is good. For business customers I tried to sell Time Warner, until Comcast “merged” with them. Now I just want to retire.

  27. Ever notice your bill never goes down after a merger? AT&T has consistently the worst customer service year after year. That alone makes me oppose this merger. NFL Sunday ticket should be available to all content providers, not one. That’s if the NFL really cared about it’s fans, not just some of them.

  28. Doesn’t everyone just watch their local teams game and then turn on redzone? No need for the ticket anymore when you can pay $6 a month for redzone.

  29. Unless and until they sell it to cable companies for purchase by cable consumers, I won’t give one rat’s posterior about trying to acquire Sunday Ticket in my home.

  30. So AT&T could offer Sunday Ticket to wireless customers? THAT’S JUST GREAT!!! (sarcasm) I switched from AT&T to Verizon several years ago for the simple fact that Verizon offered NFL Mobile and I could keep up with my favorite team and now you’re telling me that AT&T could offer Sunday Ticket to wireless customers. Looks like I’ll be switching back to AT&T.

  31. ??? AT&T Uverse in my area is simply brilliant … I watch all sorts of HBO/ESPN/Cable across my AT&T devices on wifi and across LTE with no issues at all …

    It’s also 50 to 75 dollars less than Time Warner/Comcast in my area …

    The only provider that matches Uverse right now is Google Fiber … and that is only because I am in KC …

    I would love this deal to go through …

  32. One more reason for Net Neutrality. Can you imagine the FCC granting more power and control to these phone/cable companies…who can barely manage to keep their current responsibilities and coverage working!? Not to mention the fact that with all these mergers, the average customers will have less options for cable/internet providers.

  33. If they buy DTV, than why wouldn’t they offer it to their Uverse customers?

  34. The entire ATT infrastructure is incapable of supporting even voice/data at 4g. I live in the state capital and we have no ATT 4G here. Whats worse is they charge you for it, even if it’s not available at your primary location. you simply don’t have an option.
    you honestly think they can handle NFL ticket,,BS

  35. DirectTV has the NFL because they paid the most. Those that say its sucks have no “facts” top back that claim. The fact is it is consistently ranked the best tv delivery service in the US.

    “millions of fans who don’t have the ability to put a satellite dish on their roofs” This is a ruse, you do not need to put on the roof. Any southern exposure will work so a balcony mount is fine.

    I have had DTV for 20 years, and have enjoyed the NFL Experience for as long. never miss my Eagles games. Watching streamed (free and even paid for pre season games the last two years) leaves alot to be desired and I have a Comcast 20mb pipe. Stuttering, drops to SD, no good dvr controls.

  36. I don’t understand why everyone seems to be reading this as having to use your AT&T device on their network to get games. It says available to customers!! DTV already has a robust internet app to stream games. AT&T customers would also be able to purchase access to that. A company like AT&T leaks/floats this type of information so that the NFL knows it’s going to have access to millions of more subscribers if it renews Sunday ticket with DTV.

  37. To anybody talking about being long term customers and not getting “deals” for DirecTV.

    You are doing it wrong.

    I’ve been with DirecTV for the past decade, and every year I call their cancellation department and negotiate a nice deal.

    I have gotten the entire package(yes w/mobile) for free twice, and the worst deal I made was for 65% off the entire package.

    Just be sure to get transferred to the ‘Cancel Service’ department. 😉

  38. Captain obvious moment.

    Who here took longer then .01 seconds to figure this out when they announced the offer?

    Literally the first thing I thought of….oh so AT&T wants to offer Sunday Ticket over their cell network as a competitive advantage.

  39. I have had the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket since 1998. I live in Orlando Florida and have the Sunday ticket for one reason and one reason only.
    THE NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS ( a fan since 1956). For that I pay $37.49 a month for 6 months ($224.94). Its the best $229.94 I spend. For that amount I get to sit in my living room in front of my High Def 60″ TV. I can pause, rewind, or slo mo any portion of the game. I can pre record and watch later which allows me to skip any and all commercials. On Sunday afternoons during football season I AM IN SEVENTH HEAVEN. Long live MY GIANTS, the NFL and DirecTV & their Sunday Ticket.

  40. LMAO AT&T is also an ISP which means millions of LARGE screen TV’s are only an HDMI connect away from Sunday Ticktet if they decide to offer it.

  41. I have had ATT for11 years with excellent call quality and internet service. We have three iPhones and pay $140 a month with 10 gig shared on our family plan.
    The price was recently lowered while call & text were increased to unlimited. My bill is around $40 less each month.

  42. Ever notice your bill never goes down after a merger? AT&T has consistently the worst customer service year after year. That alone makes me oppose this merger. NFL Sunday ticket should be available to all content providers, not one. That’s if the NFL really cared about it’s fans, not just some of them.
    Actually, I don’t think the NFL cares about ANY of its fans.

  43. I have att and I pay $170a month for 2 iphones both with unlimited data

  44. i thought i hated comcast too until i moved and could not get it anymore and u wind up paying $50 for 5 mbps and $80 for cable that had nothing even close to comcast smh comcast was $80 total for both with atleast 18 mbps

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