Bills plan a faster pace on offense

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The Bills ran a fast-paced offense last year under first-year coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and first-year quarterback EJ Manuel. But with a year under their belts, the Bills plan to be faster in 2014.

Hackett said the Bills’ offense struggled when Manuel got hurt last year, but this year everyone is ready to be the fastest offense in the league.

“We look back at last year, and those first four games when EJ had a lot of run going on, it was awesome,” Hackett said, via the Buffalo News. “We were really rolling. It’s funny. You look back on it and as the season went on, with the changes we had at that position, it slowed down. The better we get, the more we have of the understanding of the offense, the faster we can go.”

The Bills ran 69.8 plays a game last year, behind only the Broncos and Patriots, two teams that have masters of the no-huddle offense at quarterback in Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Manuel may have a long way to go before he’s that kind of quarterback, but Hackett says Manuel has made huge strides.

“It’s so much more fun now,” Hackett said. “Not having him as a first-year guy where you sit there and say a word to him and he goes, ‘What is that? OK, that’s what it is, now I go run that.’ Now it comes natural to him, and he can go play football. He can understand what’s happening to him, he can understand where he should go with the ball. So his advancement is growing rapidly, just even in the first couple days of practice.”

These Bills are far removed from the fast-paced offense of the Jim Kelly years, but if Manuel can develop within Hackett’s offense, the Bills may finally have an offense that can get them back to the playoffs.

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  1. It’s a smart move for the Bills or any team for that matter – yet at the same time you’ve seen Defensive minded coaches like Belichick prepare for that

    His D might not have the all the big names of other teams (Ninkovich for example, who quietly was one of the leading NFL tacklers) but he runs a rotation to keep them fresh.

    Keep the offense humming and it’s more difficult to rotate the D, but again, it takes a special kind of QB who is an on-field coach, who can adapt on the fly with the no-huddle.

    Manuel has a long way to go before getting there.

  2. “It was awesome”
    The Bills are always awesome…from February to August and at their most awesomeness just before training camp. Then, awesome takes a 17 week vacation.
    The day EJ is compared to Brady and Manning is the day palm trees grow in Buffalo.

  3. It could be good and it could be fun to watch. The speedy receivers are on the roster, there are 4 capable backs, ………. but can the QB make the reads? IF so, look out AFC East!

  4. I would like to see the Bills go back to the no huddle offense they ran under the great Jim Kelly.

  5. As a Bills fan they should just worry about having an offense first. We should try to prolong our 3 and outs instead of speeding them up.

  6. Awesome? It was awesome? I hope this idiot is blowing smoke. That pace, forced at the end of games last September, guaranteed two losses that could have been victories. Gave Brady two extra possessions, for example.

    Fast pace works great when the offense is good. Let’s aim for that first, please?

    And blaming the slow-down on the other QBs is bush league. The offense performed best under Lewis and no worse under Tuel (not counting his first game – that was hideous) than under Manuel, pace be damned.

    Looks like Can’t and the Dougs are still incapable of learning from experience, which is sad since they apparently can’t create positive outcomes on their own.

  7. Faster offenses always seem like a good idea until you start to go three and out quickly and give the defense no time to catch their breath.

  8. c’mon Bills fans,you know how it really is. OTAs,camp,pre-season,everything looks great…you wake up week one,check the standings and you’re 0-0,tied for first in the division,by week three you’re looking at next year’s mock draft. then again,maybe that’s me…the life of a Browns fan. Lake Erie rules!

    i’m joking folks…kinda.

  9. I can see the Bills making the playoffs, but unless something unthinkable happens to New England, it will be as a wild card.

  10. Week 2, Bills…you either start Thad Lewis or you get crushed by the avenging Dolphins…take your pick…PS you’ll get crushed anyway! And BTW, Super Mario…you have both Albert and James, not wussy Martin and Clabo, to get around this year!

  11. You can’t be a Bills fan if you think the offense isn’t there. Second in the league in rushing, despite starting 3 rookies at QB through th ecourse of the year. As the above poster said, all EJ needs to do is play his game with as few mistakes as possible and the points will be there.

  12. Well, their offense has been at “stop” for years. So only place to go is up, really.

  13. They only ran more plays then Eagles because their defense is better so they could get off the field. When it comes to fast paced offenses, there is the Eagles and then everyone else. I’m not knocking Buffalo, just correcting who’s really the fastest. Check the time between snaps. Eagles were fastest since Jim Kelly was under center.

  14. Bills offense, going nowhere fast.

    The Steelers, Ravens, and Bengals should file a grievance against the Bills for setting up the Browns with a top five pick next year.

  15. I didn’t want the Bills to move out of Buffalo, but after I see how you so called “fans” talk about your team and your 1st year QB, I honestly hope you lose your team. I know it’s tough to have a bad year pretty much every season, but maybe try to show some support before throwing your franchise under the bus? You probably envy Cleveland for canning their coach every year for not winning 10 games.

  16. a fast paced offense only works if you’re making 1st downs….otherwise its 3 and out and only taking 15 seconds off the game clock….so many times last year the bills D (which has been great) was just plain gassed and tired in the 2nd half cause of hackett’s play calling….ground and pound till EJ gets better, god knows we have the backfield to do it!!!!

  17. Fast is just fast. Fast isn’t better. It’s a simple rule. It doesn’t matter if it takes 30 seconds or 10 seconds…if you don’t get 10 yards or more in three downs, you’re done. Getting zero yards faster is not better. It just gets your opponent on the field faster. Got it?

  18. Hackett misses the point. It’s not about “fast” and “faster.” It’s not about how many plays you run. It’s ONLY yards per play. I don’t care if you ran 10 plays or 80 plays. I don’t care how fast you ran them. If you didn’t pick up yardage, you failed. Teams need to back off this “fast” thing. It’s fun to talk about, it’s fun to watch the line-up….but when the result is stuffed at the line of scrimmage, a sack, or a fumble…who cares how “fast”?

  19. Sorry, but Hackett is way to predictable. Runs the ball every 1st down, a lot on 2nd down, and almost always up the middle. It works for Jackson, but that’s not Spiller’s style of running. Not good when you’re always setting up your young QB with 3rd and long.

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