Calvin Pryor turns up the rhetoric


Some dogs look like their owners, and some players emulate their coaches.  While Rex Ryan of the Jets has adopted a more restrained style in recent years (or at least year), his team’s first-round pick looks like a guy who will be making plenty of noise, like Rex used to.

We don’t like Tom [Brady] at all,” safety Calvin Pryor told SNY, via Dom Cosentino of  “When I first came here, that was one of the first things I heard about:  We hate the Patriots, and we hate the Giants.

“That’s what everybody was telling me.  We hate those guys, and I look forward to playing them this season.”

Pryor added that he has been encouraged by Ryan to make himself heard in order to get opponents “off their game.”  It sounds like Pryor didn’t need an engraved invitation to initiate hostile chatter.

“I am who I am,” Pryor said.  “I’m going to talk trash.  I’m going to be myself.  People who don’t like it are just going to have to get used to it.”

We’d been used to it from Ryan, until he clammed up once he realized that new G.M. John Idzik could eventually decide to hire a new coach.  Apparently, Ryan will be talking vicariously through Pryor for as long as they both are with the team.

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  1. The Jets and Patriots have one of the best off the field rivalries in the league (Belicheck, Spygate, Curtis Martin and countless other players going back and forth during the offseason) as well as all the banter but Jets need to get good again if it’s going to be taken seriously around the league. Last years two games were a great start with both ending in chaos by a single score with a lot of circumstance involved. Playoff game where they met for a 3rd time was must watch TV a couple years ago.

  2. I think Pryor is gonna be a stud and I wish the Pats could have gotten him, but he’s gonna learn a hard lesson Oct 16, one that Ryan apparently hasn’t learned, about trash talking Brady(see Anthony Smith).

  3. Will Rex Ryan ever rid himself of his obsession with Brady, BB, and the Patriots in general ?

    Unless your name is Bernard Pollard, good luck with intimidating 6’6″, 265 across the middle.

  4. Remember that game on Thanksgiving when the Jets gave up 3 TDs in about a minute, at home, to the Patriots, after which their highest profile superfan left the stadium at halftime and abandoned his persona in the parking lot? There was also a butt-related play involved, you may have heard of it. I guess what I’m trying to say is: welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

  5. Rex toned it down when he realized it put his players in a tough spot and that was way before Idzik was hired. Lets not change history to make a good story.

  6. Do you know how idiotic this sounds you hate somebody because others hate somebody so it’s okay if your surroundings tell you not to like somebody ?? so if my parents told me not to like black people I shouldn’t like black people is what you’re telling me. Your idiot and spineless and a follower you’ll never be a leader in the NFL

  7. I’d hate the Giants and Pats too if they dominated me and ruined my season one year to the next. Both have been in multiple Superbowls. The Jets are TERRIBLE.

  8. Because Brady is known for being easily thrown off his game by trash talk.

    Seriously, have these rookies ever watched an NFL game?

  9. This is why Rex will never win a Super Bowl as head coach, because beating the Patriots is his Super Bowl.

    Focus on the big picture, not just beating one team!

  10. You know, if I was a rookie I think I would be careful about bad-mouthing Tom Brady, considering they play in the same division. I would rather fly under that guy’s radar. That’s just me, though.

  11. The Jests are always the toughest team in the NFL between the end of the Superbowl and the start of the season. Talk talk talk…then comes the fail.

  12. Tom has 3 rings and a gold jacket waiting for him…what to you have Calvin other than a big mouth? Between the Giants and Patriots there is 6 Super Bowl championships in the modern NFL to Jets 1 when Namath was QB in the 60s. Maybe you should respect instead of hate.
    J-E-T-S Suck! Suck! Suck!

  13. If he keeps flapping his gums like this, he’d better learn to add by 7’s. 7-0… 14-0… 21-0… etc etc

  14. I remember Anthony Smith talking trash about the Patriots in 2007, and Brady went out of his way to embarrass Smith on the field that game. Maybe Pryor should keep his mouth shut and earn some respect before Brady does the same to him

  15. I see the assimilation process is in high gear at the Jet camp. If you actually listen to all the banter you would think they’ve actually won something recently …

    I know it’s difficult but stay classy Jets & fans.

  16. All talk no action since 1969.

    Only the Eagles & their fans have the Jets beat for trash talking & trying to be relevant. 1960. Says it all.

  17. January 12 , 1969 the last time a Jet backed up his trash talk. 45 years and counting !!!

  18. I wish Pryor found a way to slip down to 22 but alas it was not meant to be. Pryor is a defensive player and there is nothing wrong with wanting to go after the best quarterback of your time. And for all those who don’t understand that sports hate isn’t real life hate, go take a pill.

  19. Patriot fans really cant talk until they win a super bowl without cheating. Say what you want but everyone knows this. And in the words of Joey Porter “if it didnt help you win then why did you do it?”

  20. No matter how long it takes the yets to finally resemble a team that can approach NE’s level you will never have cause to celebrate. All you or I have to mention is “buttfumble”….end of conversation.

  21. coloradical420 says:
    Jun 6, 2014 5:52 PM
    why would you like someone that beats on you regularly? totally makes sense to me.

    Exactly. Still, a rookie who has done nothing and may never do anything should be seen and not heard.

  22. Jchip, what everyone knows but won’t say because it doesn’t support their argument is that esteemed coaches like Bill Cowher and Jimmy Johnson freely admit that everyone was doing ‘spygate’-type stuff back then. If you want to accuse the Pats of being arrogant by ignoring the Commissioner’s edict, I will not argue with you. I thought it was a really stupid thing to do. The truth is, the Pats are still in the process of executing the longest sustained run of excellence the league has ever seen, and folks just have to deal with it.

  23. Who won the last Jets Pats game? What’s Rexs record vs Bill? Multiple wins? What’s Rexs playoff record vs the Pats? How many SBs have the Pats won since getting caught cheating? Lets not bring that into it.

  24. sounds like he will fit right in on a team of morons coached and owned by morons….welcome to the NFL Calvin…

  25. Ryans record vs Belichick is 3-7, unless you count when he coached for the Ravens. Then add another 0-4.

  26. January 16, 2011
    JETS 28–21 Patriots

    The jets only Super Bowl win, for anyone young enough to operate a computer

  27. Yeah yeah. Rex chirped jets were better than Giants and would be for next ten years before the 2011 season. Giants beat them head to head and win the super bowl against the Pats. Keep talking.

  28. All yu pats fans can blow the grip and rot in hell for all I care. Yall talk all that smack about the Jets being garbage but yall fail to realize that the same buttfumbler mark sanchez beat your team in the playoffs. I can’t wait for pryor to make a big hit on brady so that all you sorry pats fans can complain on this page on why pryor isn’t fined.

  29. Thank God, I was nervous that we weren’t gonna get any senseless preseason Jets players saying they don’t like Tom Brady and/or the pats. Here’s some news: the Pats love the jets, because it’s 2 easy wins a year! ThAnks guys!

  30. The toughest guys I’ve known don’t talk much. Take a look at Kam Chancellor and Marshawn Lynch(probably the two toughest guys in the league right now). They are ‘Bout that action, Boss.’ As Marshawn, so eloquently, put it.

  31. Ah I see Pats fans r up in arms.. Pryor will knock out Brady,Gronk n Belicheat and his henchmen cameramen staking out at other teams practices

  32. Interesting the rookie box safety with questionable coverage skills calls out one of the top QB’s in the league, prepare to be embarrassed Calvin.

  33. Yeah hes talking that crap right now but come game he will be quiet as a mouse when the pats beat the sweats by 35 points man some people just dont learn the jets. Will never win a super bowl with geno below average smith he sucks or vick they have scrubs for quarterbacks

  34. Well, if they want to beat the Goants and Pats at something it had better be trash talk because you know it’s not gonna be football games.

    Maybe Pryor should invest some of that signing bonus into another black curtain (like they use to cover the Giants 4 Superbowl logos) to cover the away team score so they can avoid reality that much longer.

    How about you play a down before you go running your mouth there sport?

  35. Brady doesn’t get thrown off by trash talk. What does stun the golden boy is physical play that put the game in his face. Pryor has the physical ability to bring a physicality to everyone that is in front of him… Not so much behind him in deep coverage.

  36. What? Is he supposed to say he loves the Pats?

    Sanchez tried that.

    BTW, the writing is on the wall for NE. The end is near…

  37. I love Ryan he’s one of the best D coaches but i hate some of the Jets players who have big mouth and no brains.
    Jets are 32 on my “like it” teams rankings list. 🙂

  38. beefsbrother,

    I can easily deal with the Patriots losing AFC Championships and SBs…

    LOL, like I’ve said sense the Pats had Randy Moss…they are a regular season team…once they get into the playoffs, they will get punched in the mouth by a strong defense (after playing all those patsies in their division). It happens year after year. I don’t know why the media fails to acknowledge this.

    Bill, change your formula…pay some players, your 6th round gems will only get you so far.

  39. I remember Plaxico Burress talking trash be fore the SB.

    How’d that work for you, Brady?

  40. Jets Defense will be FLYIN this year…

    Well, unlike the Giants and the Patsies, the Jets have never lost a super bowl, so put that in your pipe and smoke it missie…

  41. That annual 3rd pre-season game against the Giants is really the Jets Superbowl. They know that they’re a non-factor once the real games start. So they put everything into winning that one. It’s pathetic.

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