Cardinals make generous offer to NBA finalists

Given the apoplexy of the day about LeBron James and his cramps from last night’s hot-yoga NBA finals game, it’s good to see someone has a sense of humor.
As the Heat wilted (and no, there is no fruit so low-hanging I won’t pick it) in the absence of air conditioning in San Antonio, the Cardinals remind us that some people are used to such conditions.

The Cards used to keep it cooler by training in the mountains of Flagstaff, but now that they’re back in the Valley of the Sun, shade and hydration is again at a premium.
But like Miami without LeBron in the fourth quarter, it’s at least a dry heat.

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  1. I’ve been in Vegas when it was 117 and I’d take that any day of the week over a 92 degree summer day in Tampa. It’s the difference between sticking your head in an oven or putting it over top of a boiling pot of water.

  2. We hear how these are highly trained athletes, yet a hot arena becomes a big story. The starters in the NBA only play 40 minutes(far from a non stop pace) during a 3 hour span. Then you have the NFL where there is 8 minutes of actual playing time. The starters play a whopping 35 minutes of game time, with much of that consisting of standing around. They would be amazed to know that some people (roofers, road crews, etc.) work in worse conditions for an entire day. I’m done. Let me go lower my central air. I don’t want to break a sweat.

  3. NBA players have better wind and conditioning that NFL players. Period.

    Try doing something other than 4 second bursts interrupted by 40 seconds to 2 minutes of standing around.

  4. Nah….you are right….it doesn’t help the Cardinals..

    They clearly like to play in the chill of the northwest, where they rendered the 12th man useless…

  5. Old school training camp called for the hottest place you could find, with a minimum amount of water and shade, because you wanted to get guys in shape.

    These days players general come into camp already in shape. While science and doctors have shown us that heat and no water is not a good way to train.

    I’m surprised the Cards don’t spend the money to take their team up north again and then break camp in Phoenix during the preseason to give guys a taste of how hot home games will be until November.

  6. Except that they now practice in an air conditioned dome or stadium.

    Flagstaff was the best. Great conditioning for the players at 7000ft elevation. And a great town to have some fun in while seeing practices. (sigh)

  7. No worse place to tailgate on the planet Earth than the green lot at Univ. of Phx Stadium in September for a 1 p.m. local game. Might as well tailgate along with Satan himself.

  8. Winter sports should be played in, you know, the winter. These year-round sports (basketball and hockey) are ridiculously boring…

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