Golden Tate works to figure out new offense


The grass isn’t always greener in a new backyard.  And it’s often harder to figure out how to cut it.

Receiver Golden Tate is living the latter as the latest veteran wideout to join the Lions after four seasons in Seattle.

“I think I understand the majority of the material,” Tate said, via Michael Rothstein of  “I think I understand the concepts. I’d say around 70, 80 percent.  The last 30 will really be understanding how to run their routes and how it’s supposed to be executed.”

Other Lions are dealing with the same issues, given that offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi is installing a new system in Detroit.  But given the investment in Tate, he’ll be expected by fans and the media to make an impact right away.

“This is a very, very fast-paced offense. I’m having fun,” Tate said. “I’m still trying to learn the plays to running those routes where Coach Lombardi wants them. It’s another challenge and I think I respond well to challenges.

“I’m just trying to get as good as I can in this offense so once late July comes, early August, it’s not really that learning process.”

The situation creates an opportunity to reluctant franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford to show leadership by gathering the skill-position players for extra reps after offseason practices end.  Whether it happens could be the best evidence as to whether the Lions are willing to turn the page on their recent run of underachievement.

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  1. I never played football at least of the American variety, but sometimes i think a lot gets made out of learning a new offense/def. I guess it all comes down to verbiage. How many different times can you rush the passer or run a comeback route. I believe if you have some aptitude, you will be alright.

  2. It helps to take the pressure off given that the Lions have about a dozen weapons to divide the expectations across! If everybody pans out then I expect opposing defenses to fail miserably.

  3. The Golden One was NEVER a good route runner. What he is good at is going to a spot and out muscle a smaller DB. (See: Fail Mary)
    He also is real good on the sidelines.

    Other than that… it’s exactly why Seattle didn’t resign him.


  4. I wanted Tate back in Seattle, but not at that pricetag. Nice receiver, but his value lies after the catach and on punt returns. Before the ball arrives to him, he’s just another guy.

  5. I agree with the comment about his route running… never his strength, although he got better over time.

    But, he’s REALLY good at improvising when the quarterback is scrambling, which happened a lot in Seattle with Russell… so the next questions is, how good will skill that work with Stafford? I didn’t see many Lion’s games, but from what I have seen, he’s more of a prototypical pocket guy instead of a scramble to throw qb like so many are now.

  6. Hopefully he catches on quick. His lack of route running skills is the main reason it took him a while before he blossomed in Seattle.

    He is amazing though for a guy under 6’0 at catching the ball at the apex of a play and not giving the defender a chance. And the dude is money at gaining yards after the catch.

    Best of luck Tate, wished you could have stayed in Seattle but Sherman, Thomas, Baldwin, and soon to be Wilson are more valuable and $omeone was bound to go.

  7. It took Tate 3 years to learn the routes in Seattle. He admitted it last year. Don’t expect quick results, Lions fans.

  8. It seemed like it took Tate a couple of year’s to learn Darrell Bevell’s offense. Unless they are running something similar or much simpler he will take a while to adjust.

    He just looked lost out there in his first and second seasons.

  9. I know he is no longer with the team but saying Golden Tate wasn’t good or anything of that nature is a flat out lie.

    Golden Tate plays far bigger than 5’10 and had a large catching radius and strong hands. He excels outside but if he gets the ball in space its like watching an elusive running back with the ball. He has a way of making defenders bounce off him while keeping perfect balance. On top of that he is one of the top 2 PRs in football. Detroit picked up a great player.

  10. As long as he can intercept passes that Stafford throws to defensive backs he will be OK.

  11. The lions just overpaid for a very average receiver but it dont matter until they fix the choke jobs there defense does at the end of games and Suh leading the league in unsportsmanlike foul penalties they will miss the playoffs again this year just like the bears

  12. He is like a Hines Ward type. Decent guy too. He was an asset in Seattle and we will miss him. Anyone saying otherwise is lying. He is just as scrappy as anyone on the field.

  13. Tate is great after the catch. He had one of the highest YAC averages in the NFL last year. I, for one, would have been perfectly content if he had remained a Seahawk.

    That said, I wish him luck in Detroit. I think he will be successful in that pass happy offense, and could become a “safety blanket” for Matt Stafford.

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