Nashville’s attempt to land draft dates back several years

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Nashville is one of multiple cities with interest in hosting the NFL draft.

And the city’s interest didn’t just bubble up.

Nashville’s Convention and Visitors Corporation president Butch Spyridon told the Nashville Tennessean that the city and Titans have kept the NFL appraised of their willingness to hold the draft for several years.

“We expressed very serious interest that if they ever wanted to talk about (moving the draft), we wanted to be at the table. And even if they hadn’t thought about it, we wanted to plant the seed,” Spyridon said, according to the Tennessean.

With the three biggest media markets — New York, Los Angeles and Chicago — all in the mix as locations for the 2015 NFL Draft, Nashville’s selection to host the upcoming draft would be seen as a major upset. However, should the league start to move the draft from city-to-city on annual basis, a la the NBA, Nashville would seem well-positioned to at least seriously be in the discussion in future years, given the city’s connection to the Titans and its stated wish to hold the event.

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  1. Agree with bigdad.

    What does media market size have to do with the draft anyway? It is televised and fans are going to watch it whether it was taking place in New York City or Smallsville, Kansas.

  2. As a transplant to Nashville, I can tell you that it would be a great choice. There is a wide variety of fans who grew up without a local team.

  3. I’ve lived in Washington, D.C., outside Atlanta, in San Francisco, Birmingham, Chicago, Los Angeles, then Nashville and now Charlotte. … And Nashville is by far the coolest city I’ve ever lived in.

  4. It would be wise of the NFL to patronize the smaller markets where they need to cultivate and grow the brand instead of always wanting to run over seas all the time.

  5. Nashville would be a great place for the NFL draft. Fans of many teams could just drive down in a 6 HR or less trip. Bears, Colts, Bengals, & Rams fans come to mind. It sure would be nice to see fans other than 20 overweight Jets fans primping and posing.
    Lots of things to do in Nashville too.

  6. Nashville would be the ideal city to have the NFL draft. It has handled the GMA festival for more than 20 years, the CMA festival for more than 30 years, it is the world capital for music, a tourist destination, and a great place to be.
    I am able to say all of this from experience because I lived there for years.
    It would be fun to have the draft in Nashville Tennessee.

  7. What the NFL should consider for the NFL draft is probably the most unlikely venue to many, but I would be seriously looking at: Churchill Downs!

    The NFL could host the draft in the infield at Churchill the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening of Kentucky Derby week (in 2015: April 27-29). Louisville is in a very central area and within a few hours driving distance (mainly Chicago, Indy, Cincinnati, Cleveland and even Nashville) of the kind of people who would go to the draft. The infield could easily hold 50,000+ for the first round on Monday with 40,000 or so for the infield for Rounds 2-3 on Tuesday and 25,000+ for Rounds 4-7 on Wednesday (with on Wednesday the draw for the Kentucky Derby also in the infield right before Round 4 starts).

    Churchill could adjust their Derby week live racing schedule to have live racing programs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Derby week before each day of the NFL Draft (and Thursday becoming a day off before the big two on Friday and Saturday) as Churchill could be playing hosts to huge crowds of people there for the Draft Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in this format.

    It may be a horse racing venue, but it’s also an iconic one that the NFL needs to seriously consider as well.

  8. Nashville? Really?

    The NFl and Radio City Music Hall are in a bit of a War. If you don’t know RCMH bumped the NFL this year for and Easter event that they ended up canceling…………….this didn’t exactly sit well with the NFL.

    Then then NFL doubled its ratings by having the draft pushed back a couple weeks. My best guess is RCMH looked at the ratings and informed the NFL they needed a raise over this year’s event fee, and between that and the bad blood over making them change dates they said “Thanks but we will go somewhere we are appreciated”! (70% of the problems in life are about money and ego)

    It’s not about the formula of the draft or messing with the fan experience, the NFL may feel RCMH owed them a little bit more loyalty than they showed asking for a raise after bumping a loyal customer the year before, “a double slap in the face”.

    I don’t know this for a fact, but it does seems consistent with what has been reported and reading between the lines. RCMH thinks the drafts success is tied partially to the location (NYC) and its cache (a premier event site), where the NFL believes you can put the draft in Alaska and still have a built in audience.

    NYC is the world stage just have it at Madison Square Garden and be done with it! No one dreams of flying to Nashville and being drafted 1st overall, there is a way to keep it “Highend” and find another long term event partner.

  9. Smart move by the NFL. Now they will have cities bidding to host the draft. More money for the league and a different city gets to host the draft each year.

  10. Anybody writing off Nashville as just a “banjo music” town hasn’t been there in decades. Or had a really bad tour guide when they visited more recently.

  11. What difference does it truly make where the draft is held? I would think worrying, fretting, anguishing, stressing, obsessing about which quarterback will be drafted first could be accomplished nearly anywhere, including in my garage.

  12. In spite of the more central location (geographically) and the many positive comments here, plus the possibility of a major and refreshing change, you can forget it. The NFL is a NYC league. And, you cannot think of one thing changed due to fans efforts. Whoever said there is one sucker born every minute was predicting the nature of future NFL fans.

  13. I live in Nashville and moved here from NY 4 years ago. I’ve been to 6 straight drafts in NY from 2002-2008 and i think Nashville would be a perfect fit. Good weather, a lot to do downtown, bars,music,food,predator games. There’s 100,000 people ten minutes from my house right now as im typing this , enjoying the Country Music Festival , I think we could host a draft.

  14. The new Music City Center and all new hotels that opened last year are more than capable of hosting the event.

  15. Nashville is within an 8-hour drive of something like 80 percent of the U.S. population. Plus, since they will never play the Super Bowl here, so why not the draft? Spread the love, NFL.

  16. Live in Boston now but damn do I miss Nashville. I’ve lived in Florida, Boston, Seattle, & Nashville. I’d rank them in this order.

    1) Nashville (criminally underrated)
    2) Seattle (pretty awesome place actually)
    3) Florida (at least the weather is good & housing is cheap!)
    4) Boston (way too damn cold & expensive)

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