Sam Bradford never worried about Johnny Manziel rumors


The Rams made sure Sam Bradford knew in advance that their name would be linked to Johnny Manziel in the build-up to the NFL Draft.

But their incumbent quarterback never worried about it anyway, since General Manager Les Snead and coach Jeff Fisher made it clear to him that he was their guy.

“[From] the end of last year, I was in communication with Les and Jeff, and they made it very clear what their plan was,” Bradford said, via Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Throughout the offseason, they continued to make that clear. So I knew what my position on this team was.

“Like I said, I had been in pretty good communication with Les and Jeff, and they had made it pretty clear what their intention was, so I really wasn’t too worried. I pretty much knew what was gonna happen.”

Bradford threw a few passes yesterday but is expected to do more in OTAs as they go on, as he comes back from a torn ACL.

“He looks really good,” Fisher said. “He’s throwing the ball well. We think it’s smart to keep him out of traffic right now in the ‘team’ stuff. But he’s doing well.

“He’s moving around great. We’ve got a ‘pitch count’ on him — not only his arm but his drops. He’s doing all the drops and his footwork’s really good.”

He also has the peace of mind that comes with knowing the team values him in his current role.


13 responses to “Sam Bradford never worried about Johnny Manziel rumors

  1. This sounds like the Christian Ponder situation all over again. Just because you say someone is the guy, doesn’t mean he’s actually the guy.

  2. This dude has had 4 years, and hasn’t amounted to jack. Yet he always seems to fly under the radar with that obscene rookie contract. He should give half of it back to St.Louis for scamming the city.

  3. Bradford has enough cash to live like a king for the rest of his years. The only thing he worries about is how long can he continue to suck and still draw a check. Suckers!
    Go hawks!

  4. The Christian Ponder comparison is way off-base. Never understood the Bradford hate. He was the Rookie of the Year in Year 1. In Years 2 and 3, he found himself on one of the worst rosters in the HISTORY of the NFL and battled injuries thanks to a horrid offensive line. And then last year, he was putting up Top 10 QB numbers with the youngest receive corp in the NFL until a cheapshot after-the-whistle shove resulted in a freak season-ending injury. Some of you folks have blinders when it comes to Bradford. Mark my words– an improved line, run game, and receiving corp this year has Bradford poised for Top 10 #s.

  5. Bradford has definetely not lived up to his potential but the posters on here slamming him apparantely have never looked at the wr’s and o-lineman he has had to work with. And as far as them finishing in last place in the NFC West-there are a few decent teams in that know.. the last 2 NFC representatives in the SB.

  6. i stand firmly in fishers corner and i believe in bradford and his ability, that said i have reached a point where i am not ready to give him anymore years to produce, if he fails this year i will be firmly on the side of those clamoring for a new qb. of all the excuses the rams have had, they have taken care of the o line got him weapons gave him a solid running game and a top 10 maybe top 5 defense(depends on the secondary). the only excuses left are his ability his injury history and shotty 2 of those 3 can’t be used anymore cause he has gotten all his guaranteed money and sanchez proved that while somewhat inept a shotty offense is capable of playoff success especially with a great defense,(which we have).

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