Titans WRs coach: With growth, Justin Hunter can put team “in the playoffs”


Let there be no doubt the Titans like Justin Hunter’s upside.

In a feature published Friday by the Nashville Tennessean, Titans wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson indicated that Hunter, the second-year wideout from Tennessee, has been showing promise.

“He can be the receiver that puts us in the playoffs, and helps us win our division,” Jefferson said, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “With the growth he is going to go through, if he can keep progressing he can be the receiver that puts us over the edge. He has that much potential.”

In his comments, Jefferson added the caveat that Hunter is still young and that he is trying to pick up his second offense in as many seasons. However, Jefferson noted to the Tennessean: “I like the course he is on.”

Of Jefferson’s remarks, that might be the most significant — that Hunter is developing in a manner that is satisfactory to the Titans. Even if Hunter doesn’t become an elite difference-maker — the sort of player who can be a catalyst for a big jump in the standings — he can still help Tennessee if he continues to improve.

In 14 games as a rookie, Hunter hauled in just 18 passes, but four went for touchdowns, and he gained nearly 20 yards per catch. Those numbers alone are reason to perhaps wonder if more is to come from Hunter, and Jefferson’s praise is another good sign.