Teddy Bridgewater is OK if he’s not an immediate starter


The Vikings appear content to let Matt Cassel start if necessary.

And Teddy Bridgewater said that if that’s necessary, he’s OK with it.

The rookie quarterback will undoubtedly get his chance to be the Vikings starter at some point, but Bridgewater said if that isn’t Week One, he understands.

It’s not tough at all because I have nothing but my best interest for the team,” Bridgewater said, via Master Tesfatsion of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “And I’m very excited about this team that we have here. . . .

“If I’m not the guy then I know the coaches have the best interest for the team also. My teammates also have the best interest for the team. So in order for me to be a better player, I have to have the best interest for the team and want nothing but the best interest for the team.”

While a bit robotic of an answer (I think he has the best interest of the team), it’s also in his best interest.

The Vikings are comfortable enough with Cassel as a bridge, so Bridgewater is wise to get himself up to speed to compete when he gets the chance. They’ve burned talented first-rounders before by throwing them in before they’re ready (Josh Freeman), and after striking out on Christian Ponder, they can’t afford another miss.

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  1. Teddy Bridgewater already has more class than Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler and Matthew Stafford Combined.

    Not only is a class act and the “nicest guy coming out the draft in the past 10 years” quoted by Jon Gruden.

    He also has undeniable football talents.

    An deadly accurate arm with a college high 71% completion percentage

    He also has a football IQ above most already NFL Quarterbacks.

    This man is a star in the making.

    And I’m glad to have him as the face of our franchise

    Let the Dynasty Begin.

  2. I love the sentiment, but the actual answer………WOW. Hopefully a better quarterback than a public speaker.

  3. I really do feel bad for this kid, and most people should.  Can you imagine?  From going to being the projected number one pick, then being dropped to probably third or fourth round, career backup talent, then being reached for by a no-talent team that will force him to play too soon, showing the world that he is not capable?

    This guy is going to be in therapy for the rest of his life. 

  4. Wow, I see bust written all over this guy. Doesn’t seem to be the sharpest pencil in the drawer to begin with and now he says he doesn’t want to start? This is not want tou want in a franchise QB.

  5. I feel bad for this kid. His hands are too small to play in the NFL and it will be even harder for him playing outside without the comfort of the Metrodump at least 8 games a year.

    In a very weak QB class by NFL standards, he gets drafted higher than he should and will ultimately end up another T-Jack 2.0 because the expectations are way too high based on his talent level. Career backup at best. Especially when you look at the lack of talent around him in MN. We all saw what happened when Greg Jennings wasn’t catching passes from a future HOF QB.

  6. go to the Vikings website and check out the OTA highlights from yesterday. He’s sick accurate and doing a great job. Love how one lil workout dropped him 30 spots. What a steal for the Vikes..

  7. Vikes throw QB’s off the bridge, sink or swim. Desperation creates the paradigm that is sure to get this guy mentally shook. Now if he some how pulls through the initial onslaught and rights the ship, he may become an average NFL starter, see Tannehill, Cutler, Smith. Just enough to not sink the ship. Never a superstar…..

  8. Anyone with an ounce of sense can see that Bridgewater is going to be at least a good NFL quarterback, with the potential to be outstanding. No need to rush things. Cassel was 4-3 last year with Bill Musgrave and a terrible defense. He put up 48 points against Philadelphia without Adrian Peterson or Toby Gerhart. The Vikings will be fine starting him until Bridgewater is absolutely ready to take over.

  9. The problem isn’t whether he is Ok with not being a starter, its 3 years down the road whether he is equally OK with being out of the league?

    If his Pro day is an accurate projection, incompletions will be his downfall and his inaccuracy will frustrate all the Vikings fans and eventually get Spielman fired.

    But here’s the upside, the Vikings will again be picking in the top 10 after finishing last yet again in the NFC North and this time, it wouldn’t be Spielman picking the QB bust. That’s your silver cloud if you are unfortunate enough to be a Viking fan.

  10. Since this is a rebuilding year for the Vikes, I see know reason to rush Bridgewater in.

  11. As a MAJOR college football fan and a Viking 4life I love Teddy Bridgewater and think it’s a miracle that the Vikings were lucky enough to get him. I love the way he reads his pass progressions (checkdowns) like a seasoned veteran. However, Matt Cassel will not only be your starter but will have an outstanding year-not because I am a Viking fan but because of the offensive scheme that is now being put in place. The fact that everyone on both offense as well as defense will be accountable (not so under Leslie Frazier), the fact that there are no more incompetent coaches and the fact that absolutely no one expects the Vikings to do well but they will be one of two surprise football teams this year.

  12. Wow the Vikings make a qb pick in rnd 1 that didn’t work out and the media never lets them forget about it. Who cares? The fans don’t care. So, Christian didn’t work out, so what? Lets count how many other 1st round busts there were in that round. Hows Blaine Gabbert doing? How is Jake Locker doing? Doh-K.

  13. Cassel will, and shud start the first 6 games. At that point, we’ll be 2-4 at best, as it’s a brutal schedule. That’s when you make the change and let Teddy play.

    Unless Teddy just lights up the preseason, and Cassel gets injured or just plays flat out awful, Cassell shud be the starter for the first part of the season at least…

  14. “They’ve burned talented first-rounders before by throwing them in before they’re ready (Josh Freeman), and after striking out on Christian Ponder, they can’t afford another miss.”

    They burned Josh Freeman. What does this mean? He can’t even make a roster anymore. I’m pretty sure he burned himself, whatever that means.

  15. It’s just going to be another wasted year for this franchise with rotating quarterbacks. What did they get from last season? Nothing. Some teams have bad seasons but they do see potential with their draft picks. Not the Vikings. It was a complete waste in terms of quarterback. The only thing they learned is cassel and ponder are not going to get it done, but yet, they keep them both around! It is sickening. I cannot believe how dumb their management is. It’s like they want to fail.

    The biggest problem this team has is the mentality that they have a team that is a Super Bowl contender if they just found a decent quarterback. They don’t. But who cares! So…They sign cassel to an outrageous deal and think he can get them to the Super Bowl. Better keep ponder around! He made one good throw last year! It’s like they shoot themselves up with ether every morning.

  16. At some point he will have to play for game experience. It’s best to let him be the back up while he gets used to the speed of the game.

    That said, nice guys do finish last.

  17. We have seen this before.

    The vikings traded multiple draft picks for Donovan McNabb to be the “bridge” for Christian Ponder. Ponder started in just weeks.

    It is a sound strategy. Look at all the QB’s the vikings have drafted and developed.

    The NFL has lots of examples of teams being successful with a rookie QB…..

  18. funny how hand size has now become the end all metric to predicting a QBs success.

    Bridgewater has the perfect humble, hardworking mentality to succeed in the NFL.

    He’s also got great quick decision making skills and pinpoint accuracy.

    He’ll be the best QB of this draft and it won’t be close.

  19. Let fans, including the usual suspects eastward, take their shots. This guy’s going to be pretty good, maybe not a Hall of Famer or anything, but he’ll be good, just wait and see. It was fairly easy to see Ponder was a shot in the dark. This guy isn’t.

  20. Anyone who thinks Bridgewater is another Tarvaris Jackson hasn’t seen both of them play.

    Jackson was called out by teammates during his stint with the Vikings for not hitting the playbook long enough, and working on his game as much as he needed to. Bridgewater’s play in college was far better, and there’s no question about TB’s dedication to learning the playbook and putting in time on the practice field.

    TJack was a second round reach by a head coach who was hired (in the aftermath of an embarrassing 2005 Tice ticket-scalping and the “love-boat” scandal) in large part because he threw TO out of practice while the OC in Philadelphia. The Wilfs liked his no-nonsense approach. Problem was, Brad Childress thought he could turn TJack into another Donovan McNabb.

  21. I remember another Louisville QB with outstanding potential and accuracy that took a “surprising” fall in the draft.

    This is going to be SOOOOO much different though right SKOL!

  22. Can’t wait until week 1 and watch Teddy Bridgewater under center. The team already wants it. Teddy Bridgewater has “it”. People believe in him, and want to go into battle with him, even though he’s a rookie. He’s humble, hard working, tough, and extremely talented. Despite what players said publicly, people didn’t ever truly believe Ponder was “the guy”. Just because you say someone is the guy, doesn’t mean they truly believe it. This will be a different story with TB. He’s going to hit the ground running from day 1.

  23. Go ahead and pick on GB’s defense, the Vikings D was pathetic. Cassell or Bridgewater can’t control an offense like Brady, Manning, Rodgers or Brees can. Meaning that if you don’t have an at least average defense, your offense will not keep up with your opponents.
    The Vikings will be at the bottom in offense, defense and wins… So go ahead and pick on other teams weakness and totally ignore yours.

  24. I think that is the most brilliant thing thing he could do for his career, continue to learn and develop as a Starting QB with the exception of a few QB ‘s that’s how thing are supposed to go… and I still believe that Bridgewater will be the most successful QB in this draft , it will take time but he will…Indeed…

  25. The Vikings would be fools to start him. Develop him for a year and let him become a pro bowler.

  26. With seven, yes SEVEN first round picks in the last three years you think this team would be able to at least get to mediocre. Pathetic bunch!

  27. It’s hilarious hearing a Vikings fan talk about torching the horrible Green Bay defense when their own franchises defense is even worse. The only difference is that one team has an elite QB to do it and the other one has Tedmat Casselwater at the helm. Just another wasted year for the Queen’s.

    Even harder will be playing outside without the benefit of piped in crowd noise.

  28. Did you seriously just include Josh Freeman’s appearance as an argument for someone being played who wasn’t ready?…. Bridgewater’s situation compared to Freeman’s is preposterous to even compare… How about the fact that Freeman wasn’t a rookie? How about the fact Freeman had been to a pro-bowl? How about the fact the Vikes season was essentially lost and they played him as a hail mary? How about the fact that Freeman is a grown man and veteran who shouldn’t cry about not being ready. His problem was throwing the ball 10 feet above everyone’s head and fumbling handoffs. Doesn’t sound like a preparation problem to me

  29. I saw the OTA highlights yesterday too. Deadly Accurate. This is the most excited I have been for just the pre-season games to get here, hell.

  30. He has bust written all over him, much like Cam Newton did. The geniuses who said that are still hoping it happens. (good luck suckers)

    Bridgewater is mature beyond his years and takes his job seriously. That happens when you have experienced the adversity of growing up in Liberty City. You hit another level when you watch your single mother fight and overcome cancer.

    If he never throws a pass in the NFL. This young man is winner in life. Book it. His college career will not hurt his chances of being a leading QB down the road.

  31. Awesome Teddy, lul them all asleep!
    Not only are you smart, you’re football smart. Already playing the part of a savvy vet!
    You have a heart of a Lion
    You’re going to be terrific player for years to come and will be hoisting that first ever SuperBowl trophy for the Minnesota Vikings someday!

  32. I personally would rather have him say my goal is to be the starter and if that doesn’t happen I can live with that. It seems like most good quarterbacks have to be a little arrogant. Also if the guy is good like everyone says he should win the job.

  33. The problem is that you are at the point where Peterson’s skills are going to start to diminish and he counts a ridiculous amount against the cap…the Vikings are going to need to have a QB to pick up the slack. Obviously Tedmat Casselwater isn’t the answer.

    Looks like a grim 3-4 years ahead for the Queen’s. But at least they will have some high draft picks to address the QB position with a true 1st round talent.

  34. This kid is going to be a phenomenal QB. Before his one ‘bad’ workout fans were chanting “Tank for Teddy”. Vikings got a STEAL when they drafted him.

  35. no need to rush, objects in your mirror are closer then they appear anyway

    feel much better with cassel, bridgewater, ponder going into the season then I ever did with ponder, webb, bethel-thompson at quarterback

  36. Is the football in the photo disproportionately large, or do his small hands simply make it appear so?

  37. What’s the obsession you tools have with hands? It’s a non-issue, give it a rest. Maybe you guys squawking about hands all the time should take your hands out of your sweat-pants and find another hobby.

  38. Not another one!
    Does anybody on that team want to come in and take a starting job right away.

    Winter Park must purvey a culture of underachievement.
    That’s where you should place your blame, Viking fan, not Green Bay.

  39. tremoluxman says:
    Jun 6, 2014 4:12 PM

    What’s the obsession you tools have with hands? It’s a non-issue, give it a rest. Maybe you guys squawking about hands all the time should take your hands out of your sweat-pants and find another hobby.

    Maybe it has something to do with a fan base that spent half a season calling a guy soft after he suffered a broken collarbone.

    Bustwater will be fine, tiny digits and all.
    But seriously, don’t cry over it.

  40. Am I the only one who glanced at the picture above and had his mind flash over to the javelin thrower on “Revenge of the Nerds?”

  41. Where did this moron get the idea he would be a starter? Based on where he got drafted and who drafted him, he has a lot to learn and will sit on the bench for a while.
    He has two other guys who also want to start and has to beat them out.

  42. Bridgewater has shown the ability to play tough, stand in among the pressure, make the throws, and take the occassional hit in the pocket and shake it off.

    Unlike that guy over in green bay that shatters a collarbone on a routine dropback #soft

  43. His hand size doesn’t matter…..until it does.

    And why reports continue to maintain Rodgers’ hand size is 9-3/8″ is beyond me. He is 10-1/8″. Fact.

  44. Bridgewater can take a hit and shake it off? Did the NFL season begin while I was sleeping?

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