Texans agree to terms with top pick Jadeveon Clowney

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Here’s how easy negotiating rookie contracts has become in the NFL.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the top pick in the draft, Jadeveon Clowney, has agreed to terms with the Texans.

He’ll make $22.272 million over the first four years of the deal, all guaranteed, with $14.518 million in a signing bonus. The Texans will then have an option for a fifth year.

The vast majority of picks are already under contract, and with the rules being what they are, there’s no reason to stall or drag the process out.

He’s the 18th first-rounder to sign, signalling how simple the process has become.

35 responses to “Texans agree to terms with top pick Jadeveon Clowney

  1. Unless ur the eagles who took a 3rd rounder in the first round and there trying to pay him 2nd round money

  2. Will be fun to watch but Mack is the best defender in this draft far and away. Also not being in a 4-3 is not good for him. We shall see

  3. And hopefully it forever stays this way, paying these guys based off competition in a lesser league was a joke. They’ve earned some money but now you need to prove yourself against other freaks of nature and see where you really stack up.

  4. How many years before we don’t need to be reminded about how simple the process has become?

  5. Let’s see how motivated he is now after becoming an instant millionaire. Like the new wage scale, but not fond of that high of signing bonuses…can cause kids not to work so hard.

  6. I’d take that $14.5M signing bonus check, head to the regular Joe line at the bank on Friday at lunchtime and say I’m here to make a deposit.

  7. Glad it is simple. Rookie salaries were out of control. Is there any way to make all base salaries for rookies the same, with very little difference in signing bonus money, and then paying the players based on what they do?

    If the 250th overall pick is a Pro Bowler he should get paid like it and if the 10th overall pick can’t even start, then he should get paid like a backup.

    Good luck to Clowney! Hopefully he lives up to the hype! He certainly has the ability to.

  8. Admittedly, some modification of the former CBA needed to be implemented. That being said, every year since, the upper echelon of incoming talent has gotten SCREWED. Veteran players are pushed out, even at veteran minimum salary’s and rookies are locked into contracts they have out played, all the while ownerships profits increase in the double digits and net incomes increase yearly, three and four fold. While I wouldn’t exactly characterize it as slavery, one could hardly argue indentured servitude as inaccurate.

  9. 8 years ago, same team signed same position to same no 1 pick contract. Mario vs. Jadeveon.

    22.5 million / 4 yrs vs. 54 million / 6 yrs for talent that’s not battle tested and proven.

    Finally. Something new that makes more sense than yesterday’s NFL.

  10. I’m clearly in the minority, but I think rookies get a bad deal from the payscale. In a sport where the average player never gets a second contract, the owners get pro bowl play from many young guys, who are better than seasoned vets making 10-20x times what the kids make.

    The Bradford contracts were out of hand, but I think the pendulum swung too far the other way. Two year rookie deals would make it more fair. I think teams know what have after 2 years and so do the players.

  11. Not sure there is NO reason to wait until Training Camp starts. The Jags waited on Justin Blackmon, who famously earned a DUI a month after being drafted (and before being signed), which led to serious clauses in his contract that unfortunately became valid.

  12. Mark this date down as the last time he tried hard…. Its called the Jamarcus Russell syndrome. He will be wearing 75% of his signing bonus around his neck and wrist before he realizes he does not get to keep it all. What are taxes? What is my agents fee? The Union wants what?!! Great talent and I hope he figures it out and matches it with the work that it will take to be great. I don’t see it, and I want to thank the Texans from stopping the Raiders from taking the next great BUST of all time.

  13. People are happy that the rookies get paid less than before. It’s almost like they appreciate the NCAA, where players get nothing and the suits get it all.

    Such is America, where regular people resent other regular people with skills getting paid what the market allows. It’s as if the fans think the owners would take their savings and lower ticket prices or other costs to show fan appreciation.

    Instead they pocket the extra and everybody is gleeful, just as long as the players don’t get it.

    Puzzling …

  14. I am not sure why anyone could find the rookie wage scale negative. It allows for teams to bring in young talent and not over pay for unproven worth. The Jamarcus Russell’s of the world are to blame for this and as businessmen the owners finally got their way. You can’t expect the owners to pay out 99% of the revenue and get no return on investment.

  15. Deacon Jones and Merlin Olsen part two? Lamar Lundy and Rosie Greer completed the Fearsome Foursome. Until the Texans complete their own Fearsome Foursome, maybe J.J. Watt and Clowney can be considered the “Awesome Twosome.” I can’t wait to sse those get after the quarterback!

  16. The rookie scale will really show its worth with the contracts that over performers get.

  17. At three sacks in 2013, JaMarcus Clowney is getting paid $7.424 million per sack. I eagerly await the legion of people willing to make excuses for him.

    This is the same continuation of the ethos that has led the Texans to be historically 8-8s. Overspend and overdraft on defense, and fill offense with whatever bargain-bin deals you can find.

    I know you got burnt once on Carr, but does nobody remember Casserly spending five picks just to get Jason Babin – an overhyped defensive end? Or how about spending a third-round pick to get Sam Montgomery, a defensive end (surprise) who had a work ethic and attitude problems so severe he makes Clowney look like JJ Watt?

    Why does the “if you fail once never, ever try again” mentality only apply to QBs for Houston?

  18. What a wasted pick. 3 sacks. This guy will be cut before year 4. Rick Smith and McNair are idiots. It is very tough to be a texans fan. At least we have the browns and bills to make fun of. (although frankly, maybe for not too much longer).

  19. Congrats to the Clowney camp…But this is only the beginning time to show the world why you was the # 1… I believe he has have Bruce Smith, Reggie White talent… paired up with Mr. Watt we should be in for a treat folks…

  20. With the rules the way they are now, the only reason not to sign your picks and have them at camp ASAP, is if they are waiting for their class to finish up and can’t by rule attend camp yet.

    Outside of that, I see no excuse, on the team or the players end, to not get their deals done and get into camp as soon as possible. The list of rookies who didn’t get to camp on time and never were able to make that up is vast. The list of guys who showed up late, and still had big rookie seasons…not so much

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