Urlacher opens gym in L.A.

Getty Images

The NFL may be returning to L.A. within the next five years, unless it doesn’t.  If it does, former (for now) linebacker Brian Urlacher will have a place where players can work out on their own, if they want.

And if/when the Cowboys coax Urlacher out of retirement as a break-glass-in-event-of-emergency alternative to the guys currently on the roster, Urlacher will have no excuses if he’s not in shape.

As recently mentioned by TMZ, Urlacher and FOX’s Jay Glazer have teamed up, along with others, to launch Unbreakable Performance on the Sunset Strip.  The three-section facility includes MMA training, high-performance training, and a small football field equipped with artificial turf.

Over the years, Glazer has provided MMA-style training to NFL players like Jaren Allen, Clay Matthews, Kyle Long, Anthony Barr, and LaMarr Houston.  The new venture has commitments from 20 current players, who will arrive after offseason workouts to continue getting ready for football season.

The influx of current players will give Urlacher an opportunity to get in top shape — and possibly the temptation to return if/when the Cowboys come calling.

Sure, owner Jerry Jones has said it won’t happen.  He also said he wouldn’t fire Wade Phillips during football season.