Carr could leapfrog Schaub


With all the focus on the question of whether the teams that took quarterbacks in round one truly will keep the rookies as backups come Week One, the one guy most presume won’t be playing to start the season could be starting, sooner rather than later.

As Albert Breer of NFL Media recently explained in a video notebook for NFL Network, Raiders starter Matt Schaub could be supplanted in Oakland.

“There is now an internal belief he’ll be pushed by rookie Derek Carr, who has displayed the talent and intelligence early on to shed his red shirt and play right away,” Breer said.

While it wouldn’t be a shock in light of the fact that Schaub isn’t very, you know, good, a decision to bench Schaub after giving him $8 million fully guaranteed coming a year after giving Matt Flynn $6.5 million fully guaranteed before benching and cutting him won’t do much to help G.M. Reggie McKenzie remain employed.

Then again, the best way to keep the boss happy could be to play the rookie.  On the first day of the 2014 draft, we heard owner Mark Davis wanted to take Carr with the fifth pick in round one.

Carr would likely have to perform very well — or Schaub would have to perform very poorly — to result in the rookie getting the nod as of Week One.  But if/when (when) Schaub plays like he did last year in Houston and if/when (when) the Raiders stumble out of the gates amid a crippling schedule, it could be time for the Raiders to see whether Derek Carr will play better than his brother, whom Schaub supplanted seven years ago in Houston.

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  1. A couple of the local scribes have a pretty good relationship with the Raiders, and haven’t mentioned any such thing.
    Of course, they DID mention that Carr could push Schaub.
    I guess if you loosen the context a bit, Breer is right on the money.

  2. Yes. Schaub is not very, you know, good.
    One of 5 active players with a QB rating above 90 for 5 straight years.
    Guess the others…

  3. For once, Oakland did it right. Schaub or Carr? That’s a dilemma a lot of NFL teams would like to have. No one is getting fired here.

  4. If a cow jumped over he moon, Carr will have no problem jumping over Schaub, who has played his best football. They should have kept Pryor, who moved the needle in Oakland for the first time in forever. Bet he’s happy to be gone.

    McKenzie and the Raiders are proving to be as inept as Dave Gettleman in Charlotte. This guy is taking a top 3 NFC team to new lows. As long as Reggie and Davis call the shots, the Raiders will remain irrelevant.

  5. it’s all good…let carr push schaub, and vice versa….bottom line Schaub is starting the next two to three years, while Carr is gets ready for the NFL….same way Farve/Rodgers did.

  6. I think Reggie is smart enough to realize he’s absolutely signing his own pink slip if schaub gets beat out after getting 8 mill guaranteed, in light of the Flynn fiasco.

  7. Dumbolt was at the Raiders first practice. Tells you all you need to know about the Chargers.

  8. Schaub isn’t very good huh? Well neither is most of the off season reporting. I remember when you guys had him as a top quarterback in the league. One bad season on a team that completely fell apart and all of a sudden he’s hot garbage. I guess we should forget about all those winning seasons, playoff games, pro bowls, etc. To quote Dr Evil “Yeeeaaahhhhh…..right”

  9. It’s really hard to judge strength of schedule before the season starts. Too much changes every year.

  10. I think it would be a dumb move for the Raiders.

    They keep force their young QBs to enter their grinder then spitting them out without giving them a real chance.

    Give Schaub a serious chance to start and have Carr learn the system and what it takes to play in the NFL.

    Rushing Carr into an offense that’s still in the process of putting itself together would jeopardize what it is now and what it could be the future.

  11. Bucs fan here, can’t stand the Raiders since John Madden left, but I call it like I see it. Schaub is a class act; he got a bum rap in Houston. Derek Carr? I was hoping the Bucs would draft him to be under his family friend/our OC, Jeff Tedford, but he was taken. Oakland has a good situation at QB right now…two good QBs…which QB is better….great dilemma to have. Credit where credit is due. Good luck Oakland. I still can’t stand you, but kudos.

  12. This is interesting stuff! Matt Schaub replaced Derek’s brother David Carr @ Houston in 2007. And now Schaub may lose his job to Derek?

    This could be sooner vs. later. Matt Schaub played well for the Texans up to 2012, then had a horrible year in 2013. I mean horrible. I can’t recall a bigger meltdown for a QB in one year.

    I doubt Oakland will drop Schaub this year. Unless he plays really, really bad. Like at Houston.

  13. Start Shaub and let Carr learn how to be a pro. Once the Raiders are 2-10 let him start the last 4 games to get his feet wet and have a taste come 2015. Raiders are far from the win now mode of Denver.
    Hate to see Oakland throw this guy to the wolves too early.

  14. Bucs fan here. I was in the Black Hole a couple years back watching Raiders-Bucs, wondering why the Raiders offense was so bad. And then it hit me. No, not the answer. A beer bottle.

  15. Schaub has had ONE (1) know, bad year which was preceeded know, 5 straight 90+ rated seasons; something that only, you know…5 other qb’s have done all time. He was also in the…you know…pro bowl as recent as 2012.

    I know it’s impossible to keep your Raider hate in check Florio, but try not to let facts get in the way of your hate ALL the time.

    Is Flacco, you know…not any good since he had, you know… the same passer rating as Schaub last yr?

  16. Wow, sounds like the Florios shouldn’t expect a fruit basket from the Schaubs this holiday season.

  17. Goodell’s Green Glasses | Jun 7, 2014, 3:43 PM MST
    Schaub is the worst pro-bowl QB ever.

    Not until the NFL Ministry of Truth purges Vince Young’s name from the history books

  18. So you think the OAK GM is in trouble because he paid big bucks for a QB that might be backup? That’s nuts. He’ll get kudos for having two starting QBs on his roster. Who’s going to complain?

  19. Schaub is a class act and was a great QB for several years. Last year was a disaster, but it was caused mainly by several key injuries and then everyone basically giving up. Kubiak built the offense around play-action, and once your running back is out and everyone knows you can’t run, guess what? They protect against the pass only, and you get the multiple interceptions. Kubiak should have adjusted once the injuries started piling up.

    I think that Schaub will be a productive QB again, and a change of scenery (and a chip on his shoulder) will do him a world of good. I think this situation worked out best for Houston, Oakland, and Schaub.

  20. I’m wondering… do the Raiders have a TE/WR duo like Owen Daniels and Andre Johnson, which Schaub had in his Houston prime? Houston’s RBs were ridiculously productive without being super high profile guys. Part of that was Schaub making them better, part of it was them contributing to his success. Does he have that kind of supporting cast in Oakland? Schaub might have a real bounce-back season and still only win 6-7, which would increase pressure to start Carr in 2015 whether he’s better or not.

  21. Schaub seems like a nice guy who used to be a decent QB. His time has come and gone. The Raider fans will chew him up and spit him out at the first sign of weakness or ineptitude.

    The Houston fans were saints compared to Raider maniacs and they were down right mean last year. Nothing against Schaub, but I’m not sure he can withstand life in the Black Hole.

  22. Nothing more than the media trying to stir up a qb controversy.. They are not even in pads and carr is a rook who hasnt had one legit defender coming at him.. Furthermore the kid hasnt even taken a pro hit.. Its threads like these that make all raider fans look dum.. Its should be no way carr gets a nod unless shaub goes 0-4/5.. Then u put in mcgloin.. Do not mess the rookies spirits up by having him explaining next year why he struggled this yr.. Dont buy the hype raider nation.. Shaub will be okay.. Houston was incredibly predictable last season.. Thats what gets a coach of kubiaks stature fired.. Not a qb having a bad season..

  23. How much of Matt Schaub’s success in Houston can be attributed to Andre Johnson? Anybody see anything in Oakland that resembles Andre Johnson? Has there been a team with worse skill at picking WRs than Oakland? Who was the last standout WR in Oakland? Tim Brown?

  24. In my humble opinion, the NFL is better when Oakland is good! I don’t know if Schaub is the answer, but Carr looks like he might have a bright future. They got a sick backfield and that should help out either QB as long as the OL is holding it down.

  25. Why did the Raiders trade for Shnaub? He is horrible. Carr was a good pick, but heck, anyone would have been for you guys.

    Does Reg have a clue as to what he is doing? Doubtful.

  26. While it wouldn’t be a shock in light of the fact that Schaub isn’t very, you know, good,
    Schaub’s career has been very, you know, productive. He doesn’t have any hardware, but neither does Alex D. Smith or Philip M. Rivers. Oakland is paying Schaub 8M this year, but that’s a lot less than he was still owed on his Houston contract, and they can use him to protect Carr this season and cut him loose with no future cap hit if he can’t get it done.

  27. It’s actually funny now, not even annoying how much this website hates The Raiders. The whole (when) Schuab fails thing? Really?
    You know what though if Matt Scuab comes out and wins 11 games, is a pro bowler and is the comeback player of the year I will bet EVERYTHING this website and ESPN will never even mention it… They will be so mad about it…
    When he played for Texans this website would call him “The Most Under rated QB in The NFL” now that he is a Raider?
    “yeah he is awful”
    Raiders are going to be way better than people think, Are they playing The Steelers this year? Because we all know FLORIO thats always a win for Raiders even when RAIDERS win 2 games all year somehow they always beat ur steelers

  28. Carr will NOT supplant Schaub no matter what in 2014. If Schaub does completely fall apart – unlikely given that the Raiders are going to a ground game – McGloin will take over – not Carr.
    Carr needs at least one year, probably two or three. I am not even sure he will be significantly better than McGloin, who is progressing quite well. HE IS NOT pushing Schaub no matter the context of the article.

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