Malcolm Jenkins: Chip Kelly has us working harder than anyone


After five years with the Saints, Malcolm Jenkins signed with the Eagles this offseason. And he says coach Chip Kelly has the players in Philadelphia working harder than he worked in New Orleans — and harder than anyone works anywhere.

Jenkins said on the Jim Rome Show that the Eagles are unique in their approach to Organized Team Activities.

“I think we’ve worked harder than any team in the NFL,” said Jenkins. “I think we’ve gotten more reps and more exposure than any team in the NFL, so right now at this point we’re winning. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to win anything. All we can win is today and each day, we go out as a team and try to do that. I feel like if we continue on that path and get better and better as we go, I definitely see this team having a chance.”

Jenkins said that players aren’t accustomed to the way Kelly does things, but they’ve bought in.

“We’re creatures of habit. It’s hard for us to accept change, it’s hard for us to say ‘We’re going to get 50 plays in an OTA practice’ as opposed to normally people are getting 20. There has to be a reason for it, and [Kelly] does a great job of explaining why and then taking care of us, as far as our recovery and our bodies,” said Jenkins. “Everything he does from a scheduling standpoint and a practice standpoint has a reason and that reason is explained to us. So it’s a lot easier for us to grasp it, understand it, take hold of it and buy in because he has a vision, he has a plan and then he articulates that plan to us.”

It was a plan that worked well in Kelly’s first season. And if Jenkins is to be believed, Kelly’s second season is off to a good start.

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  1. It ain’t even training camp yet and he’s already working them hard. Hard work always pays off in the end. Last season was just a small taste of what’s coming.

  2. Malcolm Jenkins wasn’t a bad player he just doesn’t have the speed, gets burnt alot in big plays but is a good turnover machine and tackler at times. Definitely not worth the money the Eagles paid for him though.

  3. As we’ve all heard many times before, the NFL is notoriously known to be a copy-cat league…spread attacks, 3-4 defenses, wildcat offenses, dual TE threats…the trends go on and on and they’re ever-changing.

    Nothing in the NFL right now is being copied more-so than Chip Kelly’s high octane, no huddle offense, as well as his other various implementations surrounding practice and overall health. We’re witnessing the beginning of what could someday be considered a hall-of-fame coaching career. Rebuilding years seemed imminent in Philly, and then this guy goes 10-6 in his very first go at the NFL. He’s got a bit of evil-genius about him.

  4. What’s coming is another mediocre season and at best, another one and done in the playoffs until that defense gets better.

  5. Most Buc fans, myself included, are curious as to why Chip Kelly turned down the Bucs the year prior to him accepting the Eagles job?

    Was it because of Josh Freeman, Mark Dominick, the Glazers, or a combination of the three?

  6. I think this guy is a brilliant coach , and I’m not even an Eagles fan.
    I’m very pleased , however , that my Miami Dolphins have hired Bill Lazor , who was on Kelly’s staff last season , as offensive coordinator.

  7. I love Chip but let’s ease up on the Hall of fame talk. I feel he’s taken a lot of what BB does in New England and is putting his own twist on it.. I don’t think he’s changing the game or approach as some would say.

  8. “… and harder than anyone works anywhere.” I guess no player would ever say, ” easier than anyone works anywhere.”

    Common sense has me asking, how does he know how hard other teams work? Has he played for every team and every HC?

    I guarantee you that 100% of the players in the NFL will say the exact thing, when asked – every one of them will stress how hard they work.

  9. If the players work that hard, eventually, they’ll get tired or burned out and then hurt. Remember, fatigue is the enemy of us all. 16 games with hard practice all the time wont last. You need fresh players to win at the end of the season. We’ll see. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.

  10. Malcolm Jenkins is not very fast, he can’t tackle that well, he takes bad angles and almost never creates a turnover. The one thing he can do well is man coverage on tight ends and running backs. But if you’re hoping to play him as a traditional free safety, be prepared to see the back of his jersey chasing somebody down the field a whole lot.

  11. …at that point Malcolm’s speech trailed off and his eyelids began to flutter. It took some time before the reporters realized he was sound asleep standing in front of them

  12. Belichick asked Kelly to come to NE’s practices 2-3 years ago. He wanted Kelly to help him implement the Pats’ no-huddle attack more efficiently. Kelly didn’t copy BB, it was the other way around. The Eagles don’t want Jenkins playing Single-high or Cover 2 Safety. They want interchangeable pieces in the Defensive Backfield, i.e. play more Man Coverage. Philly was 10-6 without all the pieces in place. Conference Title Game this year.. minimum.

  13. Too bad Banner blew it on Kelly because he would have been the Browns coach if not for Banner’s dictator-style. Kelly had a great 1st year in Philly, but he got out-foxed by Payton in the playoffs. Can he make the right decisions at crunch time? He had critical failures at crunch time at Oregon. The Eagles will likely win the division and it may not be close. How they fare in the playoffs will be Kelly’s true yardstick.

  14. Malcolm Jenkins was a mediocre defensive back in New Orleans at best, now he’s front and center of everything in Philly like he’s a super star, and he hasn’t played a down there yet…

  15. love it…already confusing activity with accomplishment.

    I love those hard to figure out plays too…spread option fake, look left, then back to the McCoy for the delayed screen pass…awesome!

  16. By Week 8, nobody will ask Malcolm Jenkins for his opinions on anything.

  17. This can’t be true. After the NFLPA got its way, practices are now much easier, there’s less of them, and practicing of with full pads has been greatly reduced. Heck, even watching film has its own set of rules so as not to get these players too bored or too tired.

  18. @ captainwisdom8888
    in Chip Kelly’s very first year in the NFL he did not go 10-6 he went 9-7 still mediocre in sports but nice try there

  19. Things wont go as perfect this year as the no major injury ,no interception. balls dropping out of the sky for touchdowns season of last year !

  20. People that say the eagles will burn down must have missed last season. I’d bet they lost less games to injury than most teams in the nfl. Having them work hard in June does not affect how they feel in December.

  21. Is there anything stupider than these guys always talking about “buying in”? What is that supposed to mean? Because if you don’t “buy in” you’re going to tank and walk out, or sit around and sulk like a 12 year old? These guys make enough money that they should be willing to get with the program, whatever it is. Do your job and do what you’re told. If you don’t want to “buy in”, then get out!

  22. Im just waiting to see how they overcome loss of Desean Jackson and probable injury to Maclin

  23. It is interesting that there is as much parity in the NFC East as there is the NFC West.
    While the NFCW is arguably the best division in the NFL right now–each and every one of those teams are SB caliber teams, the teams in the NFC E teams are also pretty equal, but they are all wild card at best.

  24. Listen to these Eagle fans. You guys won 10 games in a TERRIBLE NFC East last year. Now you’re poised to set the world on fire?!

    When are you going to wake up????

  25. People were running chip out of town last September and October. Now he’s a gold jacket contender.

    The empty trophy case clan is already claiming another dream team.

  26. Didn’t everybody say this some rhetoric last year? lol people come on… He is doing the SAME thing he did last year and they had a lot of success… Why so much jealousy? You wish your teams coach was such a brilliant hard working man.

  27. @gdog112 exactly my point Sean didn’t play either Mr. Jenkins just didn’t deliver.

  28. Some of these comments are quite funny. Genius? CK is the most copied person in the league? Huh?

    Are you people not paying attention? Keep copying offensive schemes and watch what the Seahawks do it.

  29. Every now and then somebody like Kelly who thinks outside the box comes along and the masses treat him with derision. Last year it came from the professional establishment but that no longer is the case. Now those same coaches are busy attempting to figure out how to stop the Eagles attack. This year opposing fans are weighing in with clueless comments and I do mean clueless. They have no idea how Kelly’s program works but in a few years most of the league will be following it. Miami just got a head start.

  30. Kelly took Reids team and went 10-6 any more questions?


    Then Reid took Crennel’s 2-14 Chief’s team and turned in into an 11-5 team. For now, I’ll go with Reid. From a Chargers fan.

  31. Of course,the rest of the NFL teams are having BBQs and hula-hoop contests. The powerful 10-6 Eagles who lost to the Saints by two points in a Wildcard,did lead the league in rushing by 16 yards…that was it. Not total yards,PPG or passing yards,just rushing 16. So I’d have to say the Denver offense was better because they led in total points and offense. How is Kelly the genius?

  32. Jenkins is still butt hurt over the fact that we got a monster upgrade in Jairus Byrd. Maybe if you would of worked harder in New Orleans we wouldn’t shipped u off. Drew will tear Jenkins up. All saints fans have nothing but love and respect for sproles we wish u the best. We are a better team this year with Byrd and bailey helping us in secondary. Sean Payton =Super Bowl champion
    Chip Kelly = pending …. Good coach but a little to early on the best coach crap

  33. Some posters are so dumb. One guy said the eagles were a mediocre 9-7. When the eagles went 10 and 6. Honestly when you hate on a team do it properly

  34. How is Kelly a “genius”? Because he ran a quick tempo offense? Because he rarely allowed defenses the ability to bring in fresh players? How did that scheme work in the first half of the season when his team went 2-5 and he succeeded in tiring out his own offense?
    Sure Foles came in from the bullpen and was a superstar, and basically saved Kelly’s NFL coaching debut, but I would be surprised if Foles has the same results this year. Well see if the Kelly game plan is successful this year.

  35. Great to hear. You are the hardest working team in OTAs. This is like calling the Kentucky Derby at 1/4 mark. Half the people who are “working hard” will be cut by training camp.

  36. t500000..Kelly runs what is called the spread offense sometimes run quickly,sometimes not,he took a team that quit on its head coach the year before and with the same personel installed a new offense and defense completely different schematicly with a whole new coaching staff..fear his genius if you must but get your facts correct before you do

  37. You guys realize by work harder he means they run more plays in practice, not that they give more effort then other teams right? I’ve never seen fans so jealous of how another team practices. Pathetic!

  38. taylorgangtrippymane says: Jun 7, 2014 4:20 PM

    Apparently he’s never seen the Seattle Seahawks work. They are the hardest working team in professional sports.


    They work hard at masking PEDs.

  39. coolherc says:
    Jun 7, 2014 3:11 PM
    If you’re working this hard in June you’re not doing it right.

    Games are won in the offseason, but I wouldn’t expect someone who has never played a sport in their lives beyond pee-wee football to know that.

  40. imnotsorryisaidthat
    I’m not an Eagles fan but I am a fan of the NFL and I pay attention to what is going on.
    Early on, Kelly ran that spread offense and had it going at a pretty fast pace. As I recall, the pace slowed about half way through the season.
    I saw some numbers where the Eagles had third most plays per game throughout the season, but I would like to see those separated between the first half of the season and second.
    As to “fearing” Kelly’s genius, there is noting that I am afraid of. First off, its just a game. Second, the Chargers beat your so called genius. Third, the NFC East was a pretty easy division last year. Fourth, how about if we just wait and see if Kelly can get to 10 wins again? I say no.

  41. Saint fans must have amnesia. They give 20 million guaranteed money to replace Jenkins with Darious Byrd who hid the fact he had a bad back. Jenkins only received 5 million guaranteed from the Eagles.Now before taking a hit Byrd has back surgery and may not be ready for training camp. We all know that backs are tricky business. Add to that Byrd has had lisfranc ligament damage in both feet!!! The huge money given Byrd forced the Saints to trade Sproles and then needed to use multiple picks including their #1 to try and replace him. One more thing Chip Kelly coached Byrd at Oregon so he must know a little bit about him. Bottom line Jenkins isn’t a big hitter but is smart and can cover which you need in a passing league.

  42. Working players so hard in OTAs is a double edged sword. Packers coach Mike McCarthy said they found that out after having so many of their recent seasons plagued with injuries. He said they’re now cutting back their OTA reps from the mid 30’s to the lower 20’s in order to help prevent injuries later in the year.

    Sounds like it’s a risk/reward proposition. Work your guys hard and they may be good, but their bodies can start to break down later when you need them the most.

  43. The Saints should have never drafted Malcolm Jenkins… If Tom Benson sees him on the street, he should go straight into Jenkins pockets and take back his money…. Vonte Davis should have been selected over him. I’m not a bit surprised he didn’t pan out due to the fact he came out of Ohio St.

    Eagles fans, don’t expect much from Jenkins, he is not an upgrade, more of a role player.

  44. Don’t be surprised if Jenkins gets beat out for the starting safety job.

  45. As a Saints fan who has watched every game that Jenkins has played, I can say that Jenkins needs all the extra work he can get. Especially on his tackling skills.

  46. All these comments left about if the Eagles are working this hard now they will be burned out and a lot of players will be injured by the end of the season didn’t pay attention last year. Players became more productive in the last half of the season and we had no major injuries after Maclin, which took place before the season began. Perfect example was Trent Cole who always burned out at the end of the season his whole career, except last year, he became more productive as the season progressed. Kelly and the trainers monitor each player constantly, they have those computers that show how their bodies are responding to the workouts, and if a players body shows signs of fatigue they back off that player a little. Kelly stresses the importance of getting that 8 hour sleep, players are monitored for sleep apnea, which is common in big men, if they have it, they treat it. Kelly is a mad scientist. He’ll get better at play calling and game management as he gains more experience.

    Having said all that, this year could be a step back as easily as it could be an improvement. This year’s schedule is much tougher.

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