Michael Sam knows he needs to step up his game


Less than four weeks after he became a member of the Rams, defensive end Michael Sam knows that much work remains to be done if he’s going to make the team in September.

“I’ve got to step my game up to compete with this defensive line,” Sam said Friday, via David Morrison of USA Today.  “I thought our defensive line at Mizzou was pretty tough.  This is a whole new level.  I’ve got to up my game.”

Making Sam’s challenge a little less complicated is that his status as the first openly gay NFL player has been a non-issue for his teammates.

“They respect me as a human being,” Sam said, via the Associated Press.  “And as a football player.”

Teammate Chris Long confirmed it’s not an issue.

Only the media cares,” Long said, via the Associated Press.  “The players don’t care, we just care about what kind of football player you are.  We got a steal in whatever round we took him in.”

To truly be a steal, Sam has to win one of those coveted 53 spots on the roster.  He’s got less than three months to do it.

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  1. Reality is great. Sam knows he needs to step up and all the people talking sh*t doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is his teammates views, who care only about football.

  2. Dude step your game up!! It is already going to be hard for you. If you have football knowledge this is the time to show it. I don’t care if your gay…as long as you respect that I am not and you produce on the god damn field !!!

  3. can we stop harassing the kid? I know some people see it as though he brought it on himself by coming out, but aren’t we over this? if he makes the roster, awesome. if he doesn’t, I probably don’t need to hear about him on a football blog

  4. If he doesn’t make the team he won’t be a steal at all. At least he has realized this isn’t high school football.

  5. Being Gay will help Sam for once.

    It’s going to be tougher to cut Sam because he is gay.

    I’m rooting for the kid, but we have already seem some poor choices in his limited time in the league. Now he is saying the right things, will he embrace these thougths?

    Sam your life has to become football. All you eat, all you think, all you do, FOOTBALL.
    Otherwise you will be practice squad for a year and a historical side note for the rest of your life.

  6. He is right. Only the media cares. He went in the 7th round. If it wasn’t politically correct to fawn all over a gay player we wouldn’t know who he is.

  7. Gays want to be recognized as normal members of society but they keep segregating themselves by drawing attention to themselves like this Sam guy is.

    Cleveland has the ‘gay games’ this summer. What’s so special about being recognized as, for example, the fastest gay athlete? Why don’t you just compete in the normal Olympics if you want to be more accepted?

  8. All I can say is “Good Luck” and bring your “A” game dude,the odds may not be good but you can do it,put your big boy pants on.

  9. He is a football player. Not an Italian or polish or brown or white or any thing else football player. Just a professional football player. Good luck Mike!!!!!!

  10. .

    For those of you who like 7th round storylines, another final rounder was 5’7″ WR Jeremy Gallon. He was drafted by the Patriots out of Tom Brady’s alma mater, Michigan.


  11. I am so tired of the political correctness. This guy is never going to make an impact ON the field because he does not have the skill set to be a NFL defensive end OR a 3/4 outside linebacker. Jeff Fisher and the idiot GM (what’s his name) are phonies. Go away Micheal Sam, you are irrelevant.

  12. I hope he makes the team or fails on his football performance and nothing else. If he gets cut so be it. Won’t be the first 7th rounder to not make it.
    My take, throw out the gay crap, teams passed on the guy because he wasn’t that good. If he had Clowney’s skill set he wouldn’t have been 7th round material. and were talking late 7th round.

  13. Sam’s got to put on muscle and speed to make this team. They’re deep on the defense and will only have room, on the roster, for first rank defensive players!

  14. Don’t shoot the messenger. Sam announced he was gay, but it is the media which sensationalized the entire story. You would think he is Ray Rice the way people are rooting for him to fail.

  15. he probably will not make the team. My best friend works for the Rams, I asked him what his take on Sam is after seeing him work. he texted me back with one word- SLOW.

  16. I have to add, while he wants to do well, it takes size and speed to come off the edge and he probably lacks that at the NFL level. Best of luck just the same.

  17. He is going go the practice squad, they don’t have room for him with that d line but he is to valuable to the team because of his status quo to just let go

  18. 7th round player getting so much attention….why? signed- every 7th pick in the history of the NFL..name 5 of them real quick off the top of your head…GO!

  19. Well it’s obvious the fans of the NFL are not ready for Mr Sam. I know a lot of people don’t want to see this on the field but as long as he conducs himself like any other player would we can’t get upset with what he chooses to be in his private life. Now if he were doing some Sandusky crap that would be another situation. But a pedophile isn’t what this guy is. I hate to bring religion into anything, probably because I’m he last guy God needs on his side, but try to be good to your fellow man woman child and all of Gods creatures. Your children are watching you to see how we treat each other

  20. I won’t be surprise if Michael Sam supplants Eugene Sims if he stands out as a special teams player and can produce sacks on passing situations.

    Eugene Sims has been an ineffective as a pass rusher for quite some time now and cutting him can save $$.

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