Norv Turner wanted Browns to sign Cassel last year


When Norv Turner became the offensive coordinator of the Vikings earlier this year, he joined a team with a quarterback under contract whom Norv wanted the Browns to get under contract last year.

As explained by Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Turner lobbied the Browns to sign Cassel last year, instead of Jason Campbell.

“I think that would have been at the time a good move for us,” Turner said. “I gave my evaluation. I thought he would have fit. . . . Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t.”

At the time Turner arrived, Cassel had the ability to void the second year of the contract he signed in 2013 with the Vikings.  And he did.  But the Vikings apparently took Turner’s advice, bringing back the man who had a direct hand in each of the team’s five wins in 2013.

The question now becomes whether the Turner’s veteran of choice can fend off his rookie of choice, Teddy Bridgewater.  With Turner proving consistently that he knows how to get the most out of most quarterbacks he coaches, the team’s ultimate choice could be ready to thrive.

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  1. elwaysmilehighdenver says: Jun 7, 2014 7:04 PM

    Dear Norv, We ‘re going to miss you this season ! Signed the AFC West


    SD 2007 1st in AFC West
    SD 2008 1st in AFC West
    SD 2009 1st in AFC
    SD 2010 2nd in AFC West
    SD 2011 2nd in AFC West
    SD 2012 2nd in AFC West

  2. When will the Norv express ever land and stay?
    Lets see, from memory he’s been HC at the Redskins, then went to the Raiders then to Chargers (I will never forgive you Raider fans for dropping him in us) then to the Browns as the OC, and now Vikings as the OC? And I’m sure there were many more teams before his HC gigs.

  3. Norv

    2010 9-7
    2011 8-8
    2102 7-9

    Norv took the team that Shottenheimer built up and trashed it. Just the AFC West at that time was weak isn’t saying much for Norv.

  4. He only led Rivers to his worst year of his career then after being fired Rivers returns to all pro form.

    Just the fact he wanted Cassell who led his team to a last place finish says it all. There is a reason Turner can’t keep a job.

  5. They only thing I think of with the Chargers and Norv is how a 14-2 coach was fired for not winning against Brady in 07, an essentially SB caliber team (Caldwell drop), and a divisional game flooded with stupid flags by his players. A legendary coach replaced by an essentially mediocre one, but because he slipped by in the playoffs, was kept afloat, and that’s what real fans remember.

  6. Norvel had almost completely ruined Phyllis before he left.

    I’m not sure it’s possible for Cassel to get any worse, but Norv will try his best.

    Norv is done in this league. He can only live on the back of Aikmen for so long.

  7. First, Norv is the offensive coordinator, not the head coach. The reason he kept getting head coaching jobs is because he did such a great job as an offensive coordinator. Second, even if Norv is the terrible coach you people say he is, he’s still light years ahead of Bill Musgrave. And Matt Cassel was 4-3 with Bill Musgrave.

  8. Norv was also one of the advocates for starting Brandon Weeden. So what does that tell you? It tells you that if your tear has 3 lousy QBs, which MIN most certainly does, the lousiest one will get the nod.

  9. People always say that Norv ruined Philip Rivers and he got back to Pro Bowl form with a new coach. Who do you think was his coach when he got to Pro Bowl form in the first place? He had 3 seasons of a 100+ passer rating with Turner there, and none before he got there.

  10. So instead Cleveland signs Tom Brady’s OTHER backup Brian Hoyer who played better than Campbell and Cassel both.

    And this is why Turner is a coordinator and not a head coach or GM.

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