Richard Sherman doesn’t believe in curses


With Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman securing the overhyped “award” of appearing on the cover of a game that uses the meaningless concept of a cover athlete to tempt folks who otherwise wouldn’t be inclined to buy this year’s edition of the same old product, Sherman steps into the cross hairs of the so-called Madden curse.

And Sherman shrugs at the so-called Madden curse.

I don’t believe in curses,” Sherman said Friday, via Terry Blount of  “I believe in God.”

To be fair, the two concepts aren’t mutually exclusive.  (Anyone of Italian descent knowthis.)  Setting aside the philosophical question of whether it’s possible to believe in both God and curses, the message here from Sherman is that he doesn’t believe in curses.

Of course, those who believe in curses would be concerned that Sherman has tempted fate by questioning the existence of the curse, which necessarily invites the curse to remind the doubter of its existence.  But a curse derives its power from those who believe in it, with the curve-believer’s confidence being undermined by the belief that someone bad is predestined.

If Sherman truly doesn’t believe in curses, then it doesn’t matter that he called the curse out.  But if Sherman really does believe in curses and dismissing the curse was his way of giving curses the Crabtree treatment, Sherman may be doubly cursed.

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  1. “I hit straight ball very good, but not curveball. Bats are afraid. So I ask Jobu for help. Is very bad to drink Jobu’s Rum.”

  2. It’s unbelievable that in the 21st century, this comment is even noteworthy. Of COURSE there are no curses — just like there are no leprechauns, unicorns and fire-breathing dragons.

    I don’t like Sherman – but he’s right in not believing in curses.

  3. Top 5 Cornerbacks in the NFL :

    1. Darelle Revis
    2. Patrick Peterson
    3. Xavier Rhodes
    4. Captain Munnerlyn
    5. Joe Haden

    Richard Sherman isn’t even top 30.

  4. When you start getting flagged on every play for PI that won’t be a curse. It’ll be about time.

  5. Skol Vikings, let’s win this game,
    Skol Vikings, honor your name,
    Go get that first down, then get a touchdown
    Rock em’… Sock em”….
    Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
    Go Vikings, run up the score,
    You’ll hear us cheer for more…
    Skol Vikings, let’s go!

  6. I don’t believe in curses. Well, except for a truly hapless franchise like the Vikings. They CERTAINLY are cursed. Poor team can’t get out of its own way!

  7. Won’t buy this one I guess. Still waiting for a Gronk- Nightshift theme- cover complete with Gronk, Girls, bibi Jones, champagne, on a beach with everyone wearing sunglasses. That would put an end to his injury curse.

  8. Levins, Hearst, Sanders, George, Culpepper, Faulk, Vick, McNabb, Alexander, Lewis, Polamalu & Fitzgerald, Young, Favre, Megatron……idk the facts say otherwise…look for a down year for Crabtree! I mean, Sherm!

    the only one curse-proof was the Madden himself.

  9. Florio’s referring to the Italian malook, which even religious people believe in.

  10. Went to Stanford and still believes in the magical guy in the sky huh? Stanford is apparently becoming more of a community college in the south.

  11. Sherman is a very good corner no doubt but he’s 3rd to Revis & Peterson

  12. thepftpoet says:
    Jun 7, 2014 8:34 PM
    Top 5 Cornerbacks in the NFL :

    1. Darelle Revis
    2. Patrick Peterson
    3. Xavier Rhodes
    4. Captain Munnerlyn
    5. Joe Haden

    Richard Sherman isn’t even top 30.

    Go back to being logicalvoice… we need more Redskins hate around here.

  13. @jackofnotrades

    I believe Megatron had a career year the season hr was on the cover. Not positive but i believe he broke a significant receiving record that season as well.

  14. Strange. He doesn’t believe in curses yet he believes that if you crack a plastic cup ADHD medication will magically be released from the plastic contaminating the contents of said cup.

  15. If he get’s hurt, everyone will blame the cover. The reality is guys get hurt anyway. If he plays poorly, it will be because of the cover. The reality is he there is no guarantee that anyone will be as good year to year.

    If he continues to play great no one will ever mention that he beat the curse, they will just pile on the next person on the cover when the time comes.

    There is no such thing as a curse… be real. Even if someone points out all the cases where it has happened, just because there is correlation doesn’t mean there is causation.

  16. ErinAndrewsStopCallingMe says: Jun 7, 2014 9:33 PM

    Went to Stanford and still believes in the magical guy in the sky huh? Stanford is apparently becoming more of a community college in the south.


    You can’t be educated and believe in god?

  17. No, what he believes is that if your sample cup is cracked then your clean sample might get cross contaminated with Brandon Browner’s positive sample. Which as it turns out was apparently what happened.

  18. brizzle059 says: Jun 7, 2014 8:55 PM

    OK mykpfsu please enlighten me as to why he is on “roids”. Sherman isn’t exactly huge.


    Just because he isn’t huge doesn’t mean he is clean.

  19. PFT poet, I respect your team is the Vikings….but dude there is nothing top 30 on that team except AP. He’s never going to win anything because he’s on a crap team.

  20. Love how Forty-Whiner fans rip this guy, when Aldon Smith constantly gets in trouble off the field, unlike Sherman who simply trash talks (and shows respect for his opponents, unlike Harbaugh and Kaepernick)

  21. Xavier Rhodes and Captain Munnerlyn? Hahahaha!

    I’m not even a fan of Richard Sherman, but these guys couldn’t even carry his jock strap! And the Vikings are cursed, they’ll never win a Super Bowl, hence their fans jealousy toward the Packers and Seahawks!

  22. Sherman can play, he just doesn’t know how to be a graceful winner. Bad winners are worse than bad losers. I hope Michael Crabtree tears him up this year

  23. Belief in curses and belief in God has the same rational base, does it not? Neither can be proved nor disproved. Though, what does God have to do with a Madden cover selection?

  24. I don’t believe in skinny guys with a head full of yarn holding on every single play from scrimmage.
    Maybe that will get handled this year….

  25. So he believes in Adam and Eve, a talking snake, and an apple that “cursed” mankind into living in this evil world, but he doesn’t believe in curses. Ok.

  26. So he believe in Adam and Eve, a talking snake and the apple that “cursed” mankind into living on this evil world; but he doesn’t believe in curses. Ok.

  27. he also doesn’t believe in being a clean athlete and earning his success the right way. i’m ashamed of how everybody sweeps the fact he’s a cheater under the rug. now he’s on the cover of a video game. better start making sure your kids aren’t taking PEDs like Mr sherman

  28. Why is this still an issue?.. there is no “madden curse” and if there ever was one Calvin Johnson broke it 2 years ago.

  29. and for those who don’t understand. sherman and co takes adderall and other speedy supplements to keep their weight down. you think a 6’3 CB might lose a step if he’s 5 pounds heavier? how about 10 pounds? it’s a world of difference between 195 and 205-210 pounds when foot speed and funcional strength is required. he’d be a safety without adderall

  30. To be believe in curses or a God both are illogical and not evidence-based.

  31. He has had a monster start to his career, so it would be difficult to keep that pace up. Odds are he won’t have statistically as good a year, and that is probably true of most guys who make the Madden cover; they just came off a career year, so usually nowhere to go but down. That is not a “curse” it is just reality that it is really hard to have a year that is among the league’s best at any position and then match that or top that the next year.

  32. Madden 2001 = Eddie George = Got hurt never was the same
    Madden 2002 = Dante Culpepper = Got hurt career done few years late
    Madden 2003 = Marshall Faulk = Hurt lose job to Jackson
    Madden 2004 = Vick = Breaks leg
    Madden 2005 = Ray Lewis = Hurt
    06 = Mcnabb = hurt
    07 = Alexander = Career Over/hurt
    08= Young= hurt career done
    09 = Farve = Hurt with Jets
    10= Troy, Fitz = hurt following year, not the same
    11 = Brees = Hurt
    12= Hillis= Career over, hurt
    13= Megatron = Hurt following year
    25= AD = Son gets killed, hurt

    Madden Curse is real

  33. Hopefully this year’s curse involves turf toe, ACL damage, leprosy, wild boar attacks, and the niners finally man up and start returning the dirty play they’ve received in sheattle.

  34. I’m pretty sure every single football player who previously graced the cover of Madden said the exact same thing. And then what happened?…

  35. To the league players and insiders here, isn’t the Madden cover actually a hit list, with a bounty attached for the one who injures the cover star? Since so many people seem to believe in NFL conspiracies, then why not toss that one around for a laugh?

  36. no matter what media or people think love him or hate him you dont win a super bowl without good solid corners…if hes the best or top 5 or top 30 he was good enough to help his team win the super bowl..I know cus there was never no love for Jim Plunkett as a QB or Lester Hayes as a CB…both were tops at there positions but never got the love from media..thats why cliff branch ..plunkett hayes and todd crhistiensen are not in Hall of Fame.all those players i mentioned were huge in super bowls and great careers…Branch 3 super bowl wins…Plunkett ..Chistensen…Hayes…all played in 2 and won them..yet none are in Hall of me Sherman istop 3 CBand just maybe tops right now in the NFL..i dont care who plays what system ..his system made him shine for 3 seasons now

  37. Richard Sherman: One-hit wonder. Now he’s leading with his chin. This expression refers to a boxer who’s not very good. Normally, depending on whether a boxer is right handed (orthodox) or left handed (southpaw) you would say “he leads with his left/right”. The leading hand being the “jabbing” hand, saving the other, stronger arm for the heaviest punches. To say “he’d always led with his chin” means that he always left his chin sticking out, inviting his opponent to knock him out.

  38. He doesn’t believe in curses but believes in god??? well, he is cursed because there is no god!! what a fool

  39. There is no way youre from true Italian decent and arent aware of The horns. The Malook!!!

    Why do you think so many Italians wear the chain with the horns on it??? It’s to keep the curse away.

  40. Coincidence is not proof of causation. When you have preconceived notions based on silly things like “curses” you will often find what you believe is evidence to support your ill informed ideas.

  41. Wow, people actually wishing injury on an NFL player…do you understand the concept of “karma”?

  42. In a NON-Contact drill earlier today…

    Richard “non curse believing” Sherman tripped over his own shadow and blew out BOTH of his ACL’s…

    While down on the ground, Sherman WAS cursing… just wanted that to show on the record…

  43. As a lifelong Packer fan I’d love to hate Sherman but I can’t. He does let his emotions get the better of him during and immediately after a game but that’s the only thing wrong with the guy.

    He is super intelligent. he was a 4.0 student and those weren’t “gimme” grades. From Wikipedia- “Sherman graduated in 2010 from Stanford with a degree in communication and returned for his final year of eligibility in order to begin a Masters degree.”

    He’s also a great writer and when his emotions are in check he’s actually rather humble. I’d take him on my team in a minute.

  44. Wow. The majority of you here thought the episode of The Brady Bunch in Hawaii was non fiction no doubt. The only curse is on the lips of the QB’s and Receivers that dare to try and go against the best! Mr. Richard Sherman,…suckas.

  45. There are curses, I can assure you.

    What’s ridiculous is the whole premise of the Madden curse.

    For once I’m in agreement with Sherman.

  46. Believing in curses can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Just look at the New Orleans Saints. They sucked for 40 years.

  47. The haters will say that hes been good because of the scheme or because of the supporting cast but what they fail to mention is bo matter what scheme a team uses its on the players to make it work.. The kid makes it work and they have a defensive powerhouse in seattle.. If i was him i wouldve not done the cover because i do believe the curse exists.. So if i was him i would keep my smack talk to a minimum..

  48. I’m a Seahawks fan.

    I enjoy Richard Sherman being on the team.

    I’m proud of him for being resolute in his faith.

    Why did this comment get 6 paragraphs and 100 comments???

    Wake me up August 15th or so.

  49. Calvin did break records, but the lions were last in their division from a playoff contender the year before, and Calvin played through 3 broken fingers throughout most of the season, the curse is real!

  50. All haters wish they lived in the Emerald City. We have a booming economy, surrounded by gorgeous nature – clear skies, clean water, and pristine heavily-forested mountains. Our cities are filled with the brightest minds – software engineers, biochemists, musicians, cancer researchers, world changers. Wealth and success is abundant, and the gleaming Lombardi just one more shining example of the results of our labor.

    We will enjoy watching our future HOF cornerback, best in the game, keep doing his thing.

    You all can keep spewing your seething hatred for Pete Carroll, Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson and all those symbols that remind you of your own failures.


  51. If you’re such a Christian, then ACT LIKE IT!!! That garbage that you pulled on the field after the NFC Title Game was shameful.

  52. Breaking News:

    Madden Curse responds: “Don’t you ever talk about me…I’m the best curse in the league”

  53. this Dick is a great self promoter.. but this Dick is not a top CB, he is a role player w/ a lot of help that limits his exposure

    can you imagine this guy covering a top WR w/o deep help or having to cover more than a small section of the field…. or even travelling with the other teams top WR? I can’t…

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