San Diego Padres draft Johnny Manziel

Getty Images

The San Diego Chargers didn’t get a crack at quarterback Johnny Manziel in the NFL draft.  The San Diego Padres — along with every other Major League Baseball team — got plenty of cracks at Manziel in the MLB draft.

Eventually, the Padres pounced.

As noted by our brethren at CFT, the Padres selected Manziel in the 28th round.

It’s likely little more than a publicity stunt, which eventually could prompt a Russell Wilson-style visit to spring training and other notoriety, including the fact that the name “San Diego Padres” is getting national attention at a time when the team otherwise would get none.

Manziel, who has yet to sign a contract with the Browns and could, in theory, decide to ditch football for baseball, surely has no interest in becoming a modern-day Bo Jackson.  But he has no reason to complain about a development that allows Johnny Football a/k/a Johnny Cleveland a/k/a Johnny Vegas to add another alias to his portfolio.

Johnny San Diego.