Eagles’ Bennie Logan: I’m not too small at 319 pounds


For most people, weighing 300 pounds is the sign of a serious health problem. For an NFL defensive tackle, it may be an indication that you need to put on some weight.

In the case of Eagles defensive tackle Bennie Logan, he’s having to defend himself as not too small, with 319 pounds on his 6-foot-2 frame. Logan is listed at 309 pounds, but he said he complied with defensive line coach Jerry Azzinaro’s request that he put on 10 pounds this offseason. Logan now thinks he’s at just the right size for what he does in the Eagles’ defense.

“Most people, when they picture a nose tackle, they picture a 330-plus guy, just clogging up the middle,” Logan said. “But the way we play our defense, you’ve got to be able to run. And I don’t feel I’d be able to run or do the things our coaches, in our scheme, require us to do. That’s why I’m not 330, or put on that much weight.”

Logan bulked up the right way, going back to LSU and hitting the weight room when the offseason program in Philadelphia wasn’t in session. He said he’s in shape to stay on the field a lot this year.

“I’ll be playing more snaps this year, that was the main thing,” Logan said. “I wanted to put on weight to be able to sustain a longer season and try to see how things go.”

When Logan looks at the scale, he likes what he sees. Something most 300-pounders can’t say.

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  1. Too many coaches associate girth with ability. A 290 guy in shape with the right leverage will maul the sloppy 330 guy every time. Coach them up instead of fattening them up.

  2. 300 to 305 seems to be about the minimum for effective DTs in the league anymore. The interior O-Linemen have just gotten so big. The Bears rolled with a bunch of 290 lb DTs last season and all we all know how much their D sucked. Maybe guys like Aaron Donald and Will Sutton will still succeed but unless you’re Geno Atkins your odds as a sub 300 lb DT are not good regardless of your scheme.

  3. Eagles will do what they always do…not win a SB…ain’t gonna happen.at 330 6 ft 2 the guy will be dead at 50.instead of gettin bigger the guy needs to work at bein more efficient at say…..290.he’ll be faster and feel better get better leverage be a hell Uva lot quicker

  4. I’ve believed for over 20 years that the League should have a maximum weight limit of somewhere around 250 pounds.

    I think the play would be more exciting overall, and big guys would be required to be in good health if they want to make the cut.

    I like guys like Vince Wilfork, but what is his quality of life going to be when he’s 50 if he doesn’t drop a bunch of weight.

  5. I think the next piece the Eagles need to think about addressing on their defense has to be 3-4 defensive end. Fletcher Cox is a nice young player, and Cedric Thornton is a solid starter opposite him…but the Eagles pass rush didn’t exactly light the world on fire last year. I know that in a 3-4 it is often the LBs that get after the QB more than the DEs, but if the Eagles manage to get their hands on 1 big, disruptive, probowl DE…than the defense will take another massive step in the right direction.

  6. I have to believe it will be hard for him to maintain that weight though. With Chip’s up tempo practices and extra snaps for the defense every game due to the up tempo offense maintaining weight during the season will be VERY difficult. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s back around 300 by week 16. The way the Eagles train and play I think they’d be better off with a 340 lb guy working to get to 325/330, rather than a 310 guy trying to bulk up to 320.

  7. Asking a 300 lb. man to put on more weight is outrageous. And when he gets diabetes he is going to be well within his rights to sue the NFL.

  8. Who are these idiots that think he put on weight in fat? Really? You think Chipper and the gang, with all the emphasis they put on nutrition and sports science, asked him to to eat that extra scoop of ice cream?

    Of course even 10 lbs in muscle is more work for your hear and lungs, so I’m sure a cutting-edge staff especially in terms of health and nutrition has a very specific regiment for him to put on the right muscle the right way.

  9. Thank you Richardmswartz and PhillyNation for your comments. At least some people understand. Chipper is obsessed with health and with his sports science team ran by a damn Navy Seal, the weight Logan gained is muscle not fat. They heavily monitor everything from what u eat, to what time u go to bed (and how many hours you sleep), that’s one area you def don’t have to worry about in Chippers program..

  10. Some posters here have absolutely no clue as what the Eagles have been up to. I like that.
    The Eagles are making strides everyday in becoming a team of the future. Everything they have been doing since Chip arrived is nothing short of amazing. Better start replicating what were doing or you will get left behind.
    This is your one and only warning.
    Your welcome.

  11. TheWizard– I get what you’re saying, and I know that a lot of OL and DL guys have MAJOR health problems due to their weight once they stop playing cuz they keep eating the same but dont work out nearly as much, if at all, but 250 pounds is unrealistic. You have to remember that a lot of DL and OL guys are 6’5″-6’8″, give or take, and they need to spend hundreds and hundreds of hours in the weight room to be strong enough to perform at their position. It would be almost impossible for a 6’8″ OL to get down to 250.

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