Jets WR misses OTAs after being quarantined

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As reasons for missing OTAs go, this definitely tops Cary Williams and his sconces.

According to Brian Costello of the New York Post, Jets wide receiver David Nelson missed the first week of OTAs while they made sure he wasn’t a public health menace.

Jets coach Rex Ryan termed it an “illness,” but it was more serious than that.

During a trip to Haiti to do charity work, Nelson was bitten by a mosquito. His fever spiked to 104 degrees and had strep throat, so the team told him to clear out.

I was quarantined,” Nelson said.

He got back to work this week, though the yellow hazmat suits people wore around him probably made it hard to run routes.

“We’ve got a really dynamic group,” Nelson said of the Jets new-look receiving corps. “We’ve got guys who can do a little bit of everything. We’ve got some short, really fast guys, some short jukey guys, some tall, athletic guys that can stretch the field. We’ve got some possession guys. You name it as far as receiver we have it in that room. Now, the next step is to get everybody to play at that maximum ability and keep everybody healthy.”

Presumably, he was talking about knee injuries and the like.

And not malaria.

19 responses to “Jets WR misses OTAs after being quarantined

  1. Even if not the main point, finally we see a NFL player doing a good thing (charity work) in the media and not committing a crime.

  2. Not that an excuse for missing OTAs is necessary, because attendance is completely voluntary and coercion is prohibited under this CBA.

    If teams want players (who don’t have malaria) to show up, there are contractual workout bonuses that can meet those ends. Otherwise, no player should risk what happened to Sean Lee happening to them.

  3. I wish the guy luck. It just did not work out for him in Buffalo, unfortunately. I was hoping he stuck as a reserve receiver. I liked him better than say, Donald Jones, for example, who the Bills kept when Nelson was let go. I never thought much of Jones. No clue where HE is, if anywhere.

  4. Jones was signed by New England last year and subsequently cut when he was diagnosed with a kidney problem. He is not currently on an NFL roster and is trying to get better. Best of luck to the young man.

  5. Get well soon, David Nelson! And why is it that Haiti still has malaria-bearing mosquitos? If politics was allowed here I could say why…it isn’t just the poverty there…

  6. who says politics isn’t allowed. i thought you just have to open with ‘obama sucks’.

  7. I hate mosquitoes, the little bastards come from miles around to bite me. I must be delicious, a vampires’ buffet fantasy. I’ve never had malaria though, so I’ve got that going for me. Good to see Nelson back with the team. Mosquitoes suck, just saying.

  8. Why does bad ish always happen to good people? Why couldn’t Aaron Hernandez get bit and been quarantined years ago? I’m proud of David for actually putting his life on the line to help kids in Haiti, while most NFL players are getting high or drag racing. Much respect David.

  9. He probably got Chikungunya. It’s spreading around Haiti right now. If he were to get bitten by a mosquito in the States, that mosquito would spread it. It makes sense to keep him indoors. The virus is scary, but not fatal. It causes fever and severe joint pain as well as making you feel like you’ve got the flu.

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