Matt Forte thinks Bears’ offense will be at the top of the league

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There’s plenty of optimism in Chicago about the Bears’ offense.

Having previously heard from Alshon Jeffery, who said that he and Brandon Marshall are the NFL’s Top 2 receivers, we now have some strong comments from Bears running back Matt Forte. According to Forte, with a full season of work under head coach Marc Trestman, there’s every reason to expect the Bears to have the best offense in football in 2014.

“If we keep working hard we’re going to take this offense, hopefully, to the top of the league,” Forte told the Chicago Tribune. “There’s no ceiling. There’s no limit that you can put on it.”

The Bears had a very good offense last season, and with Forte, Marshall, Jeffery, Jay Cutler and the entire offensive line returning, it’s easy to see why they think their offense is going to be even better this season. Maybe even the best offense in the NFL.

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  1. If their offensive line is in the top half of the league, he’s probably right.

  2. Matt, agreed. We have high expectations in Chicago. Lets just get through training camp, preseason, and first half of the season with no serious injuries.

  3. Wow, how strange, I fully expected him to say “we’re really far less talented than most of our competition but i think, with luck and maybe some injuries to key players on other teams, we may be right smack in the middle of the league offensively when its all said and done”

  4. If that offense is so good, and detroits defense is so bad then it becomes obvious why the Bears swept the series last year! Oh, wait…….

  5. The Bears offense should be quite potent but it will never be at the top as long as Cutler is under center. The guy just throws too many drive-killing picks and makes too many other boneheaded mistakes. Yeah, he’s talented to a degree and he has a very strong arm but he’s weak where it matters most… between the ears.

  6. It would be interesting to see how the Bears offense fares. Last year they all had to learn it. This year the core system should be ingrained in the veterans.

    If Cutler can find a way to consistently manage each game better, he’d be a great QB. Unfortunately, every quarter you don’t know if good Cutler is leading the drive or bad Cutler.

  7. Trestman had the #1 offense with the Raiders in 2002 or 2003, theyear they got pasted in the SB

  8. not with jay cavilerri at qb a turnover waiting to happen!!! signed all green bay packer fans

  9. If they can at least get into the middle of the league on defense, that will be a team to be reckoned with. That offense is right to be confident.

  10. Long time Bears fan, since mid 70’s

    The Bears should have a good offense, top 10.

    No, their two wide outs aren’t the best two wide outs in the league… but they ARE close to the best tandem in the league.

    Add Calvin Johnson to either one of them and that would be a better tandem than the two Bear wide outs so right there that means the two Bears wideouts can’t be the two best in the league.

    Matt Forte is a good back, solid, well above average.

    Cutler is not the top like Rodgers, Brees, Manning and Brady, but he is better than average too.

    Now, their O line has not been good for years. I can see a bad year or two as a team finds out a player or two didn’t pan out, got hurt etc…

    But, when a spot on the team, like O line, or wide outs, or linebackers remains bad for MULTIPLE seasons that’s on the front office.

    Teams are built from their lines out and yet the Bears go year after year after year without rectifying the poor play of their line…

    There is a saying about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…

  11. Wow, a lot of people expressing doubt, but I think it’s wishful thinking. With the kind of offensive talent the Bears have and a full year in the system under their belts, there’s no way they shouldn’t be a top five offense. That doesn’t always translate into wins, though.

  12. They will be pretty good. I’m not a Bears fan, but it’s hard not to root for their coach and a lot of their players. Too bad Cutler is still their QB or I would root for them to win the NFC.

  13. Wait for it….queue the Cutler HATERS, or should they be called loser?

    They’re dumb enough to follow the Tweets after his injury in the NFC title game a few years ago and they’re still at it….not realizing they’re really showing their ignorance….Do you hate Lebron as well? DOH!!

  14. There are a LOT of teams that have amazing offenses headed in to the season.

    I don’t think Chicago has a better chance than Denver at being #1, though… QB matters too much. Brady, Brees, Manning, Rodgers all give their teams a better shot than Cutler at top O.

    But sure, there’s a chance. And Forte HAS to expect that chance to be legit.

  15. “There’s no ceiling. There’s no limit that you can put on it.”
    There’s Cutler… if you’re honest and see ceilings.

  16. Not! They are not even the best in their division, GB is #1 and Lions #2, and the Vikings, well, we all know they are #4

  17. Is anyone else tired of all this offseason posturing? It seems that some player is making BS proclamations about how great he or his team will perform this season just about every day. Everyone is in the best shape of their lives and will get 20 sacks, be better than AP, or have the leagues best offense. Gimme a break and save it for game day.

  18. Maybe if you had Matt Stafford, Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate, Reggie Bush, Joique Bell and Eric Ebron but until then you’re not even the top offense in your division.

  19. Playing the three useless defenses in their division twice a year is sure to help them get close. Denver does the same, it’s a race to destroy weak division defenses. Put Denver in The NFC west and they are not even top 5 on offense.

  20. Duh… Last year 2nd ranked offense in nfl with new system, new coach, only behind Peyton manning’s historic year… Now another year into the system with everybody returning, and a massively beefed up defense who had a down year, why not expect the ring?

  21. Funny seeing people comment on cutler. You see espn highlights of him all year and make your determination he can’t get it done. I was way down on cutler but he matured and played some of his best football last year. If he continues to develop under trestman I think he can get it done. The defense on the other hand…

  22. These guys are yapping too much and I say that as a big time Bears fan. They should keep quiet and let it happen on tge field. Plus when you get swept by the Lions and havent beaten the Packers with Rogers for years, there’s not much room for talk.

  23. I hate the BEARS but they do have talent on O… Trestman is a brilliant O mind…. It’s the D that has issues and changes the way they have to play from behind

  24. well he and the rest of the team and fans should feel that way. after a eternity of offense being a after thought we fans were thrilled that they got a coach who understood that offense was part of the game and not just something you did until you kicked a field goal and got the lead. and after a year in the same offense everyone should be know it and perform even better in it. as for the defense unless you have been under a rock then you know they made big changes in it in the off season. maybe it won’t be the same as the defense of old but with a actual NFL offense now it does not have to be. it just has to be better than the injury riddled one that was on the field last year. hard to be a good defense when you are signing guys off the street and playing them on Sun. if they are a top 20 defense the bears will have a great season.

  25. They should score more points and gain more yards than last year’s offense, but possibly more turnovers and less yards per play. I say this only because I expect the defense to be better (which is not a stretch… they have better players and could not possibly be as bad as last year’s).

    Better defense means more possessions which means more points, yards and turnovers.

    Outside of qb, they were pretty lucky on the injury front offensively last year. I wouldn’t count on that same level of luck, but hopefully it is offset by more familiarity with the offense.

  26. No team employing Cutler and Marshall is going to win anything important, unless its a disappointment contest.

  27. Since 2000 the Lions have had 2 season above .500. Made the playoffs in 2011 and choked in the wild card.

    ***The also went 0-16 in 2008***

    Tell me again why Lions fans think their team is better than the Bears? Having Calvin Johnson doesn’t make you the best team in the division. Hope you feel better being brought back to reality, Lions fans.

    A 2 game sweep last year against a Bears team with a second string defense, by a combined margin of 10 points is your only accomplishment and the Lions still finished behind the Bears in 3rd place.

    …but you guys have the better team, riiiiiight. The only team better than the Bears in the NFCN is the Packers(not for long), period.

  28. They were second in scoring only to Denver’s offense. This is no shocking proclamation

  29. The Bears have proven over and over that they can’t beat Rodgers. Until you beat him when he’s playing a full game, you’re not better than the packers. Tell me I’m wrong. The Packers will be even better this year along with the bears. So you can’t say they’re better than the packers yet. You haven’t proven it. Either way, should be an interesting season between the packers and bears. They’re the only two contenders coming out of this division.

  30. Packers, Bears, and lions all have a scary offense for other teams.
    The problem is the D..
    If they get that fixed they will have a good chance..

  31. What is Matt going to say? Of course he believes in his team mates. I do think the Bears will be much improved and will be neck and neck with GB for the NFC North title. Detroit will be third and Minnesota has another year with a top 10 pick.

    Should be a great division to watch this year as well as the NFC West.

    About 3 months away everyone!

  32. I can’t remember the last time a Super Bowl Champion announced their greatness in the preseason. It is always the Eagles, or Bears, or Lions flapping their gums and every year these teams come up short.

    It lacks humility and shows high correlation to under achievement – something the Cutler lead Bears know all about.

  33. I wished Miami Hurricanes hired Treastman instead of Shannon. Not a big Bears fan, but I see them making the playoffs.

  34. ahahahaahaha! da bears, forte will be injured, smokin jay will be pouting, marshall will be emo as usual, – right, “top of the league” in disappointment.

  35. Bears fan here. Packers are champs until someone says otherwise. Detroit I won’t consider anything but Detroit until they stop being Detroit (yes I know they swept us last year and I could care less-means nothing). Always have respected the Vikes-I just think they have major, major problems at Q even after drafting Bridgwater.

    The Bears offense I believe will indeed be hard to stop. Guys the Cutler jokes are like 8 years old and you aren’t saying anything new, clever or original. Any true NFC North fan has seen a major change in Cutler the last two years in his maturity level, decision making and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the players around him. Heck he made better decisions than Rodgers week 17 (no, of course I’m not saying he’s in AR’s league). Same goes with Brandon M. He’s a changed man and any of the other three teams in the North would be lying if they said they wouldn’t take him. Year two in this system they will be much more efficient and on the same page. This is the first time I can ever remember besides a stretch in the 80s where the Bears have had any continuity on offense.

    Their defense will be better. Heck it can’t be worse. Should be an exciting race. I could see the Packers taking a step back (sincerely no disrespect). I believe the Bears and Lions roters are ever bit as good as theirs top to bottom. If Minny gets good play out of their Q then look out for them too.

  36. Okay, so how come sportsfan18 can write a long rant about the Bears’ o-line, even though most knowledgeable fans realize that issue was fixed last year, but if I try to refute that post I get deleted? Hopefully this post stays.

  37. What’s with all this indignation from packers and lions fans? Bears offense was in fact best in the NFC north, and NFC last year. It’s entirely possible the bears offense will get better this year. Packers lost two of their best offensive weapons. Lions have a new offense to learn with a quarterback that throws the second most interception in the league the last 5 years.

  38. I think the Bears will still be in second in the division, I just do not see any team able to unseat the Packers. They only chance they had last year was injuring Rodgers, that will not happen this year.
    But with this said, I would love to see them get in with a wildcard spot, would love to see the lions grab the second spot and see three north teams in the playoffs.

  39. People forget that the Bears had a top 10 offense in its first year under a new scheme and new master of offense head coach and the #2 scoring offense as well. With the new addition and possible #3 WR Marquess Wilson at 6’3 205lbs could b a possible breakout the man has the talent. The sky is the limit, people also forget Cutler arguably outplayed Rodgers the last game if it wasnt for the broken coverage deep ball play that sent us packin :-/ but yes I would definetly agree with Forte…GO BEARSS!!

  40. Im not trying to be a troll, but I find Jay Cutler extremely subpar. I do think AJ and BMarsh are fantastic though

  41. I’m a huge Bears fan. Have been my whole life but I can’t let the love for my team blind me from reality. The Bears offense was very impressive last year but had some kinks. The defense was woeful. Historically inept. And for a Bears fan that hurts a lot.

    The bears made better moves to fix their defense and shore up their offense than any other team. However, fixing all of the issues that they did has not fixed all of the issues the Bears have. Their O-line, while showing real improvement last year, needs even more improvement and with stability on the line, that may happen. An improved line means that Cutler wont have to run for his life, get injured, or make pressure-created mistakes. That takes care of the hold-over offense issues.

    The defense, however, has way more problems. The Bears are still light and old at corner, even as talented as they are. I hope the 4th round pick works out at safety because the Bears just don’t have any NFL quality safeties on the team otherwise. Linebacker is another area that the team needs to address as no one has stepped up to fill the Urlacher-hole. Defensive tackle is a BIG question mark as to how well the draft picks work out. With the moves made on defense, the team is, of course, better. How much better can only be seen when the season starts. That being said, the Bears are better than last year’s team and that means a division title. As a result, I predict the Bears will win the North but lose in the playoffs because of the problems that still exist on the roster. You can’t expect to win the Super Bowl with a problematic defense. The following year will be the year to predict the SB with the additional time to address problem areas.

  42. I’m a life long Vikes fan, but I would have to agree with Jeffery. Marshall and him are probably the best combination in the NFL. As for one of the best offenses in the league? Who knows. On paper, Packers, Lions and Bears have to be in the top ten. As always, you have to wait until the season gets rolling before you can make that call. A lot of variables, with one being chemistry and another, coaching. With that being said, I hope the Vikes can get close to being a top offense, their worst problem was replaced, that being Bill Musgrave, the OC. Cassell can carry them, and hopefully Bridgewater in the future.

  43. The NFC North is very underrated by the national media. Three of the four teams could be in the top 10 in offense. The Vikings, under Zimmer, might have one of the best defenses. It’s going to be a dogfight to win the division this season. With Peppers in Green Bay(from Chicago) and Allen in Chicago(from Minnesota) it should be really interesting.

  44. Top 3 scoring teams last year NFL2013

    #1 Broncos 606
    #2…wait for it…Bears 445
    #3 Pats 444

    These are facts.

  45. Why is trestman touted as the next “mad-genius” in chicago, when he won 3 less games in a division that had an 8-7-1 team win the division, compared to lovie the year before where the NFC North had 3 10 win teams. There are two sides of the ball you know. Considering last year the Bears were a top 3 offense, they can’t get much better. The defense is going to need to get better if this team wants to improve.

  46. He may look like a mannequin, but Trestman is an excellent offensive coach. If he can control Cutler somehow, the offense will be good.

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