Pete Carroll claims USC sanctions didn’t lead him to leave for Seattle


Pete Carroll says he wouldn’t be the coach of the Seahawks right now if he had known at the time he took the job that he was going to leave a mess behind at the University of Southern California.

Carroll says he would have stayed at USC and helped the football program rebuild if he had known that the NCAA was about to sanction the Trojans over rules violations related to Reggie Bush and his family. Carroll has been criticized by some for jumping ship to Seattle in January of 2010, just in time to avoid the sanctions the NCAA handed down five months later, but Carroll says he wouldn’t have accepted the job if he had known what the NCAA was about to do.

“The truth was, an opportunity came up and it was one I couldn’t turn away from,” Carroll told the Los Angeles Times. “. . . The NCAA came back at the university . . . ‘Now we’re going to revisit after five years.’ I had no knowledge that was coming. We thought maybe it wasn’t coming because they didn’t have anything to get us with. It wasn’t five days, it wasn’t five weeks. It was five years. Had we known that that was imminent . . . I would never have been able to leave under those circumstances. When I look back now, I would have stayed there to do what we needed to do to resolve the problem.”

Carroll still believes the NCAA made “a terrible error” by giving harsh sanctions to the USC football program.

“What I hope comes out of this is that this never happens to a university again,” he said. “I think it was extraordinarily overdone, an overreaction.”

USC has struggled to recover from those sanctions. Carroll, now a Super Bowl champion, is much better off in Seattle.

162 responses to “Pete Carroll claims USC sanctions didn’t lead him to leave for Seattle

  1. Lol, yeahhhhh right.

    The biggest fraud of a coach, that has cheated in the NCAA and asked his players to cheat in the NFL (I am sure, PED’s anyone?), expects us to believe that.

    He’s a good coach, but if he played it by the books he’s average at that… Got my laugh of the day.

  2. “USC has struggled to recover from those sanctions.” And there was also that Lane Kiffin thing, that once removed led to the team doing very well.

  3. He has company… with every other coach in these circumstances…

    He knows it’s BS.

    The reporter he told knew it was BS.

    We KNOW it’s BS.

    Life continues on…

    It isn’t like he may say “hell yeah I high tailed it out of there when they were about to get hit with the hammer… and I’d do it again too…”

  4. Another reason I don’t follow or watch NCAA sports — corruption and decisions that are only rationale in a Turkish insane asylum during World War I.

  5. Hard to believe Pete knew nothing, but as for Bush, he got only a fraction of what he deserved for the revenue he generated for USC and college football.

    Wanna avoid this scenario, find a way to compensate the worker/athletes in this capitalist utopia.

  6. It took the NCAA 5 years to come up with something. 5 years. And the people that suffered had absolutely nothing to do with Reggie Bush.

  7. The Minnesota Vikings are the greatest franchise in all of sports.

    The Seattle Seahawks are perennial losers.

    History says it all.


  8. what a bunch of haters. Not one of you has the capability to read another’s mind but you all talk as if you know what the man thinks, dreams, pees, etc. Get over it. The truth is that even if he had known (which there is absolutely no proof he did) that the sanctions were coming down, the sanctions in no way prove he was complicit or even aware of what was going on.
    If Pete had gone to your team instead of the Seahawks you all would be loving him to death.

  9. Go Vikings! The fans have nothing, their history says it all. Haunt every hawk thread. Ponder, Bustwater, freeman, Cassel, it doesn’t matter. Always hating. Best of luck in life with that. Our parties are better then anything in Minnesota.

  10. First things first. The NCAA behaved like the cowardly bullies they truly are by punishing USC and a bunch of kids who had nothing to do with that situation.

    Secondly, Carroll is a bad liar.

    Last, but certainly not least, I’m getting really tired of seeing asinine comments about the Vikings. C’mon man. if you have nothing coherent to say just shut the hell up. You’re making us REAL Vikings fans look bad!

  11. I would have a bit of respect for Pete if not for two things.

    1. That he would not bald face lie like he does here.
    2. That he would not show me the gum he is chewing every time his team does something good.

  12. Do you remember the scene in The Godfather where Michael is telling Kate that his father is an important man, like a President. ‘But Michael, Presidents dont have people killed.’ Michaels reply, ‘Now who’s being naive Kate?’ We would all have to be in a coma, to believe that big money sports is all puppy dogs and cotton candy. We got our 1st Lombardi a few months ago, I’m honored to have The Godfather as our head coach, wimps and half asses need not apply.

  13. They should put a sanction on all the whiney cry babies commenting on this thread.

    It’s sad that a guy who’s done as much as Pete as a coach and as a human has to be subject to all this junk. Keep on crying and Pete will keep on winning the right way. The NCAA is the one that should be ashamed of it’s self.

    Cry on crybabies. Cry on.

  14. And the Vikes remain one of NFLs few teams NEVER to have won a Super Bowl. Imagine that .. ineptitude personified. As for PC, he’s a businessman whose just better at it than most of those he’s competing against. Get over it, move on. He has.

  15. Vikings fans would be doing the belt buckle bob to Coach Carroll if he’d gone to Minnesota… instead they have nothing better to do than take to the keyboard and warrior it up, upset because of their own team’s failures…

    Viking fans just be mad that Pete and Schneider have pulled from the little talent Minnesota has had and turned the former Vikings into something they could never become in Minnesota, SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS.

  16. The NCAA conducted a 4-year investigation. 4 years! They decided that Reggie Bush had committed violations, long after he had gone to the pros. The sanctions were because of violations by Bush’s relatives. When the NCAA finished its investigation, Pete Carroll had been gone for 6 months., and the penalties were not yet determined.

    ALL people close to the situation, concluded that the NCAA would never have levied such stiff violations if it would not have been for Athletic Director Mike Garrett’s failure to even remotely cooperate with the NCAA investigators. Did Pete have some responsibility? Of course. He certainly should have known what Bush’s relatives were doing. (That’s because your boss at work knows precisely what your relatives are doing, right?) By the way, Pat Haden, the AD after Garrett, said on many occasions that Pete was not guilty of anything. But I am sure that you guys know much more than people close to the situation.

  17. Yeap Seattle win in 2013 but they want get it in 2014 because teams are going with younger players. That’s the only way Seattle got it in 2013, they had all young players how the NFL are changing it rebuilding with younger players now. So Seattle lets see what you guys going to do this year.

  18. I bet none of y’all can name 3 key starters that used PEDs on the Seahawks. Don’t give me that “Brandon Browner got suspended” he wasn’t a key starter and got burned daily. Thanks to him we found a gem in Maxwell. Only significant ones were Thurmond and Irvin but that was for marijuana. Plus the PED jokes are old.

  19. You could make the case that Chip Kelly did likewise except Teflon Oregon (Nike U) got off Scott free which they always seem to do. Money talks.

  20. Hmmmmmm…….. Pete, you’ve had your success in Seattle and we’re OK with that. What we don’t like, however, are coaches who lie in response to questions about their past. If you would’ve told the truth here, I think people would’ve looked at you more favorably.

  21. So, Pete claims he is the ONLY person in the country who didn’t know that the hammer was about to come down on USC?

  22. So Pete who is from California, did not take the Niner or Raider job which were open the year before he jumped ship to a “great job” in seattle.

  23. This issue is not interesting. What is interesting is Pete,s approach in coaching the Seahawks and gathering a better roster this year than he had last year. Jacksonville is going to improve by simply picking off those players who fail to make the 53 man Seahawk squad. Carroll’s approach to practice, competition and toward the player’s best interest is unique and should be reviewed by the other 31 nfl teams. There is a reason why both Sherman and Thomas have stated the practices are much more intense than what they experience in games. Pete will exceed the number of super bowls won by others by the time he is done.

  24. See? All you haters thought he ducked out of USC. Now we know it was simply the opportunity to create a dynasty in the making.

  25. Didn’t Terrell Pryor get policed by the NFL for things he did in college? It seems Carroll would have too… Maybe its just cuz he was a RAIDER.

  26. Sometimes these guys need to learn to just shut up. Everyone knows that’s why he left. Another sucka who thinks people are stupid trying at history revision.

  27. I didnt know he doubled as a comedian in the offseason…awesome joke cheat pete plz give us more hahahahahahahahaha

  28. Wow it’s amazing that USC still makes people this emotional. Haha @ all you people getting all worked up over this. The NCAA had a 5 year investigation. 5 freaking years. So in year one, Pete said, let me stick around. And then did so in year 2,3,4 and then 5 years later said “oh the NCAA is gonna hit us with a unprecedented penalty for what a penalty not tied back to the school let me go take over a NFL team that’s conveniently going to get me control off the franchise right at the perfect time. Cause everybody has to wait 5 years to get hit with sanctions!!!! Ridiculous!

  29. HAHA, look at all the hating trolls on here… First off, you have no clue what Carroll knew, or didn’t know at the time he left to come to Seattle. All you can do is assume, and then blurt out your idiotic opinion. Second, how does Reggie Bush taking money from college boosters qualify Pete Carroll as a cheater??? LOL!!! I also see one guy still yapping about how Carroll made his players take PED’s. Yeah, I’m sure that was the case bro, LOL. That said, we could use the same line about any NFL coach who’s players have tested positive for PED’s. Larry Grant tested positive while on the 49ers… I guess in your world Hairball is a cheating coach as well, HA!!!

  30. Is there anybody, with more than 3 brain cells, that actually believes Carroll is telling the truth? I don’t know how anybody can believe anything Sleazy Pete says.

  31. Pete Carroll never cheated in the NCAA.

    One of his players, Reggie Bush, accepted a rental-free house from a pro agent, and Bush’s parents were staying there, then Bush refused to pay the guy back. How is that cheating in a football game? It’s funny watching people do the logical stretch because their brain can’t handle the thought that Pete Carroll OWNS the NFL, and that their favorite team is scrambling to COPY HIM.

    But I do love the hate. The champagne is flowing heavy in the Emerald City, and it’s all brotherly love in the streets of Seattle. You know you can’t beat us, so you may as well join us. Come hoist this Lombardi with us, scream your throat bloody, and share a cold Mac & Jack’s!

    The 12th Man
    Loudest Fans in the World
    “Blue and Green ’til I die!”


  32. Everybody knows how it really works: When the high- profile programs like Texas, USC, Michigan, Ohio St, ect, ect get caught cheating, they get a slap on the wrist, because they generate the most revenue for the NCAA, but if any of the lower profile programs do anything dirty, they get hung out to dry and made an example of, so that the NCAA can retain it’s illusion of credibility…

  33. What did college football learn from the USC situation? If a parent accepts free rent and/or other items of value and it can be traced back to use by the athlete than you are screwed. But, if the parent accepts cash only (Cam Newton’s Dad), pays the rent themselves, and buys the items themselves that is just fine even if it traced back to the athlete.

    There is a reason the NCAA is about to be blown up by it’s Athletes.

    How in the hell could Carroll have know if the investigation would end that year, or ever? It had been going on for years with nothing happening.

  34. There are two things I give daily thanks for:

    (1) My good health.
    (2) Not being a Vikings fan. What a sad and woeful fate that would be!

  35. Umm, the reason why he didn’t accept the niner or raider job….. Not as good a opportunity as Seattle. Do the math. One Super Bowl and the best team in the nfl. He’s doing the same thing that he did at usc

  36. If he keeps this up, he will be guaranteed a job in the Obama Administration. The ability to lie with a straight face is just the entry level job requirement, but lying when the obvious is well established and lying when the stakes are high, those are senior level job requirements.

  37. It all worked out somewhat well in the end. We got Pete Carroll, and Los Angeles got Jim L. Mora!

  38. Yes, I believe Pete Carroll, because he’s a friend of a friend and I happen to know he was looking for the right situation in the NFL at that time. He found it, he won, and now all you have left is your jealousy.

  39. Pete all I care about is your ours now and we are Super Bowl CHAMPS!!!! Hate on that haters!!!! Pete is the man!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!!!

  40. To all of the fans of a team yet to win a SuperBowl, I hope you experiance it in your lifetime, just not my lifetime. A fan since Coach Patera, just a kid in Idaho when we got a team in Seattle. I still celebrate our victory, every Sunday, today included. I live in the deep south now, they call me Champ when I go in the store down the road. A guy came up to me probably 24 yrs old and said, ‘I remember coming in this store when I was a kid, you were the only Seahawk fan I had ever seen.’ Hate us all you want, but many Seahawk fans passed without seeing us hold the Lombardi, we arent going away anytime soon.

  41. PCarroll is of very low character (trying to be nice)

    it is a shame the NFL rewards guys like him that cheat and then run off to a new payday leaving damage to others in their wake

  42. The selfishness of Reggie Bush is what led to the downfall st USC. All he had to do was repay the money he borrowed while he was a student. When he signed his rookie contract with the saints he chose not to go with the agents that lent him the money & also chose not to repay the roughly $400k he borrowed. That’s how this while scandal came to light in the 1st place is when those agents decided to sue him for their money. As a Seahawk fan I’ll be the 1st to admit i was not happy when hired him but its hard to argue against the hire now. I know the haters are gonna hate but if you’re a USC fan its Bush that should get the blame. Also, USC didn’t help themselves by hiring Lane Kiffin. The guy’s a joke with much worse ethics than Carroll & hadn’t dine anything to earn the high profile jobs he’s been given. Another example of blatant nepotism.

  43. Reggie Bush deservedly got punished. Pete Carroll is deservedly getting punished in the court of public opinion. None of this changes the fact that the NCAA is a complete joke. Zero accountability, zero consistency=zero credibility.

  44. Does this guy ever stop joking?! Lol……..I’m sorry. ….I’ve just been informed that he said that with a straight face. Ugh. Pete the Cheat strikes again! #abovereproach

  45. You all wish he was your coach! So do the pros too-according to a recent nfl players poll where he was chosen as the coach most players want to play for. Jealous….

  46. Why even bother with such an obvious lie? Just Google “Peter Carroll leaves USC” – every news report from back in Jan 2010 mentioned the NCAA investigation, usually in the first or second sentence, and noted that NCAA sanctions were expected to be handed down soon. And numerous opinion pieces noted that Carroll was leaving a mess which his successor would have to clean up.

    The guy’s a fine NFL head coach who just won the Super Bowl, and I’ve liked him since his days as the 49ers defensive coordinator. But there’s always been a little bit of weasel and a lot of denial in that personality, which usually show up in that order.

  47. What a scum bag. If he thinks people are really going to believe this nonsense then he’s out of his mind. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was bailing right when his job was about to go in the crapper. What a jerk. this is why I can’t stand this guy. Bails on a bunch of kids after he screwed them and making them pay for it. I’ll never have respect for this guy.

  48. Pete Carroll is a stand-up guy. I am so glad he made the decision he did and now coaches my favorite team. He is obviously the best coach in football right now and that is always going to attract a lot of jealousy.

    Speaking of jealousy, what’s up with all these Vikings ‘fans’ spewing garbage on every Seahawks thread? Don’t like being a farm team? Oh well, maybe next decade…

    And get ready for more pain when Percy Harvin is an MVP candidate next year. How will anyone stop the Seahawks?

  49. Anyone defending Carroll saying we don’t know what he did, is a joke – yeah you don’t know but truth is he didn’t have control over his team. Kind of like seattle which has turned into PED University:

    This leads right back to what could be the smoking gun in Pete Carroll’s hand — per the same report, Carroll was going out of his way to try and provide internships, and possible agent opportunities, outside the NCAA’s preferred ways of doing things. With two marketing agents involved, it’s not known whether Carroll’s involvement led directly to any hiring or possible illegal agent communication. But the larger issue expressed by the NCAA — a lack of institutional control — seems to have this at its root.
    One wonders how the Seahawks, who chased and caught Carroll to run their franchise with all the ardor they could muster, feel about their new head man right about now. Perhaps it will be water under the bridge to them, as it will no doubt be to most of the team’s fans. But if there’s isn’t a higher level of “institutional control” around Carroll than there was at his last job — well, the Seahawks should look into that.

  50. I just stopped by to read the silly jealous comments by viking customers including one attempting to fake being a fan of a rival.

    It sad when they don’t respect success and try to pull others down to their level.

    Coach Carroll had good timing but it was before anything official happened. There is plausible deniability.

    Why get angry because everything went very well for him? Nothing is going to happen.

  51. Damn! Another oversized steak put down, grilled prawns, and a half case of imported beer that a 49’er fan can’t afford due to state taxes. I woke up this morning, my team were the SB champs. I go to bed tonight, we are still the champs. I wake up in the morning, call in a vaycay day, because Damn, we are the SB champs! Doesnt get much better than this. About to make love to my wife who is 15 yrs younger than me, because Damn, I’m a SuperBowl champ!

  52. Big fun about Pete, when his lips moves and he smiles, the dude is lying. Would love to play poker with him. He is so readable.

  53. After so many years there is finally a penalty a month after pete left. He knew about it. Hes a shady coach you cant put your finger on it like billlicheat. Aparently cheaters do win…… much for the youth of today.

  54. ddunk7 says:
    Jun 8, 2014 9:30 PM
    You all wish he was your coach! So do the pros too-according to a recent nfl players poll where he was chosen as the coach most players want to play for. Jealous….


    I’d wish he was my coach if I could get away with anything including taking PED’s, getting illegal money, etc…

    I bet Aaron Hernandez would love working for this guy, he’d still be trying to find a way to get him paid and allow him to play…

  55. YOU LIAR!!!
    Tell that to the many moms of college players that committed to you and the school. You lying cheater. And the biggest phony ever. Your assistant coaches won the Super Bowl for Seattle

  56. andreweac says:
    Jun 8, 2014 6:29 PM
    Another reason I don’t follow or watch NCAA sports — corruption and decisions that are only rationale in a Turkish insane asylum during World War I.
    random ole reference.

  57. You know, I didn’t realize that so many people were so intimately knowledgeable about this entire situation. It’s easy to judge someone, especially when you don’t know the entire story. However, I think it’s time that the NCAA stop penalizing an entire program just because a couple of students or boosters made a huge mistake. Those directly involved should bear the weight of those penalties, and if I was a head coach of the football program and realized that the school was about to be made an example out of, I think I would prefer to work in a place where accountability is on a person-to-person basis rather than penalizing a lot of other innocent people because of a few that break the rules. The University of Washington football program was hit hard with sanctions in the early 90s because one kid, Billy Joe Hobart, took money from a booster. Don James, the then head coach of the Huskies, felt that the NCAA made an example of the Washington program and hit the program with hard sanctions. Nobody ran a cleaner program then Don James, yet the powers that be treated him like he was a criminal. I realized that it’s part of the system, and if you want to be a part of that system, you have to abide by its decisions and its rulings; but just because those are the rules doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be adjusted. I don’t believe Pete Carroll did anything wrong, but if he did leave because the ship was sinking, so be it. I wouldn’t want to coach a team at a program where the boosters can’t keep their hands off the players. There’s just too much money and power in what was supposed to be amateur sports. Now they’re talking about unionizing the athletes and paying players… I want nothing to do with that.. At least professional football admits it’s all about the money. College football likes to pretend that there are student athletes playing sports when we all know that a large percentage of those athletes are there simply to play ball and have no intention of utilizing a free education to do something significant after or instead of an athletic career. Just saying. Don’t judge unless you’ve walked a mile in someone’s shoes.

  58. This is only the beginning Seattle fans. It’s hard to win the first one… It’s harder to win the second. Your team will be attacked from every direction now.

  59. rufusporter says:
    Jun 8, 2014 10:21 PM
    Pete Carroll is a stand-up guy. I am so glad he made the decision he did and now coaches my favorite team. He is obviously the best coach in football right now and that is always going to attract a lot of jealousy.

    Speaking of jealousy, what’s up with all these Vikings ‘fans’ spewing garbage on every Seahawks thread? Don’t like being a farm team? Oh well, maybe next decade…

    And get ready for more pain when Percy Harvin is an MVP candidate next year. How will anyone stop the Seahawks?


    The Seahawks are a great team, but one Super Bowl doesn’t make a dynasty. Every team starts at 0-0. Winning from that spot is hard. Good luck.

  60. @scoob766

    In case it wasn’t clear to you already here’s an fyi just for your own knowledge. The head coach of an NFL team doesn’t run the organization. In most cases its the GM along with the director of player personnel among other front office suits. Just as at the college level its the athletic director that makes all final decisions & who’s responsibility it is to maintain institutional control. To think that any major NCAA team doesn’t at least bend or break the rules is just massively naive. I also totally agree with one of the above commenters that the NCAA is a total joke. They don’t have their own investigators that oversee every school. They rely on the media to pick & choose arbitrarily which schools they want to investigate.

  61. It WAS extraordinarily over done…. and for what? Cuz the USC boosters hooked Bush up with gifts?. The guy made some money off his own name. Whooptie doooo. It’s happening all over the country. Even in high schools. It’s not a perfect world. At least no one was molesting kids like Penn state.

  62. I like Carroll. He’s crazy if he thinks anyone believes he didnt jump the ship though.

  63. For all you haters out there, start directing your anger towards the NCAA Gestapo. Those are the real liars and cheats, and they are the one who imposed the rules that don’t allow so-called student-athletes to earn a “legal” buck. The NCAA Gestapo needs to be completely abolished and destroyed–they are the root of all evil in college sports. And, seriously, rent money is a crime? Really? And who’s paying for your honky butt?

  64. His NFL bounty program makes Greg Williams look like Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood.

  65. “Carroll, now a Super Bowl champion, is much better off in Seattle”.
    Reggie Bush also, is a Super Bowl winner, so no one cares about the NCAA ruling now accept the USC crowd. Tragic that it left their program in shambles when the perpetrators were gone.

  66. It’s in the past. It’s what he’s done now and has in the works that matters. IDGAF, he brought the 1st Lombardi Trophy to Seattle.

  67. It trips me out how money was going to exchange hands whether Pete Carroll was coach or not. So many people make him carry the cross though. To rake Pete over the coals for wrongs that other men did is pretty mind blowing. You never see the hate on Reggie Bush. You never see the hate on the program and it’s boosters. These are the people responsible for it.

  68. I forgot all you guys were there! Name a big time college that’s sanction free… Ohio, Miami, UW, Oregon, etc. You aren’t going to be able to monitor 70 plus college athletes 24-7.

  69. Pete the cheat has sunk to a new low.

    Hard to believe anyone could go any lower, but he did.

  70. FINE!!!!!!! Lol. Guess he’s a liar and his assistant coach won the Super Bowl for him. Lol. Who hired them? Part of your job is to make sure there is a progression plan to be left in your absence. Nice comment. Lol. Chances are pretty good you think that way it’s going to get you one step closer to shift lead at mcdonalds!

  71. We all know Pete Carroll is a phony. Why should anyone care what he says. People like him think they’re great when really they are a piece of crap.

  72. That jerk’s ego is so big that he is feeding the public Bullcrap and expects them to think it’s caviar….. LIAR!!!

  73. Proves his allegiance to Seattle. Not only helped the Hawks but the Dawgs as well.

  74. two things:
    first, pete carroll is a better coach than he is a liar. why he would even say this is silly. but everyone not in seattle knows it isn’t true.

    second, all the folks posting “we are super bowl champs”- no, your team is the super bowl champ. their accomplishment has nothing to do with you, despite the flag at your rainy stadium.

  75. It’s too bad he’s succeeded in the NFL because this guy (and anyone willing to leave after lying and cheating) is part of the problem in NCAA and NFL.

    These leagues need to work together to make sure what Pete Carroll did is impossible. Like, if a program is found guilty of a severe violation, the coach is immediately dismissed and banned for 5 years in both leagues…

  76. As a USC fan, I do believe him. I also think though that had there not been pending sanctions Seattle wouldn’t have seen the moment of weakness and be able to pounce and pry him away. I think almost any head coach at that level has an ego and I think with his success at USC it was inevitable he left at some point, but the pending sanctions, Seattle saw an opening and went all in.

    That being said, it still pisses me off whenever I see these other programs do something similar or worse and get nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

  77. The selective outrage over this topic never gets old. Anyone who thinks good ol’ Nicky Saban down at Bama doesn’t grease wheels is an idiot.

    And anyone who seriously thinks Carroll left USC in shambles needs to remember two words: Reggie Bush.

    Get over it people.

  78. Pete Carroll is classless and now he’s a transparent liar. This is a guy who allowed agents in the locker room and on the practice field. But he didn’t expect any sanctions? Yeah right. Carroll knew exactly what was coming so he bailed. He is the John Calipari of NCAA football.

  79. Just when I thought I couldn’t like Pete Carroll any less, he opens his mouth again and says something stupid.

  80. thefirstsmilergrogan says: Jun 9, 2014 8:26 AM

    two things:
    first, pete carroll is a better coach than he is a liar. why he would even say this is silly. but everyone not in seattle knows it isn’t true.

    second, all the folks posting “we are super bowl champs”- no, your team is the super bowl champ. their accomplishment has nothing to do with you, despite the flag at your rainy stadium.
    You mad bro?

  81. Mike Zimmer has 100x the class Pete Carroll does.


    Lol who is Zimmer and what has he done as a Head Coach and no matter what you say ask Denver if the Seahawks dont have a Lombardis Trophy!

  82. Get used to it Seattle. When you’re far-and-above the best team in the league, everyone wants to knock you off the mountain.

    Love the haters. They make winning that much more fun.

  83. Cheat Carroll at his finest. On a side note, I think the Seahawks now have more bandwagon fans then the Saints post Katrina. Stay Classy.

  84. One of the mother of all coincidences. Cheat Carroll would fit right in to the $ECheat conference. Cheat Kelly pulled a Carroll and Nike kept (bought) the NCAA from punishing the krap out of them. He’s still a d-bag at Seattle. I remember the way he ran around like a little kid after the refs gave him a non deserving “win” against the Packers…..the last team to win at Seattle.

  85. Wisdoms….My mother have always taught me; if you didn’t see it happened or heard it from the source…. Keep your mouth close! Accusation is not proof…

    Pete Carroll is alright by me! XLIX… 🙂 12

  86. I love the Seattle fans getting all giddy about winning one super bowl/nfl championship. Win 12 more and you’ll have the same as the Packers already do!

  87. I always disliked him and that school, but…

    He deserved to leave and come back to the NFL. He did a great job at USC during his time there. He had nothing left to prove.

    Any coach, in their right mind, would leave a college program/job, to become an NFL head coach…especially in a great city, out where he wanted to be, and with great people, of whom he obviously trusted.

    I see no story here anymore. No reason to keep bringing it up, as it’s ultimately doing a great disservice for those who are at USC and trying to turn things around.

    Everyone is better off right where they’re at. The NCAA. The NFL. Carroll and USC.

    Why not talk about Harbaugh leaving? Sure there were no sanctions, but he didn’t stay to see through what he built either. It can go both ways for a lot of coaches, look at Chip Kelly, Greg Schiano…I could even point the finger at Doug Marrone and Syracuse. But, they all wanted, were offered and deserved promotions for the work they’d done…how can we fault them?

    We can’t, we’d all make the same choice.

  88. LOL. Pete should hav kept his mouth shut. Didn’t know about the sanctions? Really? What a bold-faced lie.

    There were bears in the woods that knew about the coming sanctions.

    This is one of those cases where it would have been better for Carroll to keep his mouth shut and let people assume that he’s a cheat and a liar, than to open his mouth and confirm it.

    Way. to go Pete

  89. Whenever I’m feeling down I just hop on to any NFL-related website and bask in the hatred of my 2014 World Champion Seattle Seahawks. Always good for a laugh. I wonder if the haters realize how pathetic they look, groveling in front of us while spewing their childish “insults” and accusations of cheating. It’s a laugh riot.

    Actually, I take that back. I never feel down. The Emerald City is flush with cash, with the brightest minds and freshest culture, great music, great beer, great people, great outdoors. When I’m not dining on fresh dungeness crab and oysters with my hot tattooed roackabilly girlfriend, you can find me driving my brand-new Tesla Model S through the mountains, or sharing investment tips with my other millionaire friends. It gets boring after a while being this successful. Sometimes, I go down to Vegas and drop a few thousand on the Browns to win the Superbowl, just to keep things interesting. The Emerald City is so full of WIN that we buy NBA teams with pocket change just for laughs. Just to let the rest of you know that all your bases are belong to us.

    It must suck to live in Santa Clara and be forced to brag about the glory days of the 1980’s, watching reruns of football games on VHS with your burnout uncle who still thinks Springsteen is cool and wears a mullet. Then watch Gonzo the Clown sign a long-term contract, knowing deep down in the pit of your gut that your window just closed. Ditto that for all you other fans. Your teams all just spent the draft trying to mimic Pete Carroll and you can’t stand it. You know you’re going to have to keep watching us win and you hate us for it.


  90. No one on here really knows what happened. Me I think he knew they were in trouble and bailed to greener pastures leaving USC to pick up the pieces. I also think almost every other coach would have also done that.

  91. the funniest parts about these comments are the Seahawks fans and their use of the word Dynasty.

  92. For all those righteous Seahawk fans who defend Carrol. Just google Cheat Carrol. It’s pretty obvious when google has a whole search result for the “innocent”

  93. Carroll is a cheater, plain and simple. Props for getting a Super Bowl, but a cheater in college. No respect for the guy. Keep smiling Carroll, you’ve “earned” all you’ve got.

  94. Nice PIC.. Taken right AFTER the immaculate deception or when he found out the NCAA had discovered his indiscretions. He is and always will be CHEAT PERIL. AKA The Coward! Run Coward Run!! Feel bad for Reggie having to give back his Heisman… Cheat doesn’t, look at the photo. Caption:Aw Geez,sorry Reg!

  95. The Emerald City is so full of WIN that we buy NBA teams with pocket change just for laughs. Just to let the rest of you know that all your bases are belong to us.

    Steve Bal(sack)mer buying the Clippers does not equate to a Seattle NBA franchise. The Clips are still in LA and the Sonics are still in OKC! Besides Kevin Durant is a DIE HARD BLEEDS BURGUNDY AND GOLD REdskins fan

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