Sam Bradford doing more than expected at Rams’ OTAs


So many NFL players recovering from injuries in recent years have boasted that they’re “ahead of schedule” that it sometimes seems like it’s time to change the schedule. But Rams quarterback Sam Bradford does appear to be ahead of schedule in his recovery from a torn ACL.

Bradford is doing more than he was expected to do at the Rams’ Organized Team Activities, participating in not just seven-on-seven but also running the two-minute offense in 11-on-11, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Bradford is reportedly scrambling to avoid pressure and completing good deep passes.

Although Bradford is wearing a brace on his left knee, he otherwise appears to be all the way back, less than eight months after his injury.

Now the question facing the Rams is whether Bradford can turn into the franchise quarterback they drafted him to be, and they’re paying him to be. And then whether Bradford can stay healthy for 16 games.

29 responses to “Sam Bradford doing more than expected at Rams’ OTAs

  1. He’s already back to throwing his normal soaring 5 yard bombs down the field. Lookin’ good!

  2. Every year I am more convinced this guy should have been a 3rd round pick at best. I wish him luck but somehow I just don’t see it ever coming together for him. Even having had more than enough time to develop, he’s just not that good.

  3. Bradford should wear a ski mask everyday he reports to work…Simply stealing money.

  4. I think Bradford and the Rams will have a decent season this year. Being in a tough division can’t help but to make you a better team.

    To date Bradford’s numbers haven’t been stellar, but I think he takes the Rams to the playoffs.

    18-30 W-L
    59 TD to 30 INT
    79 Rating

  5. Even the Raiders were smart to get rid of Russell after 3 years. What will it take for the Rams to finally realize that dude they’ve paid like a king for 4 years will never amount to anything more than a backup QB?

  6. 6 years 78million 50m gtd

    I have never seen a Quarterback and number 1 pick with his production receive less scrutiny than this guy.

  7. So many people write knee-jerk comments based on group-think soundbites instead of reality. Here’s the reality. Last year before his injury, and with the first halfway decent OL in front of him (in 2009-2012 the Rams’ OL was abysmal), Bradford completed 60.7% of his passes, with 14 TDs, only 4 INTs, and a passer rating of 90.9. Those aren’t elite stats, of course, but they show that Bradford was on an strong upward trajectory. If his performance this season continues along that trajectory, then we won’t have to read many more “Bradford sux!!!” comments.

  8. Are those really his legs in that pic? Damn… my calves look better than that and I haven’t worked out for almost 20 years.

  9. It’s too bad that this bum washes out after this season. The lambs may find a real QB and I like them just fine with this truck.
    Go Hawks!

  10. Took over a franchise that had the worst five year run in the history of the NFL (not Detroit, not Tampa Bay, not Cincinnati) at 15-65, including 1-15 the year before, and had them playing for a playoff spot in the last game. He’s been hurt twice…a high ankle sprain on a hit by Clay Matthews in 2011 and the cheap shot by Mike Mitchell last season. And he was on pace for 34 touchdowns and 9 picks when he got hurt last year. There are ten teams in the league that would pick him up in a blink if he got cut.

  11. I’m a big Rams fan.. And I like Sam. I like everybody on my team.. But these Sam comments for FUNNY.!!! Lol..

    & Ps Facts.. Sam is 7th in Play Action passes over 30yards in the NFL. Stat wise..

  12. Decent football player who has had a few injuries,bad ol,not many weapons and a over rated head coach..seems to me he is just about where he should be in terms of progression

  13. Idiots on this board, Bradford is 5-2-1 in his last 8 games against the NFC west, In 2012 he was the 7th rated deep passer in the league, Chris Givens set a rookie record by having 5-6 games with a 50 yard catch, I guess those were all 45 yac per play lol. Bradford is better than quite a few starting qbs in this league and if he stays healthy he will throw 30 td passes this year

  14. If Bradford can stay on his pins, the Rams will be a factor in the NFC West this year. Even without him they have given the Seahawks fits over the last couple of years; played them very, very tough. They already had a good D, and it got better in the draft.

    That said, Bradford staying healthy seems to be a very big “if”. He may be a trifle too fragile to play in the NFCW.

  15. Rams fans say “but last year he was on pace for blah blah blah and had a 93 qb rating”. He didn’t finish the season again !! “he doesn’t have any weapons” Thats what excuse Skins used for Jason Campbell… Face it, he is a bust. (Mediocre and injury prone) Rams deserve better at QB.

  16. Only issue with Bradford is health, he has produced his last 20 starts, but yes his health is an issue. I think he is better than Jason Campbell geez, this is his year to shut people up

  17. Sean Lee should have been wearing a knee brace like the one in the photo but amazingly he wasn’t wearing one at all when he was injured during OTAs. That’s with a history of knee injuries too.

  18. Seahawk fan here who sure as hell respects the Rams. This division is a meat-grinder. If we get past the Rams, Cards and Niners, it’s because we would have earned it. You guys were a tough out for us last season, and you’ll be even TOUGHER for us next season.

  19. Exactly, in 4 games against the rams Wilson was sacked 20 times, hawks are better but we are closing the gap

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