Andrew Luck proclaims Reggie Wayne “a freak” after ACL recovery


The Colts are holding receiver Reggie Wayne out of Organized Team Activities, but quarterback Andrew Luck says he’s already seen enough to know that Wayne will be as good as new when the season starts.

“His attitude is awesome,” Luck said, via Mike Wells of “He’s around, he’s coaching, he’s talking football. I feel like I know Reggie. He’s going to be back better than ever doing things that the 35-plus years olds shouldn’t be allowed to do on this earth. He’s a freak.”

Wayne tore his ACL eight months ago, and two months ago he proclaimed himself “way ahead of schedule.” And the Colts have said he’s medically ready to go.

Still, Colts coach Chuck Pagano is stressing the importance of caution with Wayne’s knee. Wayne will continue to sit out OTAs, and even when he takes the field in training camp, he may be limited. We might not get to see how much of a freak Wayne really is until September.

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  1. Definitely not a Colts fan, but I have really enjoyed watching Reggie’s class on and off the field. I hope we makes a full and speedy recovery before the start of the season.

  2. Reggie is THE MAN!! On and off the field. Anyone who says otherwise is just plain ignorant


  3. Success breeds jealousy. And based upon some of these comments…there are some jealous people on this board!

  4. Reggie, TY Hilton, Hakeem Nicks, Dwayne Allen, Coby Fleener, Vic Ballard, Amhad Bradshaw, Luck’s got some people to throw to. Need the D to step up and the Colts head to the Super Bowl beating Manning along the way.

  5. If everyone comes back from an ACL ahead of schedule, shouldn’t we revise the schedule?

  6. I don’t know. RGIII rushing back is a good counter-example to AP. Wayne could be ready, or could be making a big mistake that will end his career. Let’s hope Luck is right.

  7. Why all the hate? Wayne has always been a stud! On & off the field! Much like AP, both are tremendous athletes & great for the sport! Yet, there are always people on here making PED comments and sounding foolish! As if the receivers and running backs on their favorite teams are eating and drinking from a different table!

  8. I’m glad they are being cautious (or at least paying lip service to caution). This is great news (for Wayne/Colts and football in general), but his age is a concern along with the knee. Ease him back in–there’s a good supporting cast so that he doesn’t need to carry the receiving corps any more.
    There aren’t too many AP rapid recovery stories stories for a reason–RGIII is a counter-example, as well as Reggie’s old pal Edgerrin James–blew out knee in week six (after averaging 100 YPG in his first 38 games), returned for the first game the next season, and he battled through the season dinged up, but was not quite the same. Ever. Despite a couple 1,500 yard seasons afterwards. Easier to do when you’re 23 than 35. Of course young RB’s get battered a lot more than crafty old WRs. I’d love to see Reggie hoist the Lombardi once more.

  9. if Reggie is back in good shape he will make a major difference. They will be tough to beat. Howver, I think as we have seen many times, even a successfull comeback from ACL surgery struggles in year 1. Reggie will likely be good, but not great. TY Hilton will be better too.

    They will be hard to stop this year.

  10. Da’Rick Rogers is a freak too…He just doesn’t have much of a brain. Lol.

    Seriously though, good for Reggie Wayne…always liked his game, and I hope he makes a full recovery and wins a ring.

    There’s not much to dislike about the Colts.

  11. Funny reading how the Colts fans are excited about Reggie Wayne and crew, but whenever Luck struggled in the past all I heard was, “He was no one to throw to.” Ha! Keep making excuses for your golden boy.

  12. Does anybody find it odd that it was Luck’s inaccurate pass that ultimately resulted in RW blowing out his knee?

  13. Suggesting HGH has nothing to do with Reggie Wayne personally and everything to do with the likelyhood that 80% or more of the league has done HGH. Why do you think they have no interesting in actually testing for it?

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