D.J. Hayden may be out until camp


When Raiders cornerback D.J. Hayden popped up in a walking boot last week, coach Dennis Allen said he didn’t think the injury was anything too serious.

It doesn’t appear that there’s any change to that prognosis, but whatever’s bothering Hayden may be enough to keep the second-year player from practicing fully until the team gets to training camp. Hayden was still in the boot on Monday and Allen said that he didn’t know whether or not the cornerback would be able to return to the field before the Raiders wrap up their offseason work.

“It’s hard to tell,” Allen said, via the Bay Area News Group. “Initially I was hopeful of (a quick return). Hopefully we’ll have him out here, because he needs the work.”

Hayden missed spring work last year after abdominal surgery and then missed the final eight games of last season with a groin injury. Hayden has been pencilled into a starting cornerback spot across from Tarell Brown with Carlos Rogers in the slot, but Hayden will have to get on the field and show the team he’s capable of doing the job to put that in ink.

20 responses to “D.J. Hayden may be out until camp

  1. “Hayden has been pencilled into a starting cornerback spot”
    Sadly,the pencil is needed due to his injuries and not his ability to play the game. He’s a critical piece to the puzzle and he’s got to be involved if the defense takes the next positive step. Have to wonder if he has always had a history of injuries or if that has changed dramatically since he had the nasty artery injury at UH.

  2. The raiders continue to prove why they are the joke of the nfl.hot garbage team a bunch overrated signings of players past their prime.theres a reason the vikings are superior to other franchises.SKOL

  3. Next on America’s Most Fragile, we have a wheelchair race between Darren McFadden, DJ Hayden and The Glassman from Unbreakable.

  4. Biggest mistake McKenzie ever made.Big addition to his IR allstar team. But what can you expect when you recruit from a hospital ward. Can’t even trade him, he never plays.

  5. McKenzie deserves credit for what looks like a very good 2014 draft. But he equally deserves blame for the disaster the 2013 draft appears to be.

  6. I’ve been a Raider since 74 and I don’t think Reggie McKinzie is a good fit or Dennis Allen…. I want them to GET!

  7. All I know is that if Hayden doesnt pan out and is made of glass and Menelik Watson isnt healthy, the loss of those 2 picks, even though Menelik was a freebie in essence, is a multi year setback for the Raiders once again. Reggie has made some great moves, many actually, since getting here but picking a project, 2 projects for that matter was dumb when you are rebuilding. Both these guys better get their act together.

  8. Ya Reggie should have known that a freak heart injury means the player will have weak ankles.

  9. Nobody cares about Raides that is until Niners come to Oakland. Are you taking the tarps down when the Niner Empire comes over to beat you down?


  10. well i was willing to blow off one year, but not two with this kid….I hope he is healthy for camp and is a stud….same can be said for bergstrom, and watson….but really can’t see where bergstrom is in the plan anymore with howard, jackson, and mady.
    Haters are going to hate regardless. but really need to see these guys contribute

  11. I would have never guessed that K. Mack was going to be a bust, but then the Raiders done picked him.

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