Daniel Snyder hires lobbyist to defend team name

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With 50 Senators recently urging the NFL to force the franchise owned by Daniel Snyder to change its name, Snyder realizes that he needs someone to use someone other than president and G.M. Bruce Allen and/or Twitter to deliver the team’s message to Senators, Congresspeople, and other interested politicians.

As first reported by Politico, the team has hired the law firm of McGuireWoods to lobby on its behalf.  Former Virginia governor George Allen, Bruce’s brother, previously worked for that firm.

The official disclosure form indicates that the firm has been hired to conduct “discussions of team origins, history and traditions, Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and youth sports, activities of Original Americans’ Foundation.”

In other words, the firm has been to take some steam out of the effort among politicians to change the team name — even though the team has acted like any and all political pressure to change its name has had no impact on the team’s steadfast refusal to consider a name change.

Bottom line?  The letter signed by 50 Senators found the nerve in third molar with Snyder and company, who are now setting up yet another front in the ever-growing battle to keep the name in place.

95 responses to “Daniel Snyder hires lobbyist to defend team name

  1. Start with the packers name,they should call them the charity case the nfl exempts them from every rule just to keep them afloat financially!

  2. Good. You’ll also now see how ‘important’ of an issue this was to those 50 senators.

    (spoiler: they don’t really care, and can be bought off easily.)

  3. Haha support them all you want homeboy;It will happen. It will happen, no matter if you or the whole “state” of Washington D.C. wants it to happen. It’s coming and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  4. When you have to hire a firm to tell people you don’t have a problem, you have a problem.

  5. The NFL wants to leave Buffalo for any other large market so teams can afford lobbyists for ridiculous reasons.

    Give it up.

    Change the name.

    Make more merchandising money.

  6. We might as well force Dick Enberg to change his name, because the term dick can be used in a derogatory way and is done so way more often than the term redskin. It is all about CONTEXT and while the word could possibly be used to hurt someone’s feelings, in this case that wasn’t at all intended and people need to stop seeing in only black and white.

  7. As someone of some native american descent, I can honestly say the name doesn’t bug me. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s specifically derogatory slang. I find it much more offensive that Snyder tries to make it sound like it’s celebratory of native americans, when it’s just an ill-advised brand name.

  8. This is all done so Dan can say, “Someone else is handling that.” when questioned by the press.

  9. The redskins shouldn’t have to go through so much hassle to defend something thats only an issue because the media has made it one. The government needs to mind their own dam business and worry about the issues that are destroying this country. If this really is stag a big issue they should poll 1000 native Americans how they feel about the name. Not a bunch of white guys who are only offended because others aren’t offended.

  10. The only word that will end this controversy is changing the name. It’s no longer a question of whether, only when.

  11. Good leave the name alone, these politicians are doing such a crappy job running the government, they are trying to use stories like this to take our attention away form that. Fix the nations problems, don’t create problems.

  12. I don’t necessarily want the name to change, but Dan Snyder fails to see that despite his efforts, this isn’t going anywhere. Its reached a point to where the only way this concludes is for the name to change.

    The question that remains is; how long will Snyder continue to fight it, and how much will it hurt him in the end?

  13. I thought the twitter campaign was a success? Isn’t that what the team said?

  14. I am offended by the San Diego Padres name. We all know Padre is father in Spanish or whatever, but does this nickname only represent Latino fathers? What about non father Latinos, how should they feel? Ditto for fathers who are non Latino.

  15. Not one of you honestly thinks it’s ok to walk up to a Native American and call him a redskin..

    Yeah, and a rebel flag is about tradition. Morons.

  16. I truly believe all the “sensitive people in this country” are the conservatives who act so tuff on the internet

  17. I remember this PC stuff from the 90s. I guess history repeats itself. When bell bottoms came back it was cool, not so much this.

    I am going to laugh when they are forced to change the name and then the dominoes fall. Once the precedent is set, then everyone becomes open to the scrutiny of it.
    Cleveland Indians
    Kansas City Chiefs

    One might argue that the term redskins is more offensive than others. But then you have to ask yourself how comfortable you feel about calling an indian “Chief” to his face.

  18. I guess the shakedown worked. Spread a little money around to the pols and the issue will magically disappear – until they want more money.

  19. its amazing how not having empathy, or not being a racist has turned into a party talking point instead of something everyone knew was wrong.

  20. In other words, Little Danny thinks this is to be addressed as a public relations matter, just like everything else he does. Surprise.

  21. I truly wish we could scalp the 50 Dem senators and ANY non native American using ignorance to try and make this a political issue…. and that Roy Halbritter freak (what a tool that guy is…. freeloading casino millionaire selling out all native americans for personal gain)

    It is time we recognize politicians and libs are our true enemy.

    Hail to the Redskins!

  22. The term was originally not an insult. In fact, even some native Americans leaders have been quoted as referring to themselves as red skins and white people as white skins. The negative feelings behind have to do with the way native Americans were treated as a whole. In that respect, any name the group of oppressors use would be deemed negative. The term Indian was used in equally negative context at the turn of the century (end of the 19th) and thus should also be banned. Indian motorcycles, Cleveland Indians, and all other names should also be banned under this logic. This entire argument, IOW, is dumb. A team was fine having the name for 80+ years and all of a sudden a bunch of idiots with nothing to do cry foul. Just foolish.

    -a Cowboys Fan

  23. What is the absolute WORST thing that cpuld happen of the name stays?

    A few bleeding-hearts have their precious feelings hurt. Poor babies.

    Name stays.

    –Not A Redskins Fan

  24. I like the name. It’s the nickname of a football team. Nothing more, nothing less.

  25. What this article fails to mention is that Ray Halbritter the mega rich CEO of Oneida, Inc. Is doing the same thing in the New York State elections. He just pledged $100k+ to campaigns that will help his Casino monopoly is New York State. He is using this Redskins issue to deflect his own problems.

  26. The term Redskins IS RACIST no matter how many lobbyists or “diehard” fans say it should stay. When a draftee or free agent stands up and says I won’t play for a team with a racist name, the name will change soon thereafter. It’s going to take someone special. Dan Snyder is on the wrong side of history here.

  27. Every step he makes will make it just that much more awkward when he claims “oh, ive learned that its offensive and am proud to announce the new name of the washington franchise.”

  28. I am not a Redskins fan but I want them to keep the name and logo.

    If the organization really had any “pride” they wouldn’t have name their team using a racial slur to begin with, there is no defense. You can dress it however you like, slur is a slur

  29. The name is not slur. Sure, most people think it is, but it’s not a slur. Ok, you would never call a Native American a “redskin” to their face, but that doesn’t make it a slur. Yeah, the name came from a time when not enough people cared about Native American stereotypes, but it’s not a slur. And, some words that were once acceptable by society to refer to minority groups are no longer acceptable– when was the last time you referred to someone as “Oriental” or “colored” or “yellow”?

  30. If Snyder were and Indian…. would the world still be pissed off…? The game is changing so much. Teams move from cities to cities, the commissioner wants a team in London. Shoot, my as well change the name and cash in on marketing a “New” uniform and stop all the bitching. What’s the point.

  31. The NFL needs to support the Redskins in this instance. The name is not offensive and Bob Costas is a complete tool. If the Redskins are forced to change their name, I will never again in my life watch another NFL game nor will I allow 1 penny of my money to be spent on anything related to the NFL.

  32. He might be spending more $$ to defend his team’s name than I’ll make in a lifetime.

    Just change it to
    “Old Squaws”

  33. THEE name washington REDSKINS will NOT- i repeat NOT change.hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. now shut up and let ROBERT THE THUUUURD concentrate.

  34. If the football media wants the name changed then why aren’t they grilling the players for comment, other owners, the commish on a daily basis, the national corporate league sponsors, the local team sponsors? Get direct quotes from actual people instead of the always anonymous source, rep or team official.
    If the team does change the name, the history remains. It’s the dmv nfl team that is supported by the fans not the name.

  35. You politically correct pantywaists act like having slightly more reddish skin is a bad thing.

    Would the Washington Redheads, with a picture of a ginger on the helmet, be offensive? No? Why not? Having slightly more red hair is not a bad thing but having slightly more reddish skin is?

    If that is the case, then the term “people of color” can never be used again, such as “We need more people of color in management positions.”

    By the way, I’m a “person of color”, not that it should matter.

  36. The Redskins need to change the name alright, I’m not comfortable with the name “Washington”

  37. Puhleeze, people. The founder of the Washington Professional Football team, one George Preston Marshall, is known as being one of the most openly hateful and racist people of the 20th century. He made Donald Sterling look like a boy scout.

    Anyone, especially you Daniel Snyder, who claim that the name is celebratory, only need look as far as the man who christened the team. Everything about that team is wrapped in a history of hatred and racism. They were the last team to integrate African Americans as well.

    I fully realize who the sort of typical person that visits this site and comments on the posts are. They align more with Marshall himself than embrace a society that is growing toward more acceptance and inclusion and away from one of isolation, exclusion and hatred. You’re losing the battle. Our society has already changed and is leaving you behind on so many fronts. Health care for everyone, legal gay marriage, legal weed, negotiate instead of starting wars… it keeps progressing and it won’t stop. You’ll come around. You always do. Just takes longer.

    Realizing how blatantly racist that team name is, is just one more thing you’ll come to accept over time after Washington changes. And they will. Eventually. No doubt in my mind.

  38. The name is offensive period. Walk into a room of native Americans and call them red skins. You think they may take offense? Costas had it right. I don’t get revved up over the name but I’m not a native American. I can see why it definitely be considered offensive by some. That being the case, change the name like every other team is the country with that name did.

  39. If anyone believes that the majority of native Americans support changing the Redskins name, you and all of your good intentioned assumptions would be off base. I am Cherokee and have been and always will be a “Redskin”. Call me a “stupid” or “ignorant” Redskin and we can fight. Call me a Damn “Redskin’s” fan and we can have a drink. I have and always will embrace the term Redskin as part of my heritage and identity. Much like a southern white person will embrace being a “Redneck”, even though it can be a slur or disparaging in context. “Stupid Redneck, Dumb Redneck, bunch of inbred Rednecks. ” Or, “You might be a Redneck if……” It’s all in the context……

  40. The name won’t make it unless they change the logo to Mike Shannahan’s profile on the side of the helmet. People will become much less offended when you call a white guy a “Redskin”. plus Shannahan has kind of a red tint to him doesn’t he? So really this makes sense.

    Of course the other alternative is to change the name …. Might be easier to market t-shirts without Shannahan’s profile on the logo.

  41. It will all end now, do not worry ladies. Those senators are like baby chirping birds with their mouths open–suddenly they will go quiet as mice once the money flows. Watch and see.

  42. Just think…

    All the things that really matter in this world. All the things that politicians could do to make a REAL difference. All the things rich people could dump money into lobbying firms….

    and these idiots are going to war over a team name. America should be ashamed.

  43. If these congressmen gave a hoot about injuns the way they say they do, they would take them off reservations and give them back their land. To me that’s what is offensive. Not some token arguement over a football team name.

  44. I’m not going to take a position on the team name one way or the other but the fact remains this issue has passed the point of no return. The name change is going to happen sooner or later. Best to get out in front of it and start planning now, so they can come up with something that the fans will accept that is well designed and brings in good merchandizing dollars. The alternative is to keep fighting until it reaches a boiling point and be in the unenviable position of having to come up with a new name and logo quickly and haphazardly to dig themselves out of a public relations disaster.

  45. We all must be living a life of the utmost comfort and leisure, here in The United States, if we have time to get our feathers ruffled about a team name. We have turned from a Nation of GRIT into a nation of grievance.

  46. Has anyone considered that 50 Senators DIDN’T sign the letter and not one signing Senator was a Republican which defeats all credibility of the letter? Clearly a politically charged letter from the left.

  47. This just makes their ridiculous claims seem legitimate. Just say (again) that the name is in no way meant to be offensive and that it will not be changed. Then do not address it in the press again. (that includes instructing all employees to stop commenting on the subject)

  48. jimmy53, you are right. I wouldn’t, because I don’t consider it a name for Native Americans. I also wouldn’t call them Armor, Socks, or Suit. It is out of ignorance and racism that people think it refers to the skin color of Native Americans.

    Don’t give Racists power to destroy words.
    Educate not Eradicate.

  49. This topic brings out the most idiotic comments…

    However, I do like the comment that if you don’t think its offensive, then go in a room full of Native Americans and call then redskins.

    Then the argument, we’ll it originally started out as…well, the n-word was once accepted too and so was the word retarded. How does mentally challenged work for your kid now?

    And stop saying Indians, chiefs, etc are offensive too, no group has formally come out and spoke against it, you just can’t make up an offense. Then, the same idiots that say these are offense too, support the red skin team name, laughable. That really says something about yourself.

  50. one would think little danny would have come to the realization that his approach to almost every aspect of owning a pro football team is 100% wrong. from emasculating the coaches, to meddling with the draft and free agents, to parking, to blocking buses from his stadium, to suing little old ladies.

    this is another example. when circumstances say lay low and stay under the radar, we get this. he should take a page from another short man; george constanza, and just do the opposite of what his instincts tell him.

  51. I don’t think of Native Americans as Redskins. Apparently you do. That really says something about yourself.

  52. I support Snyder, and it is pathetic that with all the problems in America and all the problems Native Americans have that these 50 Senators focus on this. I hope all of them lose their jobs.

  53. 50 out of 100 US Senators just signed their names to a request to change the name. One can imagine that at least 50 out of 100 players in the NFL (many of whom are minorities and can relate to being treated with racial insensitivity) would also agree that the name is insensitive.

    The name will change very quickly if players start taking notes from the Clippers/NBA/Sterling incident and start deciding to not play or deciding to not sign a contract for that franchise.

    I give it 5 years maximum and they are no longer the Redskins. This isn’t going away. Not even a Lobbyist can help them at this point; emotions are becoming involved and are stronger than logic.

  54. You people who say the name..you do realize all the Redskins merchandise that has been sold over the year, the people that decorated entire rooms in Redskins decor, that all of this will lose their value. It’s not just as simple as changing the name…you are effecting a lot of businesses and people.

  55. historical documents, including old newspaper clippings, show the word being used as a slur in conjunction with violence against native americans. that’s not a judgement or an opinion, that’s a fact supported by actual documentation.

  56. b3nz0z, yes, ignorant people have used the term incorrectly in the past. However, that doesn’t mean I am going to give power to their ignorance by giving credence to their definition.

  57. CEO of Oneida, Inc. Is throwing big money at candidates that will help grow his Casino and gas/cigarette monopoly and in the meantime using his Redskins name issue to further that agenda. It’s all about money, greed and votes.

  58. Attention PC police. The is a Navajo Nation High School that is nicknamed “Redskins”. When you get done with Washington, don’t forget to go after them to change their name.

  59. LOL at the transparency of this “made up” tribe and its political puppet masters attempt to speak for Native Americans… amazing….. no one ever heard of these guys, they are casino grafters in bed with the Libs/Dem politicians w/ NO concern for Native Americans

    Nice ad…. until the garbage and misguided agenda at the end…. if only, this was directed at something to actually help Native Americans… and not the casino owners in bed with the lib politicians…. if only…

    I truly hope Native Americans do not allow themselves to be used here and stand up to this issue…. demanding real and appropriate help and not allowing political hacks to try and create an issue from a name that Native Americans know as one creating positive images and pride…. and that has NEVER in my 40 years as a Redskins fan EVER been used as a slur or w/ racial overtones

    I hope this is a galvanizing issue for us ALL to fight political correctness and outright ignorance … it is time we recognize that the Libs and their agenda are the greatest impediment to America

    Hail to the Redskins!

    Thank you Mr. Snyder for fighting this…. in the words of Jim Valvano.. Never Give UP! Recruit ALL Native Americans to join us fans in supporting the Redskins!

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