Dennis Allen wasn’t thrilled with Raiders playing basketball

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Several players on the Raiders and 49ers squared off in a basketball game to raise money for Bay Area charities last week. Raiders coach Dennis Allen wasn’t thrilled about that.

Allen worries about the potential for injuries with offseason basketball games, and he would have liked to see players find another way to raise money for charity.

“It is the right intent, to raise money for charity,” Allen said, via the Bay Area News Group. “I wasn’t in agreement with the way in which they went about doing it, because they’re paid to play football. Any time you put that at risk, you’re taking a significant risk.”

Players were told the team was concerned about the potential for injury, and some Raiders who were linked to the event — including offensive tackle Menelik Watson, running back Darren McFadden and running back Maurice Jones-Drew — did not play. But several other Raiders — including Tyvon Branch, Denarius Moore, Taiwan Jones, Latavius Murray, Brice Butler, Sio Moore, Chimdi Chekwa and Greg Little — did play.

“These are grown men and they make decisions on what they want to do with their personal time, and that was a decision those guys took part in,” Allen said. “The thing I’m happy about is we were able to get out of it without any injuries.”

Usually, we only hear about charity basketball games in the offseason when a player gets hurt. Allen should feel fortunate that his fear didn’t come to fruition.

46 responses to “Dennis Allen wasn’t thrilled with Raiders playing basketball

  1. So what? They’re supposed to sit inside in a bubble all season? The chances are greater that they’ll get into a car accident than they’ll get injured. Guess they should walk to work as well.

  2. These guys work out every day. How are they putting themselves at more risk playing basketball? Have you been watching the NBA finals? A hand slap gets free throws, it’s a joke.

  3. So what are they supposed to do, stay indoors until the season starts and do nothing. Im a Raiders fan and this just proves further Allen needs to go. They raised money for charity, what did you do?

  4. Allen should feel fortunate that his fear didn’t come to fruition.

    Doesn’t “The thing I’m happy about is we were able to get out of it without any injuries.” indicate that he feels fortunate that his fear didn’t come to fruition?

    No need for redundancy.

  5. Allen need to lighten up. He’s never thrilled about his QBs either. He keeps changing them and changing them and changing them.

  6. We lost both of our college Shortstops on one layup.


    We were never allowed to play hoops again.

  7. The ravens had a draft pick fall down the stairs sleep walking, anything can happen anywhere. A 28 yr old guy blew both his knees out running to his car in the rain so now don’t run in the rain?

  8. When I was in high school, my high school band needed a fundraiser to help pay for trip to March in parades in Sioux Falls, SD and Denver. I suggested we contact the Green Bay Packers to schedule a game in our gym vs. the teachers. The game was a sellout , raised a ton of money and my high school band enjoyed it’s summer band trip.

  9. These guys are multi million dollar assets. Playing a basketball game is an unnecessary risk. I’m surprised their contracts don’t have an offseason contact sport ban. It only takes one bad landing to throw a teams season into turmoil. Even though it was for a good cause, this is very selfish behavior.

    Some players have to be warned not to go rock climbing….lol, I just don’t get it. If you wanna take risks like that….do it *after* you retire. Why a player would want to risk a career ending injury is beyond me. Yeah, let’s put potential millions on the line for a charity game? Hey guys, get yourselves a nice dunk tank and rake in the cash that way.

  10. the real question is, was jim harbaugh on the sidelines of the court crying like a bitch to the refs?

  11. Many years ago I played in a basketball game with the Redskins. Some Redskins players had a basketball team and played games to raise money for local things. Great time and sellout crowd

  12. After reading all this crap in the last couple of weeks about players having rookies blow $55,000 on a frivolous meal, it’s hard to hate when these guys show up for a basketball game to raise money for charity.

  13. He’s right. Great cause, but go Bowling or Play Golf. Basketball is too risky with the injury potential when your mopping up the Whiners all over the court.

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!

  14. His fear is understandable and has validity to it but the issue is the message it says. I’ve never met anybody that likes a micromanager. His actions likely don’t motivate the players. It leaves the question of whether coach was truly worried about the players health and safety, or worried about his job being on the line. Leaving the same questionable doubt in the players mind lacks leadership quality and trust.

  15. Plus their contract also says no playing basketball, riding motorcycles, anyone remember jason Williams of the bulls a few years ago? ?

  16. All of yall saying thats why allen needs to go is tripping.. Atleast based on this particular issue.. . Steve smith almost lost his career a few yrs back trying to be all fancy catching a ball in a flag football game.. Luckily the panthers were garbage anyway so it wouldnt have mattered The reality is they get paid to play football. U dont see basketball players getn padded up to play tackle football to raise money. From that standpoint i hear him.. Football players in this day are clearly the biggest screw ups in sports anyway so if i was allen i would be nervous anytime they werent on the field. On the notion of him coaching for his job.. Well darn right hes gonna want a fair shot with the talent he now has and it starts with their ability compete in training camp and into the season..

  17. News Flash. Nobody in Oakland is thrilled with Dennis Allen. What the team needs to do is bring back Madden in some capacity. Big John will get you level.

  18. Dennis Allen or Marcus Allen the Raitards will finish 4-12.

    The Bread Gobbling Nation average income is less than 10 k, that is why they are so cheap.

    Along with tarps and EBT machines that is a symbol of the Bread Gobbling nation.

    San Francisco will always be your masters and will be shutting the Outhouse down this season, hopefully the sewage will be off the field. I doubt it, since The Gobbling nation doesn’t work.

    Know your master is with 5 rings, the Bread Gobbling nation is nothing but a bunch of persons who didn’t make it past the first grade.

    San Francisco will be going to the Super Bowl and CK7 will be MVP.

    Somebody flush the toilet of the BG Nation.

  19. longsufferingkcfan says: Jun 9, 2014 7:23 PM

    They couldn’t be worse at basketball then football. Seriously, when was the last time the Raiders were good? Don’t tell their delusional fans that though…
    The Chiefs haven’t won a playoff game in 20 years.

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