Eagles wrap up draft class with Marcus Smith signing

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Add the Eagles to the list of teams getting all their draft pick deals done before they break for the summer.

The team announced that first-rounder Marcus Smith had signed his rookie deal, the last of their draft picks to reach terms.

Smith’s a promising pass-rusher who ought to have a chance to make an impact right away for the Eagles.

The fact they started him with the third-string during OTAs probably isn’t the best indicator of his potential, but that should change over the course of the summer.

21 responses to “Eagles wrap up draft class with Marcus Smith signing

  1. Slick Eagles trying to sign the poor guy to third round talent $$$ where most talent scouts had him going in the draft.

    Not his fault the Eagles reached for him in the 1st Round.

    Now they didn’t want to pay the man!

  2. Don’t know about this guy seems like a reach. Eagles should have kept their pick and drafted Dee Ford.

  3. This guy reminds me a lot of Lane Johnson. Both relatively inexperienced and unpolished – but both with tremendous potential, and from what I can see, good work habits. I think with the right coaching, which there is no reason to believe he will not get, Smith will turn into a very good player.

  4. Another second rate NFC East team that can’t compete with the Redskins thinks that signing a first round draft pick will help them. The Eagles will still be competing with the Cowboys and Giants for last place while the Redskins keep winning Super Bowls. HTTR.

  5. 49ers said they were set to take him in the first until Philly did so that’s at least 2 teams that liked him on day one. I guess we will see.

  6. I’m ready to see what he can do. I think there is a lot of upside here. He showed that he can get to the QB in college and as a former QB he’s got the smarts to know the field. Strap your helmet on son and show us you want to be great.

  7. The Eagles employ more of a rotational pass rush attack with relatively good depth, instead of any singular homerun pass-rushers. Trent Cole has been effective over the years, but the Eagles haven’t had a big-name pass rusher since Jevon Kearse. LBs play a huge role in the pass rush in a 3-4 system, but the Eagles desperately need a 3-4 DE that can take over a game and demand the utmost respect from opposing offenses. Guys like that on your defense have a trickle down effect and essentially make your LBs and secondary more effective at what they do.

  8. That terrible defense didn’t get any better with this guy.

    Didn’t anyone learn from the donkey thrashing? You need defense to win in this league.

  9. Wow some of these comments are so stupid. Eagles cant compete with redskins? Remind me who swept who last year?

    Bad coaching in philly? Are you serious?

    I hate haters because haters say the most dumbest things just cause they dont like a certain team. Makes yourself look stupid

  10. It was removed for some reason.. PFF roster rankings… Washington last in NFC east at 26.. and Philly is ranked 5th and first in the East.. preseason rankings mean very little I just love the big F you Washington got.

  11. Eagles barely won in what was a terrible year in the division then one and done in the playoffs. Eagles did very little to improve their Defense and let one of your big playmakers go to a rival. Where is the coaching genius in that? He did have some good offensive ideas last year but has a lot to prove as a head coach as a whole. Before you Eagles fans decide this guy is a elite coach lets see how he does against the NFC west and improved Skins and Giants Defenses.

  12. Hail to the (Fore) ‘Skins – Don’t worry, Orakpo will get hurt, Kerrigan will go down, Morris will pull a hammy by game 2, and RG-Knee Still won’t know how to throw from the pocket.

    Right, DJax is gone, that IS a move to question, however, sometimes, less can be more. Iggles got Jerry Rice’s cousin in the draft. That’s an interesting get, I say. (Of course, he better not be “the wrong Matthews”)

    2013 was a terrible year in the Division? Yeah, so what? This is just like the Division was when Andy Reid took over. Jints, ‘Boys and (Fore)’Skins are all a few drafts away from being real good, again. Guess what? Iggles dominated the Division during the Reid era. Guess what? Deja Vu, all over again.

    Guess what? Tbe League is now copying Chip Kelly. That’s right, the whole League! I think that shows you he knows a bit about what he is doing, right? Right

  13. I’ll believe in what Chip Kelly thinks about him WAY before I even consider anything you numb-nuts have to say. All he needs to do is what is expected of him to do and the Eagles will be a better team. I’m sure Chip’s plan outsmarts all of y’all combined.

  14. yeah, starting a rookie out at 3rd string in OTA’s really shows what they think of his potential. glad you think the same way with jonny manziel starting out in cleveland as a third stringer… i mean, you gotta be consistent right?

    wait.. where am i again?? oh yeah… PFT… nevermind… go about your business….

  15. So many morons here… First of all, forget about what that redskins troll says, he’s been spouting that garbage for over a year. Just ignore him. Second, dinguskhan, Andy Reid coaches in Kansas City now, I guess you haven’t heard. Third, slick50, stop looking at overall stats in the season and look at what the defense did the last 8 games if the season. It was a new coach, new scheme, new system, new everything. They switched from a 4-3 to a 3-4. Do you honestly think there’s no learning curve there??? You = IQ<80, congratulations. Fourth, surprise it's dinguskhan again. You're criticizing a team for winning their division with a rookie head coach, first year starting quarterback, all new coaching staff, and a completely new system??? All I can do to that is simply laugh and thank you for the entertainment. If you don't think Malcolm Jenkins is an upgrade over Patrick Chung, then you should go watch badminton because you clearly don't understand football. And letting DJax go??? He's a cancer!!! Plain and simple. And oh, by the way, there's this guy named Jeremy Maclin coming back which makes DJax expendable. Bye bye.

    2014 Eagles – top 3 offense, top 15 defense, repeat NFC champions, NFC championship game vs. Seattle, no prediction, anything can happen then.

  16. U think Seattle is copying Chip? You Philly fans are D Battery throwing idiots! We all know the Giants own the division. Win a ring Philly, the other 3 teams in your division have several each and you have none! Makes you the divisional bitch!

  17. To Phillyphannnn83. I am with you except, Maclin is not Djax. DJax a cancer here? Yes. Problem is, if he learned his lesson, The REDSKINS REDSKINS REDSKINS REDSKINS…Made out like Bandits. HEY THERE YOU GO…THE WASHINGTON BANDITS………..NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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