Foles refuses to worry about his contract


Eagles quarterback Nick Foles won’t be eligible for a new contract until after the 2014 regular season.  And a lot can change between now and then.

So he says he’s not thinking about his next deal.

“I think if you start worrying about numbers, you stop worrying about what you’re doing,” Foles told reporters Monday, via Geoff Mosher of  “That’s where you mess up.  I’m happy for those guys who do well, but my most important thing is being successful with my teammates.  When I’m playing out there, there’s no dollar sign on me when I’m throwing a ball.”

As Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer recently pointed out, Foles doesn’t necessarily need money, given that his father sold a chain of restaurants for $59 million in 2011.  That’s only $2 million less than the phony Colin Kaepernick guaranteed money originally leaked to the media and reported without skepticism or scrutiny.

“I’ve always said how I play, how our team is, how I am as a leader — that will all take care of that when the time comes,” Foles said.  “I’m really just having fun out here.  I’m having fun with my teammates.  I’m having fun playing the game.”

It’s easy to say that for now, given that Foles couldn’t get a new deal if the team wanted to give him one.  After 2014, the game becomes a business, which could be less fun for everyone involved.

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  1. If he can get the ball out a little quicker, take alot less sacks and maintain a high touchdown to interception ratio, there is no reason to think he won’t be taken care of by Valentines Day 2015.

  2. Nick Foles is Cool Hand Luke; nothing bothers him. He will improve every year. Soon to be a Top-5 QB. Ya’ll see…

  3. Someday we will all look back on the 2012 NFL draft and we won’t be talking about: RG3, Luck or Wilson..

    We’ll be talking bout FOLES Baby!

  4. The Eagles have plenty of salary cap space to get any deal done, should Foles earn his deal. He certainly has a great 20 games under his belt. If he continues it, he’ll get paid like one of the top QB’s. Keep up the awesome attitude Foles!

  5. Foles will get more dominant with time. Expect huge leaps as he works out kinks in his footwork and has a full year of Chip’s offense under his belt.

  6. I think you have to like Foles. He is a good player, we’ll see now if he can be great. I still think they should have tried to trade him to a top 5 draft pick team this past draft and then went after Johnny football but I am cool with sticking with Foles

  7. Foles is a very smart kid, someone who holds his teammates accountable and provides a great example for everyone around him. Initially he didn’t look like he would be a perfect fit for what people thought Chip Kelly’s offense would be like, but instead of acclimating Foles to Chip’s offense, Chip decided to build his offense around the skill sets of Nick Foles…needless to say it worked out.

    27 TDs and 2 INTs in your very first season as a starter, in limited time, in a brand new offense, with a brand new Head Coach…THAT IS NO FLUKE. If you projected Foles’ stats over the course of an entire regular season, than statistically he would have been a top-5 QB last year. Foles making the Probowl in his very first try says a lot about the kid, and what did he do while he was there? Probowl MVP honors.

    Foles should have some inflated stats considering the nature of Chip Kelly’s high-octane offense, and by seasons end I PROMISE YOU that if Nick Foles plays 16 games next year…he will be right in the mix for an MVP award. 100% He’s THAT good.

  8. Love My Eagles and Kelly is the Man but this year is Foles true barometer to say this is his team and he is the man to lead this team as Kellys qb of the future..Im not sold yet and Sanchez wasn’t signed just to learn the system

  9. Sanchez being signed would worry the hell outta me.. i mean butt fumble?! I lived thru brady quinn two years ago and thats like saying u give up.. If sanchez is your starting qb you are going nowhere

  10. Most people don’t realize how good Foles is and will become. He has all but 20 games under his belt (he was 27/2 td/int in the last 13 of them). Nobody is saying he is elite yet, but with his smarts, attitude and work ethic, you can best believe he has been working on his obvious flaws as he refines his game this offseason (you can only do so much during the season). He’s only going to get better. Money doesn’t matter either, with his fathers success, he is set for life so he can play with a clear and free head.

  11. He’s right. He can’t afford to cause a scene. He isn’t very good, so if he wants to be signed any year beyond this, by any team, he cannot afford to have teams who value him correctly to think he’s going to be a locker room problem due to his own incorrect evaluation of his worth.

  12. Are we forgetting about all the other QBs who had one great year? They signed huge contracts with other teams because their original team knew they were a product the system. Kelly’s offensive scheme was pretty new last year. Let’s wait til all last years tape is reviewed then we’ll see.

  13. All he wants is a pair of moon boots and a lifetime supply of tater tots….sweeeet!

  14. I hope Foles can succeed but you people saying 27 Tds to Ints is no fluke are insane…those are historic numbers! Let’s be realistic, if he can be a top 10-12 QB in the 25 TD to 10 int range, the Birds will be good to go. This isn’t a Peyton/Brady/Brees/Rodgers talent, but he can be above average and allow McCoy to dominate. We don’t need a young stud like Kaep/Luck/Rg3/Wilson as we have a complete enough team to win it all.

  15. Foles has the right attitude. If he plays well, everything else will take care of itself. So tired of hearing about players worrying about their next contract when they haven’t done all that much. They are giving tens of millions to qb’s that don’t even make, or if they do, barely advance in the playoffs.

    Here is a short list of qb’s I wouldn’t want (with their accompanying contracts): Romo, Flacco (yes, I know he won a Superbowl – still marginal), Stafford, Bradford, Ryan, Vick and a few more. Throw Big Ben in there too – dude is beyond washed up.

  16. C’mon Man, you say he’s not a Brees talent??? FYI, he broke every one of Drew Brees’ high school state passing records. So you’re right, he’s not a Brees talent, he’s better.

    The rest of you haters are simply fools.

  17. When your backup is being paid 3 times more, I don’t care who you are, it’s gotta be bothering you at least a little.

  18. Count me among the non-believers. Nick will come down to earth this year. Cooper’s not a #1, Maclin is coming off an ACL, Jackson is gone.

    This team belongs to Shady and Sproles. Stop them stop the Eagles. Foles played above his skills and maintaining that level of play is not likely.

    HOMEWORK: find the video of Foles completions and look at the DB separation. Almost all of his completions happened with wide open targets. (rarely closely guarded) That can be attributed to great WRs, the system and flow of the plays or a combination.

    I give Foles credit for throwing catchable passes, but I question how he throws to closely guarded WRs. That will be tested this year. I think fans will wonder if he is the same guy. I expect Philly and Foles to lose ground this season.

  19. Nafolean Dynamite was a one hit wonder. He and Pedro Sanchize will be fighting it out by week 6 to see who’s gonna be starting, while the rest of Philly goes into annual meltdown mode

    Its gonna be awesome

  20. Nick Foles had a stellar year in 2013. He should be compensated accordingly. For some reason the Eagles can’t renegotiate his contract because of the “Rules”. He will not get a new contract until 2015.

    I researched it: Foles’ current contract paid him $2.8M over 4 years plus a small signing bonus of $500k. Jordan Palmer (Bears) is the worst active QB in the NFL. Has never thrown a TD. Makes more $$ than Foles. Very unfair.

  21. Haha the Flacco guy said Foles season was a fluke. But not Flaccos Super Bowl run tho right? Wasn’t Flaccos Super Bowl run similar to that of Eli Manning. A below par performance in the reg season and win throughout the playoffs.

    Baltimore will crumble with this flacco deal.

  22. QDog, you should change your name to Mr Obvious. You mean to tell me that you watched every single pass completion last season by Foles? So you make the point that the Eagles had great WRs last season for Foles’ success, or it was the play calling or scheme or Chip’s offense. All that needs to be said is that Foles throws catchable passes.

    DJack a great WR? DJack barely cracks the top 10 in the NFL.
    RCooper is agressive and goes up and gets the ball at it’s higher point.
    Tight ends could have performed a little better.
    No comment on Jason Avant.

    Whether Philly “loses ground” this season or not, they’re still the best team in the division BY FAR. It’s a 10 win season again this year.

    #Qdog is on bath salts

  23. Every Eagle player should worry about their contract. The organization simply does not take care off their players.

    From Reggie White to Djax. It has always been this way.

  24. Great attitude, continues to work hard at improving, I agree last season was a little flukie but he did a fine job and didn’t let it go to his head. I am looking forward to this season to see him take the next step. He already has the right outlook !!

  25. Foles is not going to be a problem and try to break the bank. It’s just not his personality, he is a complete team guy and would never sit out to make extra bucks…

  26. I’ll preface this with I am an Eagle fan, 68 yrs old and a 26 yr. football coach. combine this kids poise with his attitude and he is a football coaches dream. Whether he becomes great, mediocre or a bust combined with a coaching staff that coaches to his ability within the team’s scheme. I LIKE HIS CHANCES.

  27. duncanthecat says:
    Jun 10, 2014 7:41 AM
    Every Eagle player should worry about their contract. The organization simply does not take care off their players.

    From Reggie White to Djax. It has always been this way.

    That’s overly broad. They just locked up several starters (Kelce, Peters, etc). They also paid DeSean, and gave McNabb and Westbrook more money near the end of their primes. Granted, d-bag Joe Banner screwed Dawkins, but that was on him, not the entire organization. Who else you got? T.O.? LOLOLOL.

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