Former Cowboys lineman arrested for selling pain-killers

A former NFL offensive lineman has been arrested on narcotics charges, after he was busted selling painkillers to undercover agents.

According to Andrew Gorosko of the Newtown (Conn.) Bee, former offensive lineman Gennaro DiNapoli was arrested after a court warrant said he sold 330 pills of oxycodone to DEA agents.

The 39-year-old DiNapoli was released on $150,000 bail after the arrest.

He played for the Cowboys, Raiders and Titans in his career, entering the league as a fourth-rounder from Virginia Tech.

29 responses to “Former Cowboys lineman arrested for selling pain-killers

  1. Very irrelevant to cowboys history and played for 3 teams but let’s rub the cowboys name through the mud a little by putting it in the heading. Smh

  2. Jerry Jones is on the phone… He wants to know what you can do for Tony Romo…

  3. Of course, this headline could have read, “Former Raiders lineman…”, or, “Former Titans lineman…” Let’s all pile on the Cowboys. Seems a bit unfair. Even “Former NFL lineman” would’ve been appropriate here.

  4. He was drafted by the Raiders and was a starting guard for them. Was on the Cowboys roster a couple years at the end of his career but naturally PFT associates him with the Cowboys in their headline to provoke more interest.

  5. Sure he was racer, in fact he was your starting right guard in 1999. Oakland drafted him.

    About the ‘slinging mud’ thing. Notice the title ‘former Dallas Cowboy’, not former OL starter for Oakland and Tennessee? I checked and he played 11 games for Oakland, 20 for Tennessee, and 7 for Dallas.

    He lasted about 1/2 a season in Dallas in 2003 at the end of his career, never started for Dallas like he did for Oakland (RG) & the Titans (Center) (yet he’s a ‘former Cowboy’ not a ‘former Raider’ or a ‘former Titan’). Talk about haters.

  6. He was drafted by the Raiders (9 starts), played 2 years for the Titans (18 starts), and was on the Cowboys roster for 1 season (0 starts). Yet, somehow the article says “Former Cowboys lineman …” Nice reporting job, guys.

  7. And now we know who helped keep the Virginia Tech football team on the field. Should have know as soon a the Cowpukes drafted him!!!!

  8. I think the largest part of his career was spent with the Titans, but the headline does tell you a lot about this website, it’s writers and the NFL focused media in general.

  9. Shocked. He looks like such a clever fellow.
    Honestly, as someone who has small children at home, this dude bears an uncanny resemblance to Patrick from SpongeBob Squarepants.

  10. Another exemplary medal to the solid personnel departments of the Cowboys and raidturds.

  11. It finally took his third team before an owner like Jerry Jones saw his poor character an ended his career. His first two teams turned a blind eye but Mr. Jones has morals.

  12. Classic Media 101. Use the most popular team in the NFL in a headline and the people will come.

    DiNapoli arrested and called a former Cowboy. Played 7 games for team. Played 21 with Tennessee, 11 for Oakland. But he’s a Cowboy.


  13. Gennaro DiNapoli arrested and called a former Cowboy. Played 7 games for them. Played 21 with Tennessee, 11 for Oakland. But he’s a Cowboy

  14. Is Jim Irsay a DEA agent working undercover as an NFL owner? Would explain a lot.

  15. He is called a former cowboy because that is the last team he played for….If Steve Smith retired today he would be a former Raven not Panther. I thought everyone new that, not cowboy/raiders fans obviously

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