Golden Tate likes returns, Reggie Bush doesn’t, Lions will ask neither


The Lions’ first-string offense has two talented and accomplished return men in wide receiver Golden Tate and running back Reggie Bush, but neither of them is likely to be called upon to do so this season.

Tate has said he’s happy to play special teams if the coaches ask him, while Bush has said he’d rather focus on just playing offense. From all indications, all of the kick returns will be handled by Jeremy Ross, who played well last year after the Lions signed him in the middle of the season.

“I want to do whatever I can to help this team,” Tate said, via the Detroit Free Press. “We have a really good punt returner now in Jeremy Ross, and I have a lot of confidence in him. So if they need me, I’ll be there. But as far as I’m concerned, he’s the punt returner. He’s a tremendous punt returner, too.”

Asked if he’s in the mix to return kicks, Bush told, “As of right now, no. And hopefully, no. I’d like to think I graduated from returning kicks and punts.”

Tate was one of the best punt returners in the NFL last season with the Seahawks, but Ross turned the Lions’ special teams from a weakness into a strength when he arrived last season, and he says he’s ready to make an even bigger impact for a full season this year.

“I think we’re a great unit,” Ross said. “I think we’re going to go out there and we’re going to do damage to people out there. Our plan is to be one of the best special-teams unit — the best special-teams unit in the National Football League. And I think we can do that.”

If that’s the case, the Lions will be wise to let Tate and Bush focus on offense.

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  1. With Bush getting older I think it’s wise to keep him from returning the ball. However, that doesn’t mean they should over look what Tate can do, especially considering if teams are game planning for Ross to be returning kicks, throwing Tate back there from time to time could throw them off.

  2. So Tate is willing to do anything to help the team, and Bush thinks he’s above returning kicks. I would rather have Tate on my team.

  3. “I graduated from returning kicks and punts” What a bum Bush is. You do what you can to help your team win. What a selfish attitude. While I don’t know if it is in the best interest of the lions to have him returning kicks, he should be up to do whatever he can for the team

  4. Yeah, dumb comment for Bush to make. Makes it sound like anyone doing returns is doing lowly work. Bush, just hold onto the ball this year, or you might not be allowed to touch it.

  5. I had a family member who is a huge Green Bay packers fan saying he was glad they got rid of Ross after he had a bad game last year and got released. After the lions picked him up in waivers he was one of the best if not the best punt/kick returner in the NFL. Especially that Philadelphia game in that blizzard. Glad he’s a lion now and hoping for the same production he had in the 2nd half of the season. Sorry Green Bay, one teams trash is another teams treasure.

  6. Well it’s not worth burning a roster spot for Ross since they probably won’t let him play WR, so they have to have something for him to do! They just won’t have anything to do for some of our recent young draft picks that end up getting cut. Maybe they ask 2013 draft pick Corey Fuller to go home before ever playing in a game, see problem solved, for everybody else!

  7. Absolutely insane and downright laughable that Ross didn’t win special teams player of the week last year when he ran back a kick and a punt for touchdowns and had a sweet tackle on kick coverage against Philly. Instead the award went to a kicker who kicked four field goals. From that time on I have not been able to take the player of the week awards seriously and I honestly believe that whoever votes for these awards and didn’t vote for him should have their voting privileges taken away. What a joke.

  8. “Kim graduated too and now she’s trampin’ with K. West”
    Reggie Bush

  9. Tate is a good(top 5) punt returner and almost never injured. Waste of a roster spot and money keeping Ross around.

    Man, I am glad Reggie Bush is not a Seahawk. I don’t think he would last long here despite his obvious talent. We have superstars begging to return kicks just because they want to help their team. All the top guys play special teams.

  10. Admirable attitude by Tate, not so much with Bush. I was led to believe that if a person loved the game of football they would be willing to get on the field as much and often as possible.

  11. Look clearly Bush should not be returning kicks. Anyone who is saying he should be doing that type of thing would regret it when he gets smashed and goes down again. He does not have that much good mileage left on his body and he knows it. He was probably talking out of his butt with the graduation comment but really it was dumb for the coaching staff to put him i that position at all.

  12. I wouldn’t knock Bush for wanting to save his body for explosive offense.
    Packers gave up to early on Ross, but he fumbled in playoff game against 49ers, and again in early game last season. He also was a serviceable 5th receiver, but really needed a change of scenery. Best of luck to him – he looked dynamic last season after getting his confidence back.

  13. Golden is WEAK SAUCE!!! Only reason he even saw the playing time he did last year was because Percy was hurt!!! And all you lion fans can look to overpaid clowns like Tate as the true reason you will all have to continue to watch dominant teams like tates old team win SUPERBOWL TROPHIES!!!!! Haha Tate is GARBAGE!!!!


  14. Special Teams’ return man is the hardest individual poition to play in terms of physical punishment on a single-play basis. Guys get 50 yards of open field to build up steam then plow in to the return man.

    Bush is older now, and that kind of punishment and wear and tear on the body is not something his body can or should take on a regular basis any longer. I don’t blame him. Discretion is the better part of valor at times, and I think it’s more wise than cowardly to take the position Bush has taken.

    I’m an older guy that plays rec league hockey, and I understand the mentality. I pick my battles a little more intelligently, rather than run headfirst into the boards, knowing I am going to get blasted from behind if I do. There are other ways to be an effective player later in your career thsn playing the same way your did when you were 25 years old. You HAVE to play that way, or you won’t play at all.

  15. Tate should be the punt returner. He’s a Top 5 punt returner in the NFL. Lions would be foolish to sign him for all that money and then not use him in the role that makes him worth that much.

  16. I have definitely seen some uber butthurt seachickens fans on here calling Golden Tate “WEAKSAUCE” all he did was amass nearly 1000 yards receiving in a run first offense and has one of the lowest drop rates in the league. Y’all will miss him when percy gets a headache from counting all the money you overpaid him. Hopefully those rookies come up big

  17. Anyone bashing Bush for not wanting to return kicks is an idiot. He’s an older guy who is their starting tailback and who’s also injury prone. It wouldn’t make sense from the standpoint of him or the team for him to return kicks.
    I bet all of you who are trashing him would want your team’s starting tailback back there though, right?

  18. While i agree with Bush that he should not be back there returning kicks, it is stupid of him to essentially say he is above it. Especially when he wouldn’t even be a top 3 choice to do it…

    And i agree with it being Ross’ job to lose. Sure if Tate wants to do it, and proves head and shoulders above Ross, then fine. But i am a firm believer in keeping that return specialist. To much injury risk to but on a starting WR/RB/CB/S.

    They get hurt, not only do you have to try to find a potential starter to replace their production on Offense/Defense, you still have to find a competent returner too.

    Let the starters play their position, and the returners return.

  19. > Golden is WEAK SAUCE!!! Only reason he even saw the playing time he did last year was because Percy was hurt!!! And all you lion fans can look to overpaid clowns like Tate as the true reason you will all have to continue to watch dominant teams like tates old team win SUPERBOWL TROPHIES!!!!! Haha Tate is GARBAGE!!!!

    You are as bad as Logicalvoice and pftpoet (if not the same person). You’re a disgrace to the 12’s. It’s people like you that turn possible out-of-area fans away from the Seahawks.

    Most Seahawk fans aren’t like this. Unfortunately, the few vocal ones are making us all look badly. Odds are it’s someone that isn’t even a Seattle fan and they’re just trolling the site to see how much trouble they can stir up.

    I’ll be rooting for Tate to perform well and succeed in Detroit. He gave his all for us and for that, I’ll always consider him a Hawk. Once he gets the system down and him & Stafford build rapport, watch out because Stafford + Megatron + Tate = danger to whoever they’re playing.

  20. Hey Hyzers, just in case you missed this, LOL:

    Since 2000 the Lions have had 2 seasons above .500. Made the playoffs in 2011 and choked in the wild card.

    ***They also went 0-16 in 2008***

    Tell me again why Lions fans think their team is better than the Bears? Having Calvin Johnson doesn’t make you the best team in the division. Hope you feel better being brought back to reality, Lions fans.

    A 2 game sweep last year against a Bears team with a second string defense, by a combined margin of 10 points is your only accomplishment and the Lions still finished behind the Bears in 3rd place.

    …but you guys have the better team, riiiiiight. The only team better than the Bears in the NFCN is the Packers(not for long), period.

  21. Golden Tate is, well Golden.
    He gave it all for our Seahawks, made clutch catches, willing to block, had awesome returns.
    I agree Fried Toast about any Hawk fan bashing Tate. Good luck GT. I am a Seahawk fan for life but recently transplanted to Michigan so I will be cheering you on….unless winning the game somehow affects the Seahawks!!

  22. Wow people….. Did you happen to watch the video? Did you get any context? He said it laughingly. He was essentially saying that he is the starting halfback and that means it would be foolish to use him as a returner. Which it is….

    Here’s an idea. Stop using any excuse to pounce on people and try to make them look wrong. Stop making snap judgements based on one sentence for which you have no context. It makes you look like a childish, whiney punk.

  23. Reggie Bush=top 5 most overrated players in NFL history.

    People always talk about him as if hes an elite player, when, in reality he has yet to have one season where hes fully healthy or has lived up (consistently) to his hype. Moreover, everywhere he goes, he eventually turns into a problem and distraction for his teammates.

    Thumbs down me all you want now, Lions fans. Youll see.

  24. Anyone taking exception with Bush’s comment would say the same thing if you were asked to file a TPS report or print something off for your boss, when you are halfway through your career in your industry.

  25. what bush said is a perfect example of what’s wrong with the lions, and what tate said is a perfect example of what’s right with the hawks. you’ve got to buy in 110%, or else go home.when the coaches aren’t teaching that philosophy to the players, they’re doomed for mediocrity.tate knows what it takes to wiin. the other players would do well to listen and learn.

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