Gronkowski “bursting, planting, and cutting” at Patriots practices


Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is only doing individual work for the Patriots right now, but that individual work appears to be going well enough to create some optimism about his chances of getting on the field for the start of the regular season.

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reports that Gronkowski was “bursting, planting, and cutting” during Thursday’s practice and that the tight end appeared to have no physical limitations as he made his way around the field.

The limitations from the team’s doctors and coaches aren’t likely to go away in the near future, however. There’s no reason for the Patriots to push Gronkowski any faster at this point in the offseason and that will remain the case into camp since having Gronkowski on the field as much as possible during the season remains the team’s top priority. As a result, starting camp on the PUP list remains a real possibility and the absence could stretch even longer as the team tries to find the right formula for having as much of their potent offensive weapon as possible.

For now, though, it is enough that he’s avoiding setbacks and making progress toward getting on the field in the first place.

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  1. He’s had some freak injuries that have caused people are writing him off way too soon.

    He broke his forearm, was rushed back too early and predictably re-broke it. Then had set backs caused by infections. Then he gets his knee blown out by a DIRTY low blow hit by T.J. Ward.

    I’m not as worried as some about him, seems like a few years of bad luck. I’d be more worried if he had chronic hamstring, foot/ankle or hip injuries.

    If healthy Gronk is the best TE in football and there’s no close second.

  2. Belichick would never table him until the playoffs – football players play football – but damn, it would be nice to see Gronkowsi available and healthy for the playoffs

    That’s never happened – at least not in recent memory

    Who knows how many rings Brady would have if Gronk could stay healthy?

  3. keepongronking says:
    Jun 9, 2014 10:43 AM
    If he stays healthy for the playoffs the Pats will beat the Broncos , especially with that scary secondary


    The Patsy’s won’t be able to cross mid-field. Their days as the top team in the AFC are over.

    GO BRONCOS !!!!!!!
    GET THE MAN THE RING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. .

    Opening the season with Gronk on the PUP would be a serious setback for the Patriots, as 4 of their first 6 games are on the road.


  5. denverdude7 says:Jun 9, 2014 10:42 AM

    Gronkowski will be on IR again by week 5.

    This guy is one of the most frail big guys ever.


    Patriots fans are worried about that too. He played every game for the first few years, and then he got the ankle leading into the Super Bowl which didn’t cause him to miss the game, but he was not effective. I could have lived with that one as he toughed it out. Pretty normal injury.

    However, the forearm was a disaster injury (and may not be done haunting him). He really did seem fragile on that one.

    The ACL was tough. Any player that took a hit like that would blow an ACL. That wasn’t him being fragile. If anything, it was partially caused by his desire to always go after that extra yard. It is great to see him dragging LBs accross the goal line, but it leaves him standing up for torpedo hits like that one.

    All that said, in the spirit of “you are what your record says you are” Gronk is injury prone. You can’t argue with facts.

    I hope that he can get 1 or 2 healthy seasons in while Brady is in his last few years, but the odds aren’t good at the moment.

  6. The Patsy’s won’t be able to cross mid-field. Their days as the top team in the AFC are over.
    That’s funny last I checked Pats won one game, Broncos one one game with half the Pats starters playing. Denver was completely embarrassed in the Superbowl, not even close to being in the same league as Seattle. Even without their starters the Pats would have made much more of a game of it.
    What are the Broncos going to do against the Pats new secondary, the playoffs will definitely be going through Foxborough this year.

  7. What’s eating these broncos fans? Pats beat you once, you beat them once, after the Pats was really weakened with injuries. The hobling Pats beat your super team when you have 20 + lead…that quick. The best part is when you were trashed in the Super Bowl. You made grown up men cry. I was in the plane when this huge bronco fan decked out in bronco gear cried when the flight attendant announced your team lost… By that… much. I felt bad for the wife.—That must be nagging insecurity that the news of Gronk send you in a tizzy. Pats AFC reign is over? The Pats was written off too last season by the pundits when they saw the the Pats’ roster. Brady will not blink when faced with adversity… Your much ballyhooed QB was like a deer in a headlight during the SB. Didn’t quite get what hit him.

  8. Gronk and many others (male & female) shaved their heads on Sunday @ Gillette to raise money & awareness for pediatric cancer. Way to go big guy. (and the others) The man does a lot of charity work.

  9. “Bursting, planting and cutting”? Has he been downgraded to landscaping now?

  10. Anyone that wishes injury or ill fortune on a fellow human being is pathetic person in my book. Injuries are not fun as i have had my fair share.

  11. It just seems players can’t tackle him the right way so they have to play dirty and go for low blows. Hopefully they man up and play like men, Gronk is the best TE in football and will prove it this year if no one tries to take out his other knee.

    Anyone that calls him fragile needs to educate themselves, you all sound dumb.

  12. Wow gardening jokes how brilliant.

    You must not watch football or sports much or know much about how receivers move and how those moves are described. Let me educate you –

    Receivers “plant” their foot so they can make a hard “cut” and get by the secondary. If you can’t plant the foot properly because of injury, or if your knees don’t allow you to make cuts, the receiver will not get open.

    “Burst” is a term describing a fast acceleration in a very short distance.


  13. I am a Pats fan the Ward hit on Gronk wasn’t dirty, its how the NFL wants people to tackle people now, they want concussions to be greatly reduced as a result ACL injuries are going to skyrocketing, Gronk was caught flat footed that was freaky if he was on his toes no injury would have occurred. What was wrong with the Pats last year not even Gronk could cure, they were second in the NFL in drops, on the Detriot Lions dropped more balls. Some people seem to get injured more than others.

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