Jim Kelly released from hospital after finishing radiation


Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly took another step in his fight against cancer Monday, as he was released from the hospital and headed home.

According to Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News, Kelly is 10 days removed from his final radiation treatment. Doctors told him it will take two to three months to determine the next step in his treatment.

“He’s excited about getting home,” Kelly’s brother Dan said. “We’re really excited for him and he’s glad to get going on the road to recovery.”

The 54-year-old just finished a six-week round of chemotherapy and radiation, and has been in the hospital since May 15.


17 responses to “Jim Kelly released from hospital after finishing radiation

  1. Welcome home JIMBO!! Now its time to eat some chicken fried steak and put some of that weight back on! So hard seeing you look like that. Come down to Texas and we can fatten you up real quick 🙂

    God Bless the Kelly family.

  2. I don’t know any learned football fan that doesn’t have total respect for Jim Kelly.

    Get well soon, Jim.

  3. wishing you a speedy recovery jim from this former houston gambler,houston oilers and current san diego chargers fan!!!

  4. I hate stories like this, having lived thru it once with my dad, and am now gearing up to go thru it with mom. Always brings a tear to my eye.

    I whole heartedly hope he has a full and complete recovery. Best wishes to JK and his family.

  5. It has to be tough sitting around for 2-3 months wondering what will happen next. A man’s mind can play some crazy games with him, so I hope Jim is able to stay positive.

    All the best to Jim Kelly and his family.

  6. Jim Kelly is a class-act…but you wanna know something else I have found?

    So are a lot of you people…so many non-Bills fans sending him well-wishes…and in my book, respect earns respect.

    So, again…thank you to all of you who are standing behind Jim and supporting him.

    Buffalo’s Jim Kelly, and Jim Kelly’s Buffalo.

    It’s always been that way, and it will always be that way…no matter what happens.

    Like I shared once before…Jim and Jill sent me books they wrote, with autographed messages of hope and inspiration inside, when my Father passed away from cancer. I cannot explain how much that meant to me. They are truly some incredible people, and they certainly deserve nothing but the best of what the world has to offer in life.

    I pray every day and night that “hero #2” (after my Father) gets to see the day a parade goes down Delaware Avenue…with him front and center holding the Lombardi for all of WNY and the world to see! 🙂

    (Get behind us folks, we deserve it!)

  7. Get well Jim. My mom just finished her third round of radiation treatments the other day. There are a lot of folks out there fighting the good fight. STAY STRONG!

  8. we could all aspire to handle adversity the way Jim Kelly and his wife Jill have dealt with this.
    Jim and Jill Kelly, class personified.
    Looking for a silver lining here myself, i hold onto these words ‘it will take 2 to 3 months to determine his next treatment’.
    anything else i have to say, someone else has said it previously and better than i can.

  9. I mean screw this. Most of these comments sound like they are off of a Hallmark card. Do the best you can and see what happens from there. It’s up to you. Lux
    BTW I really hope everything goes well.

  10. Prayers and thoughts sent. You seem to be a great guy with a good family and even though you are struggling you’re still thinking of patients you were hospitalized with. Knowing that says quite a lot about your character. You were a great QB but an even better human being.

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