Lane Johnson gets touchy about criticism of his $17,747 dinner bill


Last week Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson posted on Twitter a picture of a receipt for what Johnson referred to as a “rookie dinner.” The bill for the dinner came to $17,747.86.

That brought Johnson in for some criticism, especially coming on the heels of Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant saying days earlier that it bugged him that he was forced to spend $55,000 on a dinner for veterans when he was a rookie.

Now Johnson is complaining that the criticism is unfounded.

“For those of you so concerned with MY business, I am grateful to be able to treat my O-line to such a great evening VOLUNTARILY!” Johnson wrote in response to that criticism.


Here’s a tip for Johnson: If you don’t want people commenting on what you consider “MY business,” don’t tweet pictures of $17,747.86 dinner receipts. Johnson tweeted the receipt because he likes showing off that he and his teammates can afford to spend on one dinner what most Americans have to work months to earn. It apparently never occurred to him that some people might think that kind of Twitter boasting is garish, and that he’d take some criticism for it. Once he got the criticism, he got upset.

Johnson still hasn’t explained who paid what for this “rookie dinner.” His first tweet suggested that the Eagles’ rookies paid for it. His second tweet suggested that he paid for it. One report said Johnson paid “a portion” of the bill.

Regardless of which player paid what, when players are going out to dinner and spending more than $1,000 a man, it’s easy to see why so many former NFL players go broke. As a 24-year-old who signed a contract last year that will pay him almost $20 million, Johnson may think he doesn’t have to worry about money. But he should talk to former players like Bernie Kosar and Mark Brunell and Vince Young and Warren Sapp and Jamal Lewis, just to name a few. All of them made more money than Johnson and all of them went bankrupt.

Maybe Johnson will turn out to be better about managing his money than those guys. Or maybe when his NFL career is over he’ll realize that he not only can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on dinner, but he can’t even afford to make ends meet. Sometimes when you’re a 24-year-old with a lot of money in your pocket, you need someone to be concerned about your business.

64 responses to “Lane Johnson gets touchy about criticism of his $17,747 dinner bill

  1. I hope the memory of that meal lasts a lifetime, because when he’s (a) out of the league and (b) broke by age 32 he’ll wish he saved a few more acorns for the cold, harsh winter.

  2. Haven’t you heard Lane? Putting things out there opens one up to criticism.
    Speaking of “VOLUNTARY” you put it on social media voluntarily. If you post something it leaves your control, grow up.

  3. Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD. That goes for his post, his meal and his attitude about the backlash.

    Being young and dumb is fun… learning from others’ experience let’s you have fun longer. Live and Learn

  4. The majority of us will have more money in the bank than this guy in 10 years.

  5. hey Johnson, don’t leave your feelings on your shoulder where they can fall off and get stomped on. maybe if u would just keep your business to yourself u wouldn’t have to worry about being criticized.

  6. i couldn’t possibly care less what these guys spend their money on and i can’t for the life of me understand why anyone else does?

  7. Hard not to agree with PFT on this one. Players who treat large sums of cash as casually as sand in a desert — later learn that their tiny window to set themselves and their families up for life can close much faster than they may have thought.

    This is the ONE time in their life for 98% of them to be SMART — not some kind of make-it-rain fool in strip clubs, or some impregnating 11 baby mamas moron or some burning signing bonuses on 24 inch rim-buying clown who supports an entourage of parasites. Be smart now — embrace the rewards later.

    And this is not about race — all races are subject to making foolish decisions. All of them.

  8. My very first thought when the initial article came out: there is absolutely ZERO benefit to Lane Johnson or the Philadelphia Eagles by him posting a picture of a year-old restaurant tab. Nothing good can come from it….only pure distraction.

    This restaurant tab stuff isn’t a big deal, nor should it be blown out of proportion, but it simply goes to show that saying or doing ANYTHING that only serves to distract you or your teammates from what’s important should be avoided entirely. Lane isn’t guilty of any significant wrongdoing, but at the same time I hope he learns from this nonsense moving forward.

  9. So he see’s it as sorta of a membership fee? Well, that’s his business and ours to comment, if we choose.

    For a young guy, he makes good money @ nearly $20 million over 4 years. Not too bad, but $17K is nuts for any one meal, when there are people starving in America.

  10. What Lane fails to realize is that he is FREE to post whatever he wants on social media and everyone else is just as FREE to respond to it.

  11. If you put it out there,you open yourself up for criticism. If you are so into how much you spend (foolishly),then that’s on you too. People in this world are hungry and have nothing,so I think it’s a total waste.

  12. I think he wrote this just to show people that he had no hard feelings buying for the veterans. I know guys like Dez have a problem with it, Lane does not. I don’t think he was poking fun at people who cannot afford it or showing people that he can afford to buy expensive dinners voluntarily for his teammates. People, really, it is his money and he can do with it what he pleases.

  13. This is why players should stay away from social media. Stupid things like this create stories for the media and players get upset when people criticize. If he can’t handle it then keep it off his Twitter timeline. It is his money and I don’t care what he does as long as he doesn’t blame the NFL and then sue later on because he is broke, after doing stupid stuff like this.

  14. One agent used to insist part of contract was invested in a retirement account they could not touch. He lost so many players he quit doing it.

  15. you know the off season is slow when we are talking about an Offensive Tackles food bill for a week.

    Seriously, ready for some football action.

  16. We all know the saying, “a fool and his money are soon parted.” But a lesser known saying is, “a fool and his money were lucky to get together in the first place.”

  17. Why does the players union not have a policy or guideline that all contracts must include wording that 10-20% must be in a 401k and a match of 3%

  18. Nothing quite as annoying as people posting on social media and calling it THEIR business when people comment on it.

  19. For those saying it’s nobody else’s business how these folks with large contracts for only a few years squander their cash, consider this: the government has no money of its own. So when the government (state or federal) doles out welfare, whether workers comp, unemployment, Medicaid, food stamps, subsidized housing, free cell phones, or aid for multiple unsupported childen, the government goes to the only source of money it knows of. And that is the taxpayer. Most folks never get a chance to stockpile for the future, so within reason, I don’t mind getting help. But when clowns like the aforementioned athletes end up broke and in need of welfare of some sort, I have pity.

  20. Can someone please tell me what the hell is the purpose of taking a picture of a receipt and then sharing that picture with everyone?

    Seriously, what in the world is the matter with people? As a 26 year old man, I couldn’t sign onto a Twitter account if I tried… Come to think of, I literally don’t no someone who uses Twitter.

    Bottom line, anyone who has to tell people: Where they are, what they’re doing, who they’re with, what they’re eating, how much they’re spending, blah blah blah all day long is no one I would ever affiliate myself with.

    Grow up little boys. Go Panthers!

  21. BTW… Working adults DO take pictures of their receipts, but they would get fired if it ended up anywhere but Accounting’s desk.

  22. LOL to the people saying hes going to be broke. He averages 5 million a year. A 17k dinner is the equivalent to someone making 50k a year and spending $170 on a dinner or $340 if you make 100k a year. Just because its a lot to you doesn’t make it a lot to him

  23. “Johnson still hasn’t explained who paid what for this “rookie dinner.”

    This, of course, is unacceptable. The press should file a class-action suit to compel Johnson to testify as to who paid for what. If he subsequently refuses, he should be found in contempt of court, and maybe sit in the county hoosegow until his memory is refreshed.

    The public has a God-given, constitutional right to know these details so that they may comment intelligently on this sordid situation. Unless they don’t.

  24. What in the world costs $1,000 for a 1 person dinner? Were they eating endangered animals and drinking 100 year old wine?

  25. Lane,
    Maybe you don’t mean to appear a certain way but showing off how much money you voluntarily spent on your team dinner is lousy. I’m very sure that that tab could have fed people for whom 10 dollars is a luxury. Stop clowning around and keep your bragging to yourself.

  26. Hollywood Henderson
    Nate Newton
    Golden Richards

    All former Dallas Cowboys also went bankrupt

  27. The larger point of the article was how tone deaf it was to tweet (?) a $17k receipt to people living off instant noodles and then get upset that they’re upset. There’s obviously no law in America about not making a fool of yourself, but you’d think the league’s PR staff would keep an eye on this sort of thing.

  28. I don’t care how much these guys spend on dinner. I don’t care if they are broke the day they are out of the league. That is their responsibility, and their problem.

    Maybe they’ll get into their 60’s, and wish they saved a lot more money. Maybe they’ll spend lavishly sometimes, and still save money (lord knows Johnson made enough last year as the #3 pick to afford a few 18k nights). Maybe they’ll get hit by a bus next week and it doesn’t matter.

    It’s their money, if they want to waste it, that’s on them. They are grown men, who has spent at least 2 years in “college”, if they can’t figure out that they should put away a few bucks. That isn’t on anybody but them. Some people just can’t say no, some people just make dumb decisions. No amount of “training” by the league is going to change that

  29. Good grief! If you don’t want people commenting on your private business, then don’t make it public.

    If you decide to make it public, don’t gripe about people butting into your business when you publicize it.

    It ain’t rocket science.

  30. You earned and deserved a great time out, my wife and I do the same thing once a year to unwind on vacation, only on a much smaller budget, but people live and enjoy to their means.

  31. Dude should be worrying about going the way of that other Eagles OL bust Danny Watkins instead of twittering his dopey restaurant bill.

  32. So so sad. We have kids dying from hunger and these guys are doing crap like this.
    GLUTTONY is a sin as well folks. Sad to see where our culture is going. Maybe if they could hold a “Charity Dinner” for folks with a real need with all that money that the Rooks or new players could pay for.

  33. it’s totally his business, but it’s stupid to spend that much on one night and it’s stupid to ever broadcast your spending

  34. Unfortunately Lane forgot that when u submit ur personal life to the general public u do so ready to accept what comes with it.. That usually means some kind of un-welcomed critics taking aim at ur decision.. Easiest way to avoid criticsm.. Dont do it.. I dont think anyone remembers what peyton payed for a rookie dinner..

  35. Or maybe when his NFL career is over he’ll realize that he not only can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on dinner, but he can’t even afford to make ends meet. Sometimes when you’re a 24-year-old with a lot of money in your pocket, you need someone to be concerned about your business.
    You’re right. Except that shouldn’t be YOU.
    Everyone thinks because they watched the 30 for 30 “Broke” that they know everything about athlete’s finances. The people Florio names: Kosar, Brunell, Vince Young, etc went broke, because of bad investments not lavish dinners like this. Is spending 17K on one dinner sound finance? No, but it’s not going to bankrupt him either. For all we know he’s put $5 million in the bank, hasn’t touched it, and will be able to live off the interest for the rest of his life.

  36. What a cheap sob….$17,747.86. Please…..What you need to do Lane is really take your boys out for a good time and let’s see the 100g receipt, come on I dare yeah.
    FYI he’ll be broke in the near future with a joke of a law suit against the NFL for are you ready……”Concussion Syndrome” and that’s going to be the reason he spent that kind of jack on dinner….it wasn’t his fault he wasn’t thinking right.

  37. Poor Lanes feelings got hurt. Maybe Chip can make him a smoothie and tuck him in and tell him everything’s gonna be ok.

  38. Not that I agree, but I can sort of understand having the first round draft pick treat everyone to a single ridiculously expensive meal. But meals? And why force the rookies who aren’t making any guaranteed money to chip in?

  39. Real classy of Lane Johnson to gloat about money and then get pissed at people who find it offensive. It’s not a matter of whether he paid that amount for dinner, it’s just poor taste in this day and age of the struggling middle class of america who have seen their incomes get smaller, lose job security, and watch the richest 1% piss all over it, and act like it is just ok. This is the side of football that I have learned to hate, and I never thought I would say that about a sport that I love. Players like Lane Johnson could use a little humility in their lives.

  40. There will be a day when Lane Johnson will wish he had that $17k back! What a clown.

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