Monday morning one-liners


The example set by S Jairus Byrd lingers with the Bills.

Dolphins TE Charles Clay is in line for more attention this season.

Patriots receivers get a good test in practice from cornerbacks Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner.

Jets LB Antwan Barnes thinks he’s more than 70 percent of the way back to health.

Ravens QB Joe Flacco’s brother Tom was drafted by the Phillies.

What are the Bengals’ expectations for LB Emmanuel Lamur?

Browns coach Mike Pettine and several assistants went to his hometown for a youth football clinic this weekend.

LB Vic So’oto hopes to stop bouncing around the league and stick with the Steelers.

The Texans have never had a quarterback like Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Said Colts TE Coby Fleener of a newspaper’s prediction of a Super Bowl berth, “I don’t think it really matters if USA Today put us first, last, somewhere in the middle. It’s not going to change how we prepare.”

There are plenty of opportunities for receivers with the Jaguars this year.

The Titans should see some immediate impact from their defensive changes.

Broncos DE Derek Wolfe hosted a charity event for his foundation over the weekend.

The Chiefs and Royals have joined up for some joint work in the community.

The Raiders held an event honoring local student-athletes.

Boxing is part of Chargers T D.J. Fluker’s workout routine.

S J.J. Wilcox has a chance to start for the Cowboys.

New faces with the Giants are working to form ties with their teammates.

Plans for Eagles receivers have a lot to do with Jeremy Maclin.

On social meda and Redskins QB Robert Griffin III.

Having Jared Allen at defensive end should help LaMarr Houston and other Bears defenders.

G Rob Sims would like to spend the rest of his career with the Lions.

Which second-year Packers are set for a jump in production?

There are questions about how a park near the Vikings’ forthcoming stadium will be used.

Falcons CB Robert Alford has set his sights on a starting job.

The Panthers are in the market for new captains.

The Saints are working on forcing more turnovers.

Minicamp questions for the Buccaneers to answer.

Cardinals linebackers Lorenzo Alexander and Sam Acho have returned from last year’s injuries.

C Barrett Jones is healthy enough to compete for playing time with the Rams.

The 49ers are counting on S Antoine Bethea’s experience benefitting their defense.

What impact will Colin Kaepernick’s contract have on Seahawks QB Russell Wilson’s future deal?

6 responses to “Monday morning one-liners

  1. The Texans have never had a quarterback like Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    They’ve never had a quarterback that throws tons of interceptions?

  2. “What impact will Colin Kaepernick’s contract have on Seahawks QB Russell Wilson’s future deal?”

    Hopefully, none. Wilson deserves a contract that is true to the headline (lead numbers) and not a puff piece of hot air like Kaepernick’s.

    -Titans Fan

  3. I get the point in the Bills article, but how many 230 pound running backs are there really, that a safety will play against? Not many starting RB’s are that big, at all.

    As for Ryan Fitzpatrick, if you’re not a Bills fan, you have no place to talk because you have never seen him play as a starter, consistently. He is a damn good QB if they do things the right way with him…which I’m not sure anybody but Chan Gailey really knew how to do. Say what you want, but he’s a hell of an offensive coach…I’d love to have him as Coordinator in Buffalo, CJ Spiller was a beast under Chan Gailey. But that’s all besides the point, back to Fitz…

    He is as smart as they come. He is a Brett Favre-lite type of gun-slinger, and he certainly carries that mentality. He is also a tough S.O.B. and will play injured…as evident by him playing with broken ribs. He can also take off and run if need be, not like Vick, but better than Brady/Manning. He is a team player through and through, and he will help Savage and the other young QB’s on that roster develop. I wish he was still in Buffalo as a mentor. He is also an amazing human being who will do everything within his power to help out and make the Houston community a better place to live and play football. Everyone will fall in love with the guy, for all the right reasons…but he’s not the savior. He won’t lead them to a Super Bowl, and he won’t exactly win games all by himself.

    But, if anyone deserves a fair shake somewhere, from the team and it’s fans…it is definitely Ryan Fitzpatrick…and I never thought I’d say that a few years ago when he first came to Buffalo and ended up taking over the QB job. He’s a top-15/20 QB in the league, no doubt…it all comes down to play calling and his teammates doing their jobs…because he’ll do his! He is a leader, he plays with emotions…and it’s clear to tell he loves the game and has fun.

    Give him a chance, Houston…he’s better than any QB you’ve ever had down there.

  4. Ps. Again, if you don’t have the all-22, don’t talk about Fitzpatrick’s interceptions.

    If you do have it…go watch and look for how many times WR’s broke off their routes, ran the wrong route, dropped/tipped the ball, or just flat out gave up on the ball/route…I’m looking at you Stevie Johnson!

    It was not all Fitz, all the time…but then again, Favre sure had a lot of interceptions with that gun-slinger mentality too.

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