Patriots sign tight end Kyle Auffray

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The Patriots have signed a tight end who can also punt and pass in a pinch.

New England has added first-year pro Kyle Auffray, the club said Monday. The 27-year-old Auffray had a two-month stint with Arizona leading up to the 2013 season. He played for New Hampshire from 2009 through 2010, playing tight end and serving as the club’s punter as a senior.

Before joining New Hampshire, Auffray was a quarterback at Mississippi State (2006-2007).

In another roster move Monday, the Patriots waived rookie wide receiver Derrick Johnson, who played collegiately at Maine.

9 responses to “Patriots sign tight end Kyle Auffray

  1. Bill loves a swiss army knife. I actually think this guy has a shot to make the team. He already had a private with the Pats around draft week and he impressed Bill. At 6.5′ 252 lbs he posted some good times at the super regional combine in Dallas.

  2. He is a former quaterback in high school and in college played punter-tight end……. at least a decent blocker, maybe can win a spot like Matt Mulligan last year.

  3. Hope he doesn’t mind a career of never winning the big game. And listening to his QB whine like a schoolgirl if he runs a wrong route, or drops a pass, or doesn’t throw rose petals at his feet, etc.

  4. Love the hate — if it were another team, folks would be saying, “Wow, how great of them for giving an unknown a shot. American dream!” etc. But don’t worry, your team will still be able to pick up this guy for $40 million after Brady makes him look like a star.

  5. The kid’s going to be used like BB uses all others, if the talent’s there he’ll find his strength and make the most of it, blocking, hands, special teams or where ever he fills a need. Kid sounds like a gamer, just wants to play and is looking for a shot.

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