PFT: Carr and Schaub fighting for starting QB job in Oakland

The Raiders brought in Matt Schaub this offseason as a veteran presence, but he also has the opportunity to take over as the starting QB. The only thing standing in his way is rookie Derek Carr. Mike Florio believes the deck will be stacked in Schaub’s favor.

4 responses to “PFT: Carr and Schaub fighting for starting QB job in Oakland

  1. disagree….unless schuab really shoots himself in the foot…he is starting for the next two years.

  2. He has “the opportunity” to take over as the starting QB? I would think that since Dennis Allen has already stated that HE IS the starting QB, that this is a useless bit of info!

  3. Ross Tucker, played in 42 games for 5 teams over 7 year NFL career. Journeyman, at best. His take, not up to that standard.

  4. Raiders fans have to remember that Tyler Wilson looked great in OTA’s before getting cut as a rookie fourth-round pick. NFL fans should also remember that Jet’s insiders were predicting that Geno Smith would be a stud year one after OTA’s. Don’t get me wrong: I love Carr (and as a WVU alum have faith that Geno Smith will continue to improve after showing enough promise) but he simply is going to have too much to learn coming from that Fresno offense. Once the pads go on Carr is going to have start from scratch learning how to drop-back from center, which we’ve seen time and again is a difficult thing to do. Raiders fans need to simply let Schaub play, no matter how he plays while the rest of our team gets itself in order. Were not going to playoffs even if Carr is a stud, day one and its not like its going to hurt him to spend time on the bench.

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