Welker eager to change his 0-3 Super Bowl record


Wes Welker has played in three Super Bowls in his NFL career, two with the Patriots and this year’s with the Broncos. He’s been on the losing team all three times.

Welker told the Denver Post that after an NFL career that includes five Pro Bowls, two first-team All-Pros and three different seasons of leading the league in receptions, the one thing he still wants to do is get a Super Bowl ring.

“I think it’s kind of the one thing that’s out there for me. It’s what pushes me. It’s what motivates me,” Welker said of a Super Bowl victory. “We have a great opportunity, and we want to make the most of it.”

Although Welker is an integral part of the Broncos’ offense, he was a smaller part of the Broncos’ offense last season than he had been in New England: Welker’s totals of 73 catches and 778 yards were lower than he had in any of his six years with the Patriots. (Welker did have a career-high 10 touchdowns.) It’s possible that Welker will get even fewer balls thrown his way this year, as the Broncos added receiver Emmanuel Sanders and drafted receiver Cody Latimer. Welker doesn’t worry about that.

“I don’t really think about it like that anymore. I want us to be the best team we can be, whatever that means,” Welker said. “Trust me, I understand. I’m 33 going into my 11th year. I don’t know how many opportunities I have. I want us to be the best team possible. Whoever that takes being out here and trying to help for us to be the best that we can be, that’s what I’m all about.”

Whatever role he plays this season, Welker just wants to end it with a Super Bowl ring on his finger.

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  1. He played great in his 1st SB. He’s the reason why his team lost SB 2 and SB 3 was just a joke – not his fault, he was playing with Mr. Choke.

  2. Wait for the incoming hate.. Manning and Welker are going to end a lot of fans playoff runs. #iceupson

  3. Good luck, Wes. Would love to see you get a ring, and was happy it didn’t happen as a Pat.

  4. Best of luck to Wes. Would have been nice to see him get a ring with the Patriots. I hate cheering against him when we play the Bronco, but on those days, he is the enemy.

  5. joetoronto says:Jun 9, 2014 11:55 AM

    Better change teams then, Wes.
    Who to? The Raiders? Then he would be waiting until hell freezes over.

  6. Hey welker you’re not going to win a SB ring playing with that choker of a qb you have and cheating the cap, but you can watch manning collect trophies for his personal stats awards during the regular season if you want. That should give you enough of a thrill.

  7. .

    The Patriots have filled the Welker void with Edelman, 2nd year man Josh Boyce and possibly this year’s 7th rounder 5’7″ Jeremy Gallon. All three combined make less than Welker.


  8. If Tom Brady throws a better pass in the Indy Super Bowl, then Wes has his ring. But ol’ Tom lost his clutch gene after Spygate.

  9. Yeah, good luck with that…the Donkeys won’t be going to another SuperBowl anytime soon.

  10. I enjoy everyone mentioning the drop that Welker had when he was fully extended. It couldn’t be that the Giants had something to do with that could it. Brady had 266 yards on 48 passes and 276 yards on 41 passes. Blame Welker if you want but the Giants shut down Brady both times. We remember what the Seahawks did last year to Manning but people seem to forget what the Giants did to Brady.

  11. Oh man, I guess Wes better hope for a trade to the Vikings. They are the best franchise in all of sports after all. Skol, right?


  12. Wes, you made your bed now you can lie in it.

    You thought you were so funny with you’re “witty” comments about Rex Ryan. You pissed off your own coach, fan base and Rex’s wife I’m sure. Not that the last one really matters.

    Who’s foot is in who’s mouth now ?


  13. It’s the curse of Wes Welker!!!

    Of course, one then wonders what curse the Jets have triggered to ensure no Super Bowls since before Man walked on the Moon!

    (Heck – they even remain tied with the Houston Oilers for AFC East titles!)

  14. A lot of people can point to Welkers drop against the Giants as the reason he has no rings, but to me (and probably most Patriots fans) obviously the first super bowl against the Giants hurts WAY worse. A chance at NFL history, a chance to get the ’72 Dolphins to shut up, a chance at 19-0 and 4 for 4 in super bowls with Brady and BB. Go ahead and gloat Giants fans, cuz I’ll admit, that one hurt like hell. Damn you Assante Samuel! And as long as it’s not at the Patriots expense, I would like to see Welker get a ring, he did A LOT for NE during his time there. It just sucks that for a guy who’s made a career out of catching almost every tough pass thats thrown to him that he dropped the pass that would’ve clinched the SB. Was it a PERFECT pass? No. But Brady threw it to him AWAY from coverage, where there was no chance of it getting intercepted, it hit him in both hands, and it should’ve been caught. Major bummer.

  15. Sign with the Ravens. The teams you’ve played for the past several years are media darlings who choke when it matters most!

    Guess what who’s the last guy to win a Superbowl
    Flacco, Brady or Peyton?

  16. Stay with the Denver Donkeys then Welker, you might be able to make your record 0-4! He did say change the record but didn’t specify how…

  17. I think Wes has had an amazing career. How many guys can say they have played in the super bowl with the two greatest quarterbacks of all time? He’s a likely hall of famer. Don’t let the fact you haven’t won a super bowl yet discourage you from all the great things you’ve done in your career

  18. A 5th string WR on IR should have caught that pass 9 out of 10 times.

    Welker has the clutch gene of his current QB.

    In other words, it ain’t happening.

  19. Broncos only signed Welker so he couldn’t hurt them while catching passes from Tom Brady.

    They knew he would contribute but would not be the answer at WR which is why they’ve upgraded their WR corps.

    With those additions the Broncos should get back to the Superbowl and may just win it all this year.

  20. Out of the AFC Denver has to be the favorite to get back. Let’s stop kidding ourselves that another team from that conference gives him a better chance. With that said, Peyton hasnt been very good in the big game or other big games so there is some truth to the fact that getting there might make him 0-4. Realistically Denver needs to play an NFC team that is beat up and not at full strength if they want to win.

  21. a guy who built his career on a heavily slanted toward the offense, pass happy league, consisting of five yard down and out or down and in….piles up stats, blah, not worthy of HOF consideration.

  22. I giggle when the haters come out of the wood work and down the broncos organization, down manning and every player on the roster. It’s lonely on the top but a bitch on the bottom fellas.
    You all worry about the salary cap numbers and how the broncos work but really it’s just jealousy. Sure we got our butts kicked in the big game but what nobody wants to talk about the injuries we had on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Staying healthy is a challenge for any team and some injuries happen at a bad time. Here’s to another winning season and another trip the the super bowl. …how many of you would love to cheer for a winner. .lol.

  23. people seem to forget what the Giants did to Brady

    Belichick remembers, and he saw this years Super Bowl too. D-line with his #1 pick this year.

    As far as Wes, I wish him the best. He gave it everything he had for the Pats and I appreciate it.

  24. Even if Welker made the catch, there was still plenty of time and timeouts left for the Giants to get the ball back. I don’t know why people think that the Pats were 3 kneel downs away. There was over 4 mins left.

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