Andy Dalton on Kaepernick contract: The biggest thing is it got done


In the wake of the extension signed by 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, one of the biggest questions being kicked around is what the deal will mean for other quarterbacks whose contracts are close to expiring.

The contract came after just 23 starts and can be worth up to $126 million over seven years, but has numerous outs for the 49ers and de-escalators that can drop the total value well below the $126 million figure. Andy Dalton, one of the quarterbacks who is looking for a new contract, says he’s less concerned about the numbers than the fact that the 49ers and Kaepernick were able to find middle ground and get a deal done.

“I think the biggest thing is it got done,” Dalton said, via “That’s one thing that you see — they took the time and were able to find a middle ground and get it done. I’m hopeful that’ll happen for me soon.”

It doesn’t sound like it would be a deal breaker if the Bengals take a page from the 49ers’ playbook and offer a contract with incentives in hopes of forging their own meeting place with Dalton.

“You have to have confidence in yourself to be able to do things,” Dalton said, via the team’s website. “I think he’s confident enough he’ll be able to play out the whole contract and he’s going to be able to earn everything. For me, I feel the same way. I feel like I’m confident in what I’m able to do. … But you can’t even talk about [structure] right now.”

A contract that pays Dalton at least in part based on what he achieves on the field would likely be more agreeable to the Bengals than one that pays “Jay Cutler money,” but the wait for an agreement (or an agreement not to reach an agreement) continues in Cincinnati.

25 responses to “Andy Dalton on Kaepernick contract: The biggest thing is it got done

  1. I feel bad for the situation the Bengals are now stuck in.

    Between paying a QB who will want 20 million a year or let him leave and have nothing.

    I’m glad to be a Vikings fan, having the next perennial all star in Teddy Bridgewater on a cheap rookie contract with a fifth year option that will allow us to have more talent around the team.

    And the best coach on the Bengals last year that made them a top 5 defense as our head coach.

    Life’s good.

  2. Dalton believes he will receive a similar contract because of all of the similarities he shares with Kaepernick. They were both drafted early in the second round in 2011, and ….. well….umm … well..
    …….. uhh…. they both play the same position.

  3. “For me, I feel the same way. I feel like I’m confident in what I’m able to do.”

    He’s got a point. Repetition breeds comfort breeds confidence. And if Dalton has shown us any thing the last 3 years, it’s that he’s consistent.

  4. This guy is a class act. Puts TEAM ahead of I issues!
    The reason why trolls of other teams hate on Dalton is because they wish they had him!
    Stay classy Andy, your time will come soon enough.
    Bengaldom swims in the pool of tears that other teams fans make.
    ANDY DALTON…….looking to make a mockery of the AFC NORTH again.

  5. Dalton is not the kind of QB Kaepernick is. Cincy would be wise to see how he does this year rather than pay a guy who could lose the team with another miserable playoff performance.

    Plus I can’t imagine any teams giving Dalton top ten money in free agency.

  6. Yup. Not many similarities between Dalton and Kaep. One threw 33 TDs last year. The other has thrown 31 in his whole career. One took over a 4-12 team, the other took over a team that narrowly missed the Super Bowl.

  7. Can’t think of many teams who wish they had Andy Dalton? And throw all the regular season stats and wins out. All that matters is 0-3 in the playoffs.

  8. Jeeez. Come on Mike Brown, take a hint. Mr. Dalton sounds like he would sign anything as long as its right now.

  9. The Bengals may reluctant to pay him big money since they have drafted A.J. McCarron as insurance against him walking. The one thing McCarron has over Dalton is that he is not likely to make a dumb decision and throw an interception at a critical point in the game.

  10. I feel nothing but sorrow for Andy Dalton. He is a gifted QB, usually quite accurate, and he has an excellenter go-to receiver. His only adversity is in his nemesis-like coach Marvin Lewis. “Marv” is the one losing the playoff games by repeatedly putting Dalton in difficult spots, which is devistating to a young QB’s confidence.

    Sadly, few but experts notice any of this. They only see that Dalton chokes, not understanding that the QB’s poise and accurasy are only half the story.

  11. Can anyone imagine how great Andy’s playoff record would be if Baalke had succeeded drafting him instead of Kaerpernick? I don’t know if he would have won a superbowl, but he most certainly would have won games and playoff games as well. I.e.: J. Harbaugh -> M. Lewis.

  12. I’d love to see what kind of numbers Kap would put up with a WR like AJ Green, he’s never had anybody even close to that talented to throw to.

  13. Rumor has it that even the tight walleted Mike Brown is willing to pay him 1 Billion dollars for every playoff victory he leads the Bungles to.

  14. Mike Brown loves these Bungal fans that are happy with mediocrity.

    It saves him a ton of money.

  15. Name one game where Dalton absolutely lit up a good defense. I’ll be here waiting for your answer……Can’t think of one? Thought so. Dalton does well against bad defenses. He does terrible against good defenses however. He’s a good QB. Not great. He sure as heck isn’t going to win the Super Bowl for you. We can only hope Hue can field a top 3 run game this year. That’ll be the only way this team wins a playoff game. Can’t put it on Dalton’s shoulders to win the game.

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