Bengals re-sign Alex Smith

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The Bengals have brought back a familiar face at a position where injuries have been a slight offseason concern.

According to Geoff Hobson of, the club has re-signed tight end Alex Smith, who appeared in all 16 regular season games for Cincinnati a season ago.

Smith’s re-signing comes after tight ends Jermaine Gresham and Tyler Eifert both missed time last week with minor ailments.

The 6-foot-4, 250-pound Smith has hauled in 163 passes for 1,473 yards and 13 touchdowns in nine NFL seasons. He caught three passes for 12 yards and one TD for Cincinnati in 2013.

The Bengals’ mandatory minicamp practices begin today and run through Thursday. Their final week of OTAs is next week, thus concluding their offseason program.

11 responses to “Bengals re-sign Alex Smith

  1. I thought for a minute that Alex Smith left KC and is now with the Bengals. I still hear that Smith is not happy with KC though.

  2. Bengals fans initially thought they were able to get the QB Alex Smith re-signed. But then they realized that they were 0-4 in the playoffs with Dalton so that would’ve been impossible.

  3. typical…this guy shows up game in game out, week in and week out while the two “studs” can barely find the field…

  4. I always enjoy telling this story whenever the other Alex Smith shows up in the news. Before the 2004 draft, a young tight end named Alex who had performed well for Stanford was summoned by private plane to Detroit for a personal interview with the general manager, Matt Millen. Alex was surprised because he was seen as a mid-round prospect, but he wasn’t going to pass up such an opportunity. From the moment he landed in Detroit to the Lion’s office, he got many confused looks and checking of papers but he got his interview. Millen asked him a couple basic questions, spent maybe ten minutes on the whole interview and shipped Alex back to Stanford. It was much later that Alex realized they were trying to interview the other Alex Smith and had gotten his college, his race, and his position wrong when they brought him in. That story is the only one I use when describing Matt Millen’s reign of terror to people and it never fails to get the point across. Matt Millen is the worst and is the standard for how the worst should be judged, now and forevermore.

  5. As a Bengals fan when I heard they signed Alex Smith I knew they were talking about a TE. He played with them last year and I read a week ago they kept a rooster spot open for him.

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