Broadway Joe defends Johnny Football


The former Jets quarterback (not that one) to whom Johnny Manziel often is compared has addressed Manziel’s early-career proclivity for being young and having fun.

What difference does it make?” Joe Namath told NFL Network on Monday.  “Really?  And it is an example of the different eras and time.  I do know this about Johnny Manziel, I haven’t seen anyone perform any better than Johnny the last two seasons on that football field.  And I do know that we love entertainment.  Football is a sport but it is showbiz.  It is entertainment.  And Johnny, he’s got to live his life, man.  You know, give him some room.”

But Namath has no doubt that Manziel will be the right guy to lead the Browns, whenever the Browns let him be the leader.

“I’d love him on my team, just let me say that,” Namath said.

So how would life have been different for Broadway Joe if Twitter and social media and camera phones had existed in his day?

“I would have had to adjust,” Namath said.

He’s right about that, and he could be right about Manziel.  If Manziel can remain healthy when he’s getting hit squarely not by players from Duke but by Steelers and Ravens and Bengals.

That’s the far bigger concern that Manziel’s decision to go to Vegas or spray champagne on total strangers.  He took way too many square hits in college.  And while he always got up when hit squarely in college, he may have a harder time getting up if he takes too many square hits from NFL defenders.

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  1. Perfect. Get Joe’s opinion. The only man famous for a drunken interview on a national TV sideline report, where he said to the interviewer, “I really want to kiss you”.

    Yep, he’s the guy with a valued and respected opinion, perfect for Johnny Bieber.

  2. With social media perhaps Johnny does not need NY but he won’t get the headlines in Cleveland

  3. Hey, if Manziel guarantees a Superbowl win and delivers in Cleveland, he can go to Vegas, spray strangers with champagne, and kiss all of the sideline reporters he wants.

    Bernie never even went to the Bowl and he’s immortal in Cleveland. We love the guy, flaws and all.

    It’s almost like Cleveland likes great stories more than they like great talent. Combine a guy like JFF with the stories and the talent and you have pure gold.

  4. No suprise on Joe’s opinion here…..although Namath, like Mickey Mantle, would never survive in the internet/twitter culture we live in today, they would be run out of the sport for their off the field actions in 2 years flat…..everything is ridiculed no matter how small bc media outlets are dying for stories and dying to be the first ones to report them….

  5. papajack1259 says:
    Jun 10, 2014 7:44 AM
    With social media perhaps Johnny does not need NY but he won’t get the headlines in Cleveland

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    first time on the internet I see…

    must be living under a rock…

    I’ll stay out of the discussion as to whether Johnny deserves the headlines, but he has gotten the headlines non-stop and will for the foreseeable future.

    try remaining out from under that rock and you’ll notice that he has headlines…

  6. I feel the same as Namath, who cares what he does. If he produces on the field, THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE. The only reason we hear about Johnny Football is the media has nothing to write about that has any bones. Just think if Babe Ruth was in todays market. He’d be ridiculed too death. All this talk is STUPID!

  7. Do yourself a favor and watch the Namath special on HBO.

    Nobody partied harder than Broadway Joe and when it mattered the most he backed up his words on the biggest stage the sport has.

    Yeah he messed up w Suzy Kolber on national TV, PS we’ve all done similar just not on camera!!! Fact is that event helped him to straighten out his life and admit he has a problem, and fix it.

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