Jeff Fisher says Gregg Williams is changing the attitude in St. Louis


Rams head coach Jeff Fisher brought in his old buddy Gregg Williams to whip his defense into shape this year, and Fisher says Williams is making big changes to the attitude.

Fisher said Williams is re-shaping the Rams’ defense in a way that can already be felt during Organized Team Activities, and that should extend into the season.

He’s the main voice in the room,” Fisher said. “He can coach every single position. You can see the change. You can see the energy. I’ve had to back him down just a little bit.”

Williams is best known for his role in the Saints bounty case, but he also has a long track record of success as a defensive coach before the scandal in New Orleans. Now Williams is doing it in St. Louis.

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  1. Nobody cares about the Rams in St Louis,, it is an extra home game for San Francisco.

    The 49ers will win the division, while the Rams will be in last place.

    CK7 will be MVP.

  2. Gregg Williams will forever be known as the man that cheated the Minnesota Vikings out of a Super Bowl.

    This guy should be banned from the league.

  3. I think he’s a good coach who was caught in the moment and made a bad choice. He served his time. Making the Rams D relevant again would be an amazing comeback.

  4. Glad he’s back in the nfl. He just got caught doing, what’s been done for decades. Plus he took the fall like a man and saved a half dozen or so players a substantial number of game checks. Which is instant credibility in a locker room

  5. I’ve always admired Williams’ aggressive style and I think he can still produce a top defense even without the bounty/dirty hit shenanigans.

  6. He’s over rated as a coach, just like Fisher. Fisher hasn’t had a relevant team in more than a decade. The Rams will get smoked again. With supposedly the best D line in the NFL, they sure give up a lot of yards/points. They are the Lions without the explosive offense.

  7. Get over the bounty gate crap. He wasn’t the first, and he won’t be the last. I remember when he was our DC in Washington when Gibbs 2 started, and the same defensive roster that was horrible the year before turned into a top 5 defense.

  8. Still think the bounty thing was B.S. every team was doing the exact same time. Godell is just a fool and was trying to show a good front for the lawsuits which so far has back fired

  9. When I think of Williams, I think of that thing Shakespeare said. Tragedies always magnify the epic nature of the struggle. So I drink tea, think strongly about the fault in our stars (not the book or movie but the real one), and remember that everybody is human unless they are not.

    That basically explains the thing between Williams and Fischer. You just can’t examine football in absence of the correlating evidence.

  10. yea there’ll be a bounty….a bounty of sacks, a bounty of hurries, a bounty QB touches, a bounty of forced fumbles and a bounty of crow eaters…ijs

  11. i understand if you are a division rival of the rams, you may not want to see them have success. But honestly im pulling for this squad. Im not a big believer in bradford per se, but i respect a good tenacious defense…and i think thats where this team is going.

    seattle, san fran and even arizona are looking strong heading into this year, but it would be cool if the rams could find it in themselves to be the dark horse in this division and start upsetting these powerhouse teams

  12. Maybe things didn’t work out in the past, but you need to do what you have to do to find a fiery voice that has the knowledge to understand multiple positions if you want to do right by your team that you are responsible for. I like hearing about all the energy and that the HC admits he’s had to even reel him in from going over the line. As long as you don’t cross the line then pump these guys up and tell them what they need to know and do it with passion!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Williams walked into the locker room put up the manziel money hands and said I got the first one. And like that the attitude was changed.

  14. If the rams and saints are playing in the preseason (I think they are) expect a decent football game. I’m sure there will be plenty of “remember me” shots

  15. Gregg Williams needs to contact Kramer and get a ‘bro’ or a ‘man-ssierre’.

  16. If he’s so great, why did he do NOTHING while in Jacksonville? Was blown out after a year after trying his vaudeville act.

  17. He was a fall guy. Get over it people its a contact sport and coaches say things to motivate players. His punishment was harsh, he did his time and there are still fans that talk trash on him. It’s fans like these that are helping Goodell ruin the sport I love. Only problem I had with Williams was that he rolled over on players instead of standing up and saying yeah we put together funds and players that gave great hits were paid. Either way he did his time and I’m glad he’s w the rams. Britt is going to take the offense to the next level. RAMS NATION

  18. Why is Gregg Williams ALWAYS associated with “Bounty Gate” and “should be banned from the league”? But Bill Belichick is NEVER associated with “Spy Gate” and is the “best coach in the NFL”? Just saying…

  19. Clearly Gregg Williams is overloaded with testosterone. Some people (and coaches) are. He is in the right sport to have the “destroy your enemy” mentality. I’m a NY Giants fan. He did his time. Jeff Fisher is one of the best coaches in the NFL. He knows what this guy can do. I’d love to have him on the Giants. Fewell got lucky when the planets aligned. I think the Giants will contend, but would love this tough, demanding SOB coach in Big Blue.

  20. Colin k hates to play the Rams. He gets intercepted and sacked countless times. Bet the house that the 69ers will place 3rd ahead of AZ.

  21. He’s a good coach, and has always been a good motivator wherever he went.

    The aints players were just scumbags about it. It’s on them, not him.

  22. The NFL offenses have Williams figured out, especially the 49ers.
    Greg Williams Tina in this league has come and gone.
    Glad to have Rob Ryan as the Saints DC now

  23. You can bet your ass him and his defense will under a microscope by the NFL…….

  24. The main thing for the Rams is to get Bradford healthy for the whole season and compete in that helluva division like they did in 2012 and not just defensive adjustments
    If Britt can turn back the clock, the decision to pass on Watkins will than appear justified.
    The secondary could use Gregg Williams nous tho.

  25. Ck7isgod, remember who won the division and beat the niners in the NFC title game, yea I think they’ll have a say in this as Kaepernick fails again

  26. This defense is going to be flat out nasty if the young secondary can cover anyone. With that front 7, they won’t have to cover for very long.

  27. I wonder if anyone has set up a bounty for Williams’ torture and execution yet. It’d be hilarious if he protested while a few of us were curbstomping his skull into pieces and say melting his family by say pouring hydrochloric acid on them. After all, he thinks physically harming other people is accceptable, so it’d be awfully hypocritical of him to all of a sudden be against it if it was happening to him, wouldn’t it? Eye for an eye baby. If Williams turned up somewhere having been say tortured for days and incinerated alive, that’d be hilarious and hopefully there’d be a Youtube of it happening.

  28. So Fisher had to take Williams’ guns and knives away. I’d have like to have seen Fisher explain to Williams the definition of “weapons” as it pertains to the NFL

  29. -Doesn’t every team want to kill the quarterback?
    -Doesn’t every team have contracts with incentives in it for the players performance?
    -Was the rams defense not better last year than previous years?

  30. When Gibbs left town the second time, Snyder should have given the head coaching job to Williams. He had totally transformed the defense, the players all wanted him, and he wanted to stay. There was NO reason not to give him the job other than Snyder’s ego.

    Curse you Mighty Midgit!

  31. If I were other NFC West players, I would be worried. The Rams were accomplished cheap-shot artists last year. How much worse will it be with Gregg “go for the head” Williams as DC? If I were Kaep, Wilson and Palmer, I’d have Lloyds of London on speed dial.

  32. jgedgar70 says:Jun 11, 2014 9:23 AM

    If I were other NFC West players, I would be worried. The Rams were accomplished cheap-shot artists last year. How much worse will it be with Gregg “go for the head” Williams as DC? If I were Kaep, Wilson and Palmer, I’d have Lloyds of London on speed dial.

    I won’t dispute the Rams had some dumb personal foul calls last year (Carolina and Seattle games come to mind), but for you to label them “cheap shot artists” shows you know nothing about football or don’t watch every Rams game…or maybe a combo of both.

  33. All the new rules they have to protect players, they let someone who bribed players to injure other players back in?

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