Kaepernick deal could make it harder to sign other players


49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick says he did a deal specifically aimed at allowing the team to retain other players.  But if the team wants to use Kaepernick’s contract as a template for other negotiations, the terms could make it harder to get more deals done.

As explained by Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, unnamed industry insiders believe Kaepernick’s contract could complicate other negotiations.  With Kaepernick getting a signing bonus of only (only?) $12.328 million, players like guard Mike Iupati and receiver Michael Crabtree (pictured with Kaepernick) may want much more — and it would be hard to justify giving it to them if the 49ers didn’t give it to the supposed leader of the team.

Iupati and Crabtree will be free agents in 2015.  Other playersm like offensive lineman Alex Boone and tight end Vernon Davis, have boycotted offseason workouts in order to get new contracts (or perhaps to simply build their brand . . . by getting new contracts).

It will be easy for other quarterbacks on other teams to claim Kaepernick’s team-friendly deal constitutes an aberration.  It will be harder for other 49ers to make that argument stick with the same front office that persuaded Kaepernick to take less than he could have gotten, especially if he’d made not a year-to-year bet on himself but a Joe Flacco-style all-in one-time wager that could have backed the franchise into a corner come 2015.

Just because Kaepernick took less doesn’t mean other guys will, and if other guys don’t they’ll either be leaving to get more elsewhere or they’ll be getting better deals (relative to their positions) than the guy who plays the most important position.  Which could create some awkwardness and/or hard feelings.

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  1. That’s why you need a good GM that can plan these things out over the long-term and a good one can figure out who are the right people to invest in and sign, and who can better serve the team through a trade exit strategy. And things change fast so you better know what you’re doing from one moment to the next while always seeing the bigger long-term picture!

    Most GMs struggle with this part of the job more than anything else and the name of the game is to not make your own mistakes and figure out what you can steal from other GMs that didn’t figure out their best path with a particular player before it’s too late. Most GMs don’t think that far ahead probably because they are typically trying to figure out how to save their jobs for the present time rather than serving the interests of the franchise.

    And the 49ers are no exception to having some GM challenges, they have been taking a few steps back here and there for many years now and they should be a lot better today than they are, but if you misfire here and there then that’s going to knock you down from your highest potential level of accomplishment.

    How long do you let an imperfect GM keep making minor mistakes? A long time if you are an Owner that can’t even identify that those mistakes are happening.

  2. Kaepernick is so full of it. He did a deal with only $12.4 million guaranteed because that’s all he could get. Obviously the 49ers have big concerns about a guy with legal troubles that aren’t cleared up yet and who’s choked on the 2 biggest stages he’s ever been on. They can cut him at any time and get huge cap savings. Russell Wilson will get at least double the guaranteed money Kaepernick got.

  3. So lemme get this straight…Kaep gets ripped for not being greedy and getting a colossal signing bonus, but signs a “team friendly” deal and the team gets ripped anyway. I’m sensing a trend.

    And how do you boycott a voluntary activity?

  4. The Ravens blew it with the Flacco contract. With a $30 million roster bonus due next year, the Ravens have seriously hurt their team. Either pay Flacco, and likely lose other players, or cut him and dont have a QB.

    Kap did the 49ers a favor with this deal. I just hope for the 49ers sake Kap doesnt regret it when players like Luck, RG3, and Wilson sign bigger contract with more real money next year.

  5. I’m sure crab will get signed before training camp. Iupati can get tagged for 2015. Gore and J.Smith won’t be around in 2015 with Lattimore/Hyde and tank moving in, will save near $10mm in space , then cap will be raised. In short, Niners here to stay 🙂

  6. IMO you can’t overpay a shutdown left guard like Iupatti & more importantly you can’t replace them easily. Look at the hawks since Walter Jones retired. Okung is fairly capable but is hurt often & has to be one of the leaders of holding calls for that position. Unless Iupatti plays tackle??? I can’t remember. Either way the dude is awesome. I watched him at Idaho when he was in college. I love the Vandals but still can’t believe they turned out an O lineman that good. Most people probably couldn’t tell you what the Idaho Vandals colors are.

  7. Mike iupati will be gone..will command a high numbers..great run blocker, decent pass blocker…good depth waiting

    Crabtree-could be difficult to sign, esp when he was difficult when he first entered with no leverage..Stevie johnson and other good depth waiting

    Boone-undrafted diamond who’s playing at an all pro level. Deserves a raise. Will be resigned

    Vernon Davis-selfish guy, trying to build his “brand”.Great player,49ers need him, but he needs to complete the 2yrs left of his contract.

  8. If they play their position and do more for the team to win than he does…. Then they deserve to be paid more than him.

    Stop insisting the QB is automatically worth more than someone else.

  9. There has been so much reported on Kap’s deal that it’s hard to know what is what. If it is truly a team friendly deal then as a Hawks fan I respect the sportsmanship from Kap because as a Hawks fan I hope Russ doesn’t require a franchise killing contract to keep him in Seattle.

    Now if Santa Clara can just please lock up Harbaugh for the upcoming years so the rival’s intensity continues to grow and so we can continue to watch him whine when the Hawks whoop his arse.

    Respect, but no love!

  10. Krappernick is a waste of money if you are going to lose Iupati and Boone. No protection means getting kill. Build a great line and any decent QB will do well. No line and even the greatest QB can get kill and plays like garbage.

  11. That’s what I’m saying. Different players with different agents may not be as team friendly. People may not like it but a player should always go for the best contract possible when their first big deal comes about. They can always give discounts later.

  12. “or they’ll be getting better deals (relative to their positions) than the guy who plays the most important position. Which could create some awkwardness and/or hard feelings.”

    Awkwardness and/or hard feelings between Kaepernick and his teammates or between him and his agent? Nobody was forcing him to sign the contract with that big quill pen.

  13. Kaepernick got hosed plain and simple.

    Now the rest of his team mates will be paying the price or have to go elsewhere to cash in.

    Either way, this spells the beginning of the end for a solid team.

  14. No. You give them what the market dictates. If Kap or his agent have a problem with another player getting a better deal they need to blame each other.

  15. Whether another player is willing to go in on a contract similarly structured to Kaepernick’s with low guaranteed money is besides the point. The fact that Kaepernick took significantly less money than Flacco, Romo, Cutler have recently gotten (quarterbacks that Kaepernick has outperformed over the course of the last two years) allows for more deals to be possible. The Cowboys and Bears have holes all over the roster and the Ravens hemorrhaged talent immediately after signing Flacco. The Niners not only have a stacked roster, but they didn’t have to cut anyone to re-sign Kaepernick and on the contrary they still have money to get some more deals done.

  16. Kaepernick is the LeBron of football. He could single-handedly save a family of 6 from a burning building and people would bash him for not preventing the fire in the first place.

  17. Crabtree hasn’t done jack s h i t since he has come into the league. I can’t figure why you think he would command a top dollar contract, he is a decent #2 reciever but has been a dissapointment from where he was drafted. I don’t think he has had a 1000 yard season since he has been in the league has he? If so it has been one and I know he hasn’t had double digit td’s in a season.

    Kaepernick did the right thing. He knows it is better to be apart of the ride in San Fran. Flacco has killed the Ravens with his contract.

  18. Elmer Fudd could have quarterbacked that 49er team to the playoffs. No one shedding any tears if Kaepernick left a few thousand pairs of new shoes on the table.

  19. Iupati is gone, period. if you are a niner fan and don’t know this then go cheer for a team that you follow. he will command big money, and they don’t pay guards big money, PERIOD. they have 3 replacements on the roster that they are comfortable with going into 2015 that are on rookie contracts making nothing. furthermore his pass pro has been atrocious.

    Crabtree will get a decent sized contract offer and if he doesn’t take it they will let him go. they have a ton of depth there, although some of it is unproven for sure, but they don’t get into bidding wars, EVER. they set a price that a player is worth, and if they can get him for that price or less they sign him. if he gets offered more, buh bye. It has long been reported that this is how Trent Baalke operates.

  20. Please try to understand that the 49ers as of late (since at least 2009) place a value on every single player on their roster, and on those who they target in FA. This value does not necessarily jive with what the market dictates, but more so on how the palyer fit’s within the 49ers’ Scheme.

    They have proven to be fairly rigid in their stance and have let talent walk out the door if need be; Once they’ve set their price on a player – that’s all they will pay.

    Carlos Rogers, Tarell Brown, Donte Whitner, Dashon Goldson to name a few…

    Can’t sign everyone unfortunately but that’s why position depth and solid drafting is key (please don’t talk about the 2012 draft….please).

  21. Kaep. is being payed for “potential” Not from anything he has done. Although he has been to playoffs and SB, I get that, but Smith could and probably would have done the same. I do think Kaep. has a ton of potential and he does worry me when Whiners play the HAWKS. But, he cant read his progressions and runs at first sign of trouble. Everybody talks about how great he is with his legs, but Wilson actually had more yards than Kaep. on the ground, and they were smart yards compared to trouble yards! He cannot beat LOB and cannot beat HAWKS at the cLink!!………………GO HAWKS!!

  22. It’s always something. When Kaep was rumored to want $18mil he was going to ruin the team. He signs a team friendly deal and now he’s going to ruin the team.

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