Kevin Williams says Vikings trying to “ease back in the picture”

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Veteran defensive tackle Kevin Williams has made the tour, and said he’s looking for a good fit with a quality team which includes a winning quarterback.

Despite those qualifiers, the Vikings are back in the mix.

They might be trying to ease back in the picture,” Williams said of the Vikings on SiriusXM NFL Radio, via Mike Reiss of “We’ll know more maybe as the week goes on.”

“My main criteria has really been having a chance to win and playing with a proven quarterback,” Williams said. “Those things are huge when you get older, you want to have that chance to get in the dance and just be there to have a chance at the end of the season. You don’t want to take that beating all year to just go home for another offseason. . . .

“The game in the trenches is tough enough as it is, and to not be playing for something at the end is tough at this point.”

Williams said the idea of playing as part of a rotation with the Patriots was discussed, and something that appeals to him.

He’s also checked in with the Giants and Seahawks, teams that are closer to the items on Williams’ wish list than the Vikings.

Now he just needs someone to fulfill the financial part.

24 responses to “Kevin Williams says Vikings trying to “ease back in the picture”

  1. We would welcome back Kevin Williams with open arms.

    As Mike Zimmer states “You can never have enough depth at the defensive line.”

    Kevin Williams would provide veteran leadership, and be a solid rotational player in the Vikings development into a top 10 defense, which will happen next year.

    Linval Joseph + Sharrif Floyd + Kevin Williams might be a better defensive line than the Williams Wall.

    We are the only team in the NFC North with a defensive minded head coach, and will this will be the “X Factor” for us winning the division next year.

    Expect a 12-4 record, if Teddy Bridgewater starts game 1.

  2. Of course he wants to come back and keep on destroying those horrible O-linemen that Green Bay marches out every Sunday. My Grandma could dominate that sorry group of cupcakes!!!!

  3. But Minnesota doesn’t have a proven QB, so I guess what he is saying is they are disqualified unless they pay an extra financial premium to make up for not having the proven QB.

  4. KW is a great professional and I would be sad to see him go. I don’t know if I want him to retire a Viking or get the ring he deserves. Both seem fitting for a player and person of his caliber.

  5. You have to be able to read between the lines to see what he is really saying. What he wants more than anything is to play on a contender where the games mean something come January. With the Vikings last year, the games meant nothing on or about Oct 1st. He wants to play where the team as a franchise QB, the Vikings on the other hand have 3 Qb’s, none of them of the franchise variety and none of them will be in the NFL come 3 years from now.

    But if any of the contending teams that he visited with turn him down, then and only then will he submit to another lost year at Winter Park because it pays a lot better than the alternative, which is sitting at home in his basement, an experience most Viking fans can relate to on a daily basis.

  6. I was hoping my Bears would grab him along with Jared Allen. But that was before they picked up two DTs with great upside in the draft so it’s all good.

  7. The only thing the Vikings contend for every season is the NFCN basement and a Top-5 draft pick. This is an undisputed fact.

  8. The only way the Vikings resign Kevin Williams is if one of the current DTs on the roster gets hurt. Kevin is a great person and he was a great Viking but his production dropped sharply over the past two seasons. I think it is time for Kevin to consider retirement.

  9. Last time I checked to all of our NFC North counterparts in the last six years
    The Packers have gone to the playoffs 5 times
    The Vikings have gone to the playoffs 3 times
    The Bears have gone to the playoffs 1 time
    The Lions have gone to the playoffs 1 time.
    While last year was terrible, that doesn’t preclude us from turning it around. We have a pretty decent running back and some offensive weapons that are certainly better than what we’ve had in the past (Patterson, Jennings). Our defense has gotten a facelift and our new coach seems to be someone who the players will follow. I don’t know if we will be much better than 8-8 next year, but we’re not too far removed from an NFC Championship. Things change quickly in the NFL (see Chiefs, Eagles last year), so who knows what will come next year. If Williams can be a positive contributor I’d welcome him, if he simply wants a paycheck I’d let him move on.

  10. It would be great for him to retire as a Viking, but even the most homer Viking fan has to admit, all other things being equal, he’d be better off signing with the Pats or the Hawks. Another alternative, given the way the Pack signs and positions D-linemen, I suppose he could sign there and play MLB along with the other slow inflexible 300lb LB Peppers.

  11. So, let’s be clear:

    The Vikings had the worst defense in the league last year, and didn’t do much to improve it.

    Now that we’re all on the same page, I think we can agree that since the Packers are clearly the better franchise, our fans are clearly better people.

  12. I would hope the vikings would sign an old veteran like Williams and cut some promising rookie with a future.

    The vikings seem to always make some astounding personnel moves. There is always at least one good one a year (like the multimillion Josh Freeman deal).

    I’m just waiting for the punchline.

  13. I’m sure the Vikings are a very attractive destination. Let’s evaluate Kevin’s decision criteria:

    Having a proven QB?????

    Well, no, not in this century.

    Chance to win????

    Well, no, not in this century.

  14. C’mon, KW doesn’t wanna go anywhere! Unlike Allen, he knows, and can face up to the fact, he’s about done. He went out, got some free meals, and now he’ll wait and sign LATER. No need to be around; Zimmer will take care of that.

  15. “…looking for a good fit with a quality team which includes a winning quarterback. DESPITE those qualifiers, the Vikings are back in the mix.” Hilarious. Truer words have never been spoken. SKLOL.

  16. Yeah. This KW is not the old KW. Floyd + Joseph does not = Big Pat This is nowhere near the Williams wall, not even close.

  17. Ponder pick screwed the vikings for several years. KW and others were wasted on having Ponder throw away games.

  18. Poor Kevin Williams if he goes back to the Vikings. Will never get the experience for playing for a winning franchise if he resigns.

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