Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley struggling at Eagles’ OTAs


The good news in Philadelphia is that starting quarterback Nick Foles is looking good in Organized Team Activities. Backups Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley? Not so much.

Sanchez and Barkley have both been struggling, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Sanchez is ahead of Barkley on the depth chart and has been running the second-string offense, but he’s been missing throws and throwing interceptions. Sanchez has only been with the Eagles for two months, so perhaps he’ll get more comfortable in Chip Kelly’s offense with more time, but the early returns aren’t promising.

Barkley, however, may be struggling even more. Barkley is running the third-string offense and splitting reps with G.J. Kinne, a 25-year-old who has bounced around the league for a couple years but has never played in an NFL game. It’s not even clear that Barkley is ahead of Kinne in the race to become the Eagles’ third-string quarterback.

In other words, Philadelphia fans need to hope Foles stays healthy for 16 games.

76 responses to “Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley struggling at Eagles’ OTAs

  1. USC quarterbacks are just plain awful. Todd Marinovich, Matt Leinart, Carson Palmer, John David Booty, Matt Cassel, Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley…
    Why do NFL teams continue to draft QBs from this school?

  2. Maybe they’re working everybody too hard and should consider not being the hardest working team in the league. Give those guys a break at least to collect themselves and catch their breath.

  3. Maybe he should take off that headband and let the blood flow into his brains

  4. Really rooting for Kinne to make the team this year. Last year during camp he also participated on the punt block unit as an edge rusher. He’s a fun player to watch and Barkley isn’t an NFL qb anyway so what’s the harm?

  5. Nobody here in Philadelphia is surprised by this. Nobody anywhere who pays any attention to football is surprised by this. Good thing we have a beastly O-line. Just gotta hope Foles stays healthy.

  6. I absolutely hate reading about interceptions thrown at OTAs……Goodness gracious. OTAs is where a veteran is ALLOWED to make mistakes ESPECIALLY when he is learning a new system.

  7. Meanwhile, G.J. Kinne looks like Kurt Warner out there, dropping throws in perfectly to receivers on the run. smh

  8. Didn’t mind the gamble to move up in the 4th rd and take Barkley, who a year prior was talked about as a possible #1 pick, but you can’t be happy that he is struggling in shorts. These OTAs are essentially designed for QBs to look awesome.

  9. I hope Kinne wins that 3rd string job. never liked barkley for this offense. kinne has been lighting up at least one or two big plays every practice. besties with Nick. he’s goin nowhere. barkley will b the odd man out.

  10. Sanchez has been missing throws and throwing picks? Hopefully that was on the scouting report… is he doing anything else?

  11. Incidentally, Foles looks like he has put on 15lbs of muscle and has the best QB attitude/disposition I’ve ever seen in an eagles uniform.

  12. Let them duke it out to see who remains on the team.

    Incidentally, a fistfight between these two would result in the lowest connection percentage in CompuBox history.

  13. I know this is the pile on Sanchez fun crowd but the guy hasn’t had much NFL activity since he got hurt last year. He might not have good football IQ but it’s only the OTAs

  14. Sanchez is a bum and made a mockery of the New York Jets Football Team and the greatest city if the world New York. He should be ashamed for tainting the jersey worn by the LEGENDARY JOE NAMATH. The greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL.

    Sanchez will be taking orders at a take out window near you soon enough.

  15. For those calling for a regression-

    Chip Kelly’s offense is centered around two simple principles: put the ball where the defense isn’t and be in better physical and cardivascular shape than your opponent.

    Sounds like a pipe-dream that “chip kelly’s offense” can regress, unless the goal in the NFL starts being to get tackled and be slow and small and out of shape.

    Players may regress- but Chipper’s O coaching philosophy is the new wave of the NFL, boys. Assimilate or get beat.

  16. They’re both struggling b/c they’re both terrible QB’s. Nick Foles may not have gotten the hype that QB’s from USC get but the kid can play.

  17. If you want a further list of crappy USC QBs, please include Rob Johnson, Sean Salisbury, Vince Evans, Paul McDonald and Rob Hertl. The list goes on and on and on.

    Just terrible. As Public Enemy famously bellowed — “Don’t Believe the Hype.”

  18. Was it not already a given that the Eagles are screwed if Foles goes down for any extended period? Anyone who thought Sanchez was going to come in and be anything but Sanchez, hasn’t paid attention to his career

  19. Barkley is terrible, but I think once Sanchez learns the offense, he will be fine as a backup. I still clearly want Foles to be healthy the entire season, but I think Sanchez can have success and win some games in this offense if Foles does go down for a few games. The offense has too many weapons for even an average QB to have success in it. Just give the ball to McCoy and the offense will be fine. He will tell you, he is the best RB in the league.

  20. Foles, Sanchez and Barkley – the amusing thing is that the least egotistical of the three is Foles – ie the starter. I hope that the old USC boys don’t corrupt him.

  21. You know the Eagles only picked up Sanchez for one particular gadget play anyway……..the fake butt fumble!!!

  22. When is the rest of the league going to figure out what Pete’s known all along?

    QBs don’t win in the NFL…

    Solid, ball control offenses coupled with good defenses win.

    All of you keep chasing the gimmicks, we’ll keep winning Superbowls.

  23. Everyone bashed Rex for playing Sanchez in that late preseason game last year when he was injured, but he played his #2 QB and it’s far better that Sanchez got hurt than Geno. Sanchez simply isn’t a good QB.

  24. Not much of a story, considering they have nothing to do with how the team will do. Basically, if Foles gets hurt we are screwed, and so is every other team if they lose their best QB.

  25. Seahawks are not that good. A couple of key players get injured and they won’t even make the playoffs. Oh, and I’m sick of that TV commercial of Russell Wilson in the barber’s chair complaining that he doesn’t really get an “off season” because he’s so busy doing ads like that one.

  26. Making fun of Sanchez just isn’t the same without Rex and the Jets involved. My nightmare has come true.

  27. I remember a couple of scouting reports saying the Foles had the throwing talent to wind up being the best QB out of his draft class. So far that is looking spot on. All of which is to say the Eagles had better put all hands on deck to protect him by all means necessary because those guys behind him are dreadful.

  28. Let’s hope Sanchez doesn’t teach Foles that play where he rams his face into the back end of an offensive lineman, then coughs up the ball and allows the defense to get an easy touchdown.

  29. Eagles fans pray Foles stays healthy. Don’t want to see Buttfumbler under center or you’re song won’t be fly eagles fly. More like cry eagles cry

  30. For all the USC haters……USC QB’s have had about as much success as QB’s from Alabama, Texas, Ohio St, Florida, Florida St, Auburn, Penn St, Nebraska, Oklahoma, etc………….

  31. Not to take anything from Foles but it’s still a wait and see for me.. I think he faced very questionable Ds last season so let’s see how he fairs this year against the NFC West. . I’m definitely rooting for him but I’m realistic as well.

  32. All the Florida schools have a worse record than U$C in producing QBs for the NFL since the early 90s.

    Miami: Steve Walsh, Craig Erickson, Gino Torretta, Ken Dorsey, Brock Berlin, Jacory Harris.

    Florida: Danny Wuerffel, Chris Leak, Tim TEBOW, Rex Grossman, Shane Matthews, Ingle Martin, Jesse Palmer, Eric Kresser

    Florida St: Charlie Ward, Chris Weinke, Danny Kanell, Christian Ponder.

  33. USC QBs

    Carson Palmer is still a fine QB, look at his stats from last season:

    Comp. % 63.3
    Yards 4,274
    TDs 24
    Int 22
    20+ 49

    On a new team in a new system.

    Marinovich was spectacular, but huge head case and big drug problems.

    The rest were awful, including Sanchez.

  34. Foles sucks too. It sounds like a lose lose lose anyway the birds go. Kelly back to school in 2015.

  35. Future Raiders at the at Sewer Field.

    Enjoy your tarps to cover up our attendance lies.

    Jacksonville averages more persons in a tiny market.

    CK7 is SB bound in 15.

  36. I hope GJ gets the 2nd string. Case in point, too many people are hung up on name recognition instead of performance. Nick Foles was just an afterthought a few years ago as a nobody from Arizona while Sanchez had all the hype out of USC to only be released by the Jets a few years later, albiet some success but too inconsistent. Same thing with Barkley. All hype coming outa college with no substance in the pros. The 2 QB’s with the most name recognition comming out of college are backups to a nobody from Arizona. Who cares about name recognition when they just don’t seem to have what it takes to perform. People have to judge by the actual performance putting all biases and hype aside. Hype and name recognition won’t win. Look at the Patriots. A “nobody” named Tom Brady came in from obscurity to take the place of a “somebody” in Drew Bledsoe, who was supposed to be the ONE to take New England to bigger and better things. It didn’t happen. Brady’s performance out shined Bledsoe’s hype. People who still think that Sanchez or Barkley should make the team over Kinne should put that kind of bias aside and just judge purely on performance. Yes, it’s early in the year and Sanchez is getting used to a new system and a new coach and Barkley is only beginning his 2nd year, but comparing Foles’ 1st year with Barkley’s 1st year is a legitimate comparison and looking back on it, anyone can see a difference and how far ahead Foles was. Plus, can the Eagles afford to give Sanchez or Barkley more time to grasp and perform in Chip’s offense coming off a division title? Moving forward is the only option with little patience for player development unlike the Sixers who have just came off a “tank” of a season. The Eagles are different. They need starting players who can perform now with almost no room for error. The Sixers had a season which was just an 82 game tyout who knew they would not be competing for anything anytime soon. The Eagles are competing for more and they know it and the whole league knows it. So, instead of waiting for Sanchez to get accustomed to a new system within a new environment or waiting for Barkley to arrive at his supposed potential which is far behind his name recognition and hype, GJ Kinne is the best option at 2nd behind Foles who has shown he has the goods to be ready to step in immediately this year as he showed last preseason in case something happens to Foles. Look at the number on the back of the jersey and the performance that goes along with, not the name with the hype

  37. Nick Foles has nothing to worry about. He had a spectacular year in 2013 — 27 TDs, only 2 INTs. Completed 64% of passes. He is as good as any QB in the league. The only negative I can see is that he is not a scrambler like Vick (in his prime).

    Mark Sanchez “missing … and throwing interceptions”. What a shocker. Sanchez may, as someone here said, be a workable backup. Meaning he will never play unless Foles is hurt … God forbid. Sanchez will never start in the NFL again. And he thinks he’s at the top of his career. Delusional.

  38. gopblows says: Jun 10, 2014 4:59 PM

    So when defenses get tape on foles Vickie will get the last laugh.

    NOT, w the best OL in the league, NICK’ll be fine!!

    thrstr says: Jun 10, 2014 6:29 PM

    da Eagles! LOL, thanks for DeSean

    Talk to me in a year, and I’ll bet you’ll be singing a diff tune!! Remember Donovan, I bet you said that same thing! How’d that go for ya, the Mcnabb acqusition?!!? LOL

    E A G L E S eagles!!

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