Mike Pettine “not concerned” about Johnny Manziel’s off-field activities


Have you seen the photo of what appears to be Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel floating on an inflatable swan drinking out of what appears to be a rather large bottle of champagne?

For Browns coach Mike Pettine, Manziel’s off-field work isn’t of any worry to him as long as he takes care of business on the field and in the Browns’ facility.

“I’m not concerned. I would become concerned if there was something criminal and I’d be concerned if it affected his job,” Pettine said Tuesday, according to Tony Grossi of ESPNCleveland.com.

Pettine also indicated that Manziel isn’t exactly the first football player to have a good time away from his work.

“I think there’s a lot of our guys, when they leave here and if they were followed around, I think you’d get some similar pictures,” Pettine said, per ESPNCleveland.com, which noted that the Browns’ head coach added: “I don’t know about an inflatable swan … but I think you’d still get some pictures.”

If nothing else, Pettine appears to have a good sense of humor. And his tone appears consistent: Manziel’s job performance is what matters.

Pettine also hits on a good point: where Johnny Manziel goes, attention follows. Here’s a safe bet: this isn’t the last tweeted or Instagramed photo we’ll see of him, to say nothing of swans or pools or nightlife or anything else. There is great interest in the Johnny Football Experience.

Soon enough, we’ll start to get a sense of how he adapts to the NFL game. And the swan and the Vegas stories will be little faded memories of pro football’s late spring, when we’re all just grabbing onto anything buoyant to float toward when they put the pads on again.

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  1. A few years from now, the Cleveland Browns will look back at the 2014 draft and regret the day they passed on Teddy Bridgewater for Johnny Manziel.

    Teddy Bridgewater will be a perennial all star his rookie year and emerge into a top 5 QB in a few years.

    Johnny Manziel will be a colossal bust and will be out of the league in a few years.

    The Factory of Sadness lives on.

  2. Thank you Coach Pettine. The media sh*tstorm around Manziel is ridiculous, but that I guess is the day and age we live in. But to all of you who criticize what he does off the field, just stop. I would say 85-90% of American males and females in Johnny’s age group is out drinking and carrying on every weeekend. As Pettine said, as long as he isnt doing anything illegal or his off the field life isnt effecting his job as an NFL QB, there shouldnt be an issue.

  3. Manziel has substance abuse and maturity issues. He may grow out of them and achieve greatness … or he may be the next Ryan Leaf. Only time will tell.

  4. How does staying up all night partying not effect your job? I would be concerned. This isn’t college where you only have to be concerned about 1-2 guys on their D killing you.

  5. Yet somehow you will find a way to be concerned about the off-field activities of every other player on the team. What makes Johnny Boy so much more important? Let me know how that works out ya there coach!

  6. Tom Brady’s been in the league for fourteen years, as an elite qb, 3-time Superbowl winner, and he is criticized on a daily basis for whatever reason. On the field, off the field, it never ends. Take it as a compliment, Browns fans…when they pay NO attention is when you have to worry.

  7. This is just a guess, but if the other QB’s around the league are spending their free time with their receivers, reviewing game films, spending extra time with coaches or just going over the playbook doesn’t that mean that every weekend that Johnny “Party Boy” spends in Las Vegas or Texas or wherever else “growing his brand” he continues to lose valuable time and experience?

    For the Browns to say they have no concerns about this type of behavior is absolutely unbelievable.

    Then again, you don’t get the nickname “The Factory of Sadness” for nothing…

  8. Maybe if the coaching staff cared more about what the players did while away from the facility there best player wouldnt be facing a year suspension.

  9. He’s toast in the AFC North. Enjoy the time while people still care about you Johnny. You’ll be back working for your dad or celebrity rehab in no time.

    On the other hand the greatest QB in Browns history is Bernie Drinking Kosar so there’s still a glimmer of hope.

  10. Didn’t the Browns have a practice today? How did their legion of new receivers do? Will any of them be able to replace Gordon if he’s suspended? Is Brian Hoyer still light years ahead of Manziel in the QB competition?

    These and other football related questions will never get answered ever but hey, as long as we know what Manziel does on vacation that’s most important. I guess.

    And for those who don’t understand what their coach is saying its that EVERY NFL PLAYER goes out and has a good time on off days. The difference is the paparazzi are only following this one guy and ignoring everyone else. I’m pretty sure if the paparazzi was following Jim Irsay around he’d make Manziel’s trips look like Bible study.

  11. scw1993 says:
    Jun 10, 2014 8:11 PM

    A denver fan criticizing another team’s qb…that’s rich. 43 – 8.
    Keep telling yourself that its okay for the face of the franchise to go out partying every weekend.

    By the end of the year you’ll be hoping the Browns do get two Top 5 picks in the 2015 draft so they can draft another franchise quarterback.

  12. Many NFL players in the past were actually out having a good time too even the night before games.

    Just check out Packer TE Max McGee before super bowl I. Partied all night, even had to borrow a teammates helmet, but then scored the first TD in super bowl history.

    Lucky for them there back then there weren’t cameras on the phones, instagram, or twitter.

    That swan photo of J.F. is classic but when it comes to the NFL, as the Hank Jr. song says, “it’s a family tradition.”

  13. Pettine nor Farmer signed up for this. The Browns are in full spin mode. Everyday they have to soften their once hard line, to save face, because they know Johnny Bieber ain’t listening.

    This is getting embarrassing. Wonder what the vets are thinking? This mess is all Haslams’ making. Manziel is his pick and he got what he paid for.

  14. If nothing else, Pettine appears to have a good sense of humor. And his tone appears consistent: Manziel’s job performance is what matters.

    “… Not that there’s anything wrong with it…”

  15. Manziel is still a kid and behaving like it. He should have stayed in college. Pettine should start reining in this kid. His scouting report allegedly said that manziel does not like to be told what to do and will shut down if you do. He had talent but I think he’s a tad spoiled. People treat him like a rock star and can’t do anything wrong. Pettine seems like he’s giving excuses already. ” not concerned” ? I hope he is. The kid needs to build and take care of his small body. Boozing and floozing will take a toll on your body. Football is not a polite sport. The big guys won’t show mercy because you look fragile. Manziel needs a coach not a personal manager.

  16. Ugh look, I don’t like him very much. I didn’t like Joe Namath, Dion Sanders, Terrell Owens or just about any other poser either. Those guys were still pretty damn good football players. Maybe Manziel becomes a good football player, or maybe he doesn’t, but if he wants to pose, he can pose. It’s his life.

  17. Let’s see how the kid does in a real NFL game first then if he falls flat on his backside, you can criticize him for his lifestyle choices.

    Until then, cut him some slack please.

  18. Yes, lots of other players are out partying as well, yet the paparazzi are not following them around. However, JF himself CREATED this media frenzy, beginning years ago (even before winning the Heisman). He created his “brand” by constantly tweeting pics of himself with celebrities and being seen at A-list Hollywood-type party events, all the while making sure to cultivate his “brand” as a party boy. You can’t feel sorry for someone who made the circus what it is, as this has always been his goal. We may HEAR about other players only after they get caught doing something wrong, or a rumor crops up about their behavior, but JF does not appear to want to settle for that kind of obscurity. If he doesn’t care, the Browns ownership and coaches don’t care, and he continues to have legions of apologists, then all this attention = more endorsement $$$. The ones I feel bad for are the other players on the team who’ve worked their butts off their entire lives to EARN the dream of making it to the NFL, and are taking the opportunity seriously. If (and I do emphasize IF) his lack of commitment leads to their performances suffering as a result, then I hope his OL decides to work only as hard as he does while blocking for him.

  19. Don’t forget Johnny Manziel wear your suit at all times out there. So, “Put the Pads On”, Johnny it’s a ugly world out there.
    Your Armour will get you through.

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