Packers sign LB Shaun Lewis

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The Packers, who had an open roster spot, have added a player who tried out for them at their May rookie minicamp, signing linebacker Shaun Lewis, the club announced Tuesday.

An Oklahoma State product, the 5-foot-11, 226-pound Lewis recorded 73 tackles (eight for loss) as a senior in 2013. He earned second-team All-Big 12 honors from The Associated Press in 2012 and 2013. Lewis likely projects inside in the Packers’ 3-4 scheme and could be asked to chip in on special teams.

With Lewis’ addition, 30 percent of the Packers’ roster spots belong to rookies (27-of-90), with two-thirds of the rookies added after the draft in free agency.

24 responses to “Packers sign LB Shaun Lewis

  1. Look.

    I think everybody realizes that the Packers are in deep decline.

    There offensive line is in shambles.

    Their defense is pathetic & has been pathetic the past three years.

    Their QB can’t stay healthy 16 games.

    Their Running Back is Trent Richardson 2.0

    Their WR’s are injury prone and lack depth.

    Their obese head coach can’t call plays for his life,

    And topping it all off with the worst fans in the NFL.

    This doesn’t seem like a winning combination to me.

  2. Wow, hopefully he is learning yoga with ARod and they can get that special feeling together now that he is under contract.

    Good head days!!!! Or was that good days ahead…..

  3. Welcome to Green Bay Mr Lewis! Look forward to your contributions in winning a 14th championship!

    And dooming to Vikings and their classless fans to another season of failure!

  4. This young man is very fortunate to have a chance at making a team attempting to set unprecedented history – the first NFL franchise to log 14 World Championships.

    I’m sure it must be breathtaking for him.


  5. The Vikings roster is exponentially better than the Packers in almost every single position.


    Better RB’s – Vikings
    Better WR’s – Tied
    Better Offense Line – Vikings
    Better Tight Ends – Vikings
    Better Full Back – Vikings
    Better QB – Packers

    Now Defense:

    Better Safeties – Vikings
    Better Linebackers – Vikings
    Better Cornerbacks – Packers
    Better Defensive Ends – Vikings
    Better Def. Tackles – Vikings

    The Vikings are better than the Packers in every category except 2, therefore making us a more talented roster…

    Case Closed ( )

  6. these guys are just the gold standard of the NFL!!!!

    two of the best QBs in the last 100 years and 2 lombutaries to show for it!!!!!!

    go pack go!!!!!

  7. Look.

    I think everybody realizes that the Vikings are in deep decline.

    There offensive line is over weight and will be in shambles.

    Their defense is pathetic & has been pathetic the past three years.

    They have no QB that will last 16 games.

    Their Running Back is declining.

    Their WR’s are injury prone, lack depth and inexperienced.

    Their head coach can’t call plays for his life,

    And topping it all off with the worst fans in the NFL.

    This doesn’t seem like a winning combination to me.

  8. Poet, you have no case!!
    You are a pathetic loser who makes things up to make your team and your fans seem some what better.
    Your NOT…. Case closed.

  9. I love it when the Packers sign guys so I can see who’s going to be suiting up for my purple and gold after they get cut.

    Watch everybody… This is the year that substandard quarterback play isn’t going to slow my Vikings down.

    The Vikes will win despite their stable of CFL QBs.


  10. You’d think people from Minnesota would remember the words of Herb Brooks:
    ” I’m not looking for the best players, Craig. I’m looking for the right ones.”

  11. I can see this guy being the best player on the D for years to come!!!!

    Which is hard to do because the pack D is so good. Did you see them last year when ARod went down and we needed them to step up? I tell yah they sure did along with the other superstars we have from TT!!!

    Way to go TT on finding us another blue chipper, if ARod goes down this year it will be just like last year and the rest of the stellar roster will step up and stomp the league like did last year!!!!!

    go pack go!!!!!!!!!

  12. And now for a dose of reality. The Vikings rank 32nd defensively in Points, 31st Defensively in Yards overall and 31st against the pass. They are the absolute WORST defense in the league bar none. They are marginally better than the packers vs. the run ranked 16th… still in the bottom half of the league.

    The Vikings rank 15th offensively in scoring, 13th in yards total 23rd in passing yards and 8th in rushing yards. The packers rank better in every category… yes including rushing. Put that in your pipe in smoke it. And that’s sans Aaron Rodgers for almost half a season. So… enjoy your fantasy. Us here in reality know you’ll be fighting the Lions for 4th place, and the lions will stomp you with ease.

  13. ..and yet with all those positions supposedly in the Queens favor they still ranked lower in both defense and offense and remain favorites to finish last in the division again. Lmao what a joke of a franchise they have there in Minnesota.

  14. To the PFTPOET. Wish I could say what you are without being deleted.

    The only thing I can agree on is that MM can’t call plays to save his life. But your worst call, is on Lacey. What more can he do but win rookie of the year. You may or may not have the best running back, which is going to change drastically in the next couple of years, but we have the best group at the RB position.

  15. Isn’t everyone on this thread, haters included, only trying to acknowledge; “The Packers Own The Vikings,” …..but in their own way?

  16. The envy lives on with the red headed stepchild’s to the west. They post continually on opposing articles trying to garner attention because most media outlets don’t even waste their time posting an article about them due to lack of interest. You can insult and beat your chests but it doesn’t change the fact the Vikings have been a laughingstock and are predicted for another last place finish.

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