Pete Carroll seeking insight from Richard Dent in consulting role


Pete Carroll won his first Super Bowl as an NFL head coach with the Seattle Seahawks in February, but that isn’t keeping Carroll from continuing to seek opinions on how to improve his football team.

According to John Mullin of, Carroll reached out to Chicago Bears Hall of Fame defensive end Richard Dent last December to talk football prior to Seattle’s Week 16 game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Dent had made an early morning appearance on the NFL Network and Carroll phoned afterward to discuss football with the Bears legend. Despite already having the best defense in the league, Carroll wanted to pick Dent’s brain about the game. The call ultimately lasted an hour-and-a-half as they discussed defensive philosophy.

That really tickled me to death,” Dent said. “It was an honor. We were talking about alignments, different things, situations, and at the end he said, ‘I think we should see about getting something done.'”

Carroll and Dent haven’t been able to get together in person yet to continue their conversations. Carroll wants to bring in Dent as a pass-rush consultant.

Seattle’s pass rush continued to become more and more effective as the season progressed. The Seahawks finished the season ranked 8th in the league with 44 sacks. With Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril returning to lead Seattle’s pass rush, the group should be strong against this season. Dent hopes to get a chance to work with them.

“It’s been hard to find times that work for both of us but I would like very much to work with Pete and what they’re doing,” Dent said.

10 responses to “Pete Carroll seeking insight from Richard Dent in consulting role

  1. Maybe he should have consulted someone about his offense. Arizona won that game 17-10, with Wilson going 11 for 27 (108 yards).

  2. I really thought the headline was gonna say Pete Carroll seeks insight from Richard Sherman. Holy smokes, I remember when they just called him control, alt, delete. – Jon Gruden

  3. That would be awesome. I remember Dent well. Back then during the 84-85 season after my hawks were out of it (which was usually about halfway thru the regular season with a couple exceptions) the hawks were still in the AFC. So, being AFC loyal i hopped on the patriots bandwagon for the bowl. I was in junior high at the time & was naive enough to think they had a chance. Lmao. Dent was a relentless pass rusher. Having him on the coaching staff would be an honor more for Seattle IMO, than it would for Dent. And that’s coming from a lifetime hawk fan.

  4. kingpoch says:
    Jun 10, 2014 8:52 AM
    I’ve got some advice for you Pete: “Don’t cheat”.

    -every USC alum
    Smart for Pete to reach out. Instead of taking shots at Pete, shouldn’t you be in Denver teaching defense? Perhaps they should call Richard Dent…

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