Peterson will report for mandatory minicamp amid ongoing negotiations

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Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson has made clear his desire to get a new contract.  Previously, he declined to rule out a holdout.  If a holdout is going to happen, if won’t happen during a mandatory minicamp that opens on Tuesday.

“Like I told you guys, I won’t hold out so we got that done,” Peterson said Monday night, via John Weinfuss of  “I will be there . . . be there full tilt ready to roll, taking that final step into camp.”

Peterson missed some of the voluntary workouts, but he explained that it has nothing to do with his desire for a contract.  Still, negotiations are happening, and a deal could happen at any time.  In theory.

Or in reality.

The challenge in Peterson’s case comes from the fact that (considering the team’s perspective) he’s under contract for two more years and from the fact that (considering the player’s perspective) he received a top-five contract that continues to pay him handsomely, even under the rookie wage scale.

Still, negotiations continue, and a deal could happen at any time.  In theory.

Or in reality.

27 responses to “Peterson will report for mandatory minicamp amid ongoing negotiations

  1. Please tie up a bunch of cap space in a guy who’s a better kick returner than a corner. Please…

  2. @Tokyosandblaster…

    NOW that is just disrespectful, how dare you say that about one of the greatest RB to ever run the ball in a era where passing is king… you didnt say anything about Peytons Miraculous return to the game… those guys work hard to be where they are and deserve respect…Indeed..

  3. You need to clarify the headline. If you ever say “Peterson” in reference to the NFL, everyone is going to assume you are talking about Adrian Peterson.

  4. When I saw the headline, I too thought it was about the “Father of the Year” Adrian Peterson.

    With Father’s Day fast approaching, I could see where Minicamp would cut into his schedule of visiting all his children, at least those that he knows about.

  5. Two years left with a top-five contract? Sick of these guys always wanting more before they are even in the final year.

  6. The blabber of all pack faithful against All Day is understandable.

    The dude has embarrassed and OWNED the pukes since he came into the league.

    I’d be pissed, frustrated, and exhausted as well!!!!!!

  7. Adrian Peterson is 4-11 vs the Packers since coming into the league.

    And that’s WITH HGH.

    He’s going to need a much more powerful drug to overcome that sort of deficiency.

    Perhaps whatever it is you’re smoking?

  8. Pat Pete is about the team. He is the best DB in the NFL IMO. But he knows he is needed to win. Karlos Dansby left and D Washington cant put the refer down. (I am a Cards fan by the way). He knows his situation but Pat Pete is a humble dude. He knows he will get his check and he deserves it.

  9. Smart … go to work and establish leverage. I don’t begrudge any player for wanting as much as possible, in a short, non guaranteed NFL career.

    I don’t think Peterson is the best, but he has the right to get whatever the “free market” allows. That is the American way.

    People who are “sick” of players wanting more, should find another hobby. Sports in America is about making money, from the networks, the leagues to the to advertisers.

    What I hear many saying, is that everyone can renegotiate except the players, which is absurd.

  10. Other than…

    Not having as many picks…
    Allowing higher QB ratings…
    Breaking up fewer passes despite being thrown at more often…
    Being burned more often for TDs…

    …he’s as good as Sherman.

    Pay the man.

  11. Sherman is a flat-out stud at CB and the best in the NFL at the position, in my opinion. It’s not easy to say that as a Packers fan, but the truth is the truth.

    And would you kids (Vikings AND Packers fans) please give it a rest already. It’s gotten beyond old… from both of you.

  12. Richard Sherman has 20 regular season interceptions in the last 3 years. He is the best in that regard and that is an undeniable fact. You can’t pretend his interceptions come from help from the safety or thanks to the refs. He is the best corner in the league right now. And you all hate his mouth and attitude but that’s exactly the thing that is going to keep him as an elite cornerback. His ego won’t let him be any less than best.

    Go Hawks!

  13. Sherman is a tool who relies on holding on every single play. He’s already the most flagged corner in the game, if he was actually called on all his holds, he wouldn’t have a chance to get on the field. Can’t blame him actually, I blame the refs for letting the farce continue. If you hold on every play, you should be flagged, on every single play.

  14. Please, someone list the top NFL receivers Peterson shut down last season or the top NFL QBs he got his INTs on?

    It seems any stats he had were padded against the weak sisters in the NFL,

  15. You act like holding doesn’t happen on EVERY play like pat Pete doesn’t hold…comon kids!you play with what the refs let you play with and receivers are the biggest bitches in the league as far as I’m concerned,back in the earlier years you were held and your head was taken off now rich Sherman is dirty because he holds…b.s.!!!

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