PFT: Do Super Bowl wins determine a quarterback’s legacy?

Erik Kuselias, Mike Florio and Ross Tucker talk about how much a Super Bowl ring matters when discussing a quarterback’s career. Florio wonders if Eli Manning will make it to Canton with the way his career has been trending, even though he has two Super Bowl rings.

6 responses to “PFT: Do Super Bowl wins determine a quarterback’s legacy?

  1. Dan Marino, all the talent in the world, tremendously selfish player. Don Shula won rings with other qbs. Dan couldn’t get it done , but he sure had some great personal stats.

  2. In the end you do not remember how many wins and losses Starr, Marino, Stabauch, Bradshaw, Young, Favre, Montana, and the rest, we do not remember their wins and losses, could care less about them, you look for titles, and that would be the Superbowl.
    My son never saw most of these people play, but he loves football, is you tell him that Marino had a arm that could get the ball out before the defenders could get to him, he would most likely yawn, but show him a video of the catch he might get more excited. But in the end he always asks, how many Superbowl’s. Most of the people who say they are not important is because their favorite player never won one. If you ask me who is better, Brady or Manning, I will say Brady, I could care less about how you play in the regular season, but how do you play when it comes crunch time. Look at Rodgers, arguably the most accurate passer out there, but he unlike Brady had terrible Defenses, no offensive line, and a team with injuries. Do I think he is better then Manning? I think he is, I think if you put him in the same backfield, Denver would have still gotten beat by Seattle, but they would not have gotten slaughtered. Better the Brady, no at this point I can not say that. But if he pulls more Superbowls, then I think he could jump up to the top 5 to ever play, but the rings are what will make him.

  3. David Carr, Mark Rypien, Trent Dilfer, Doug Williams, Jeff Hostetler, Bob Griese, Brad Johnson, and Tony Banks all have rings. Is that going to determine their legacy?

  4. Eli Manning is better than Brady because he wins when it truly matters. Remember the difficulties Eli had were the fault of his offensive line, especially his WRs, not him. an interception is a statistic that is not linear, no stats in football are linear regression, they are curvilinear and depend on external factors that a qb may not always be able to control.

  5. This is only an argument because it involves one of the media darling Mannings. If it was any other QB, it wouldn’t even be an issue.

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